A House Divided Cannot Stand

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Make America Great Again, through hard work, sacrifice and union.

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



I see a lot of people going on tirades politically. I've decided to throw my opinion in the ring so feel free to speak out to me. I think president Obama is, and was guilty of everything they claim Donald Trump is guilty of. I'm not going to make this long, so I'll begin. Racism, since Trump has entered the political sphere, there has been no shortage of allegations of racism and bigotry attached to him. If we want to look at someone who is very racist and bigoted, one needn't look further than his predecessor. During his time as president, Obama took every opportunity to make the points that the only people that don't like him are racist white people clinging to their guns and religion. Not once has Donald Trump referenced race as an issue to him, his political enemies aren't a bunch of tree dwelling primitive black people, nor are they river crossing, gang banging Mexicans. Now I wrote that in a way to trigger you, because that is how you should feel when a president insults an entire race of people.

People accuse Donald Trump of being Anti Islam, but you don't see many getting up in arms when president Obama likens current radical Islamic war crimes to war crimes committed by Christians seven hundred years ago, claiming that Christians TODAY are more violent than radical Muslims, when there has been three major attacks coordinated by radical Christian terrorists, and thousands of major attacks by radical Muslim terrorists.

Donald Trump says he wants a ban on a few nations because they are hubs of terrorism, they claim he's racist, but say nothing about how the ban was president Obama's ban originally.

They claim Donald Trump is racist against Mexicans because he wants tighter border security, now granted, Obama didn't, but he did send several thousand dollars worth of small arms into Mexico only to have them disappear.

They claim Donald Trump is sexist while he had the first female campaign manager, hired the first woman to design and build a skyscraper. They claim his sexism is apparent because of a thirty second clip of a conversation, which is taken completely out of context, yet ignore President Obama's endorsement of a woman who has silenced the victims of her husband's sexual appetite, who has a close friend who's husband solicits underage women.

When President Trump used our largest non nuclear ordinance, he was called a war monger, when he allowed rockets to be fired on targets on the terror watchlist, he was called a baby killer, yet when Obama allowed indiscriminate firing into populated civilian areas, nothing was said.

President Trump is said to have ties to Russia, which he denies, Hillary Clinton sold several million dollars worth of weapons grade uranium to Russia and Obama refuses to even look into it.

It was said that if Trump didn't respect the outcome of the election, he is a danger to democracy, now that he has won, Obama, Clinton and countless others are trying to undo the decision, what are they? They told him when he was down by double digits in national predictions, that "It's not rigged, you're just losing" but once he wins, they are claiming he cheated, that he hacked the election, after claiming there was no possible way for it to be hacked.

When a Muslim refugee used a rental truck to kill dozens, he was told not to politicize it, yet when a man shot up a concert in Vegas, it wasn't an hour old and it was being politicized.

People want to claim that this era of division started with Trump, that he has been causing such hate and racism, sexism, etc., yet completely ignore that our previous president and his constituency have been spewing the same hate and vitriol they claim he is spreading.

I came across something interesting while cruising the web. I learned that there is no such thing as a slut, according to the left, until a woman wants to vote against Planned Parenthood, or wants to claim that the wage gap doesn't exist.

There's no such thing as a fat person, until a large individual supports Trump or wants to vote conservative.

There's no such thing as a bitch, until a woman wants to look somewhere besides the left for politics.

There's no such thing as a nigger, until the top Pediatric Neurosurgeon wants to put his name on a Republican ballot.

There's no such thing as a thug, until a young black man wants to move out of a democrat city and exercise his second amendment rights.

There's no such thing as a rapist, until a man who has had a few wives steps into office.

There's no such thing as a traitor, until someone wants to claim that their heritage includes people that once tried to do exactly what we did from England, and he is right wing.

There is no such thing as racism, unless its by a right wing white man.

No such thing as sexism, unless by the same man.

There's no such thing as a hate crime, unless committed by a white, right leaning man.

No such thing as a violent rally, unless it includes conservatives.

No such thing as patriotism unless its someone disrespecting our flag and country because of a left leaning ideology.

There's no such thing as too far in a joke, unless the joke is made by a conservative.

There's no restriction on free speech, until a conservative wants to voice his or her opinion.

There's no such thing as a white victim, unless it's a leftist claiming some far back DNA of a different race.

There are no evil systems of government, that starve their nations, and kill to silence political dissidence, well except capitalism, which they claim is more evil than communism.

There is no such thing as police violence, until a white cop kills a black person. Or a black cop kills a black person. Or an Asian cop kills a black person.

There's no such thing as religious extremism, unless it's Christian Conservatives, in which case they are all extremists.

There's no such thing as a just war, police action, murder, or shooting, unless President Obama ordered it.

There's no such thing as a hostile power, even if they are threatening the US, it is just right wing paranoia.

There is no such thing as a living woman being morally superior to her dead rapist. Only a dead woman over her living rapist.

There is no such thing as a good guy with a gun, even people who stop crimes with guns, are only bad guys with guns and a fuse.

Stop saying you're tolerant, you aren't. You aren't tolerant of other ideas, religions, or cultures besides yours. You claim that we are the bigots, yet treat your fellow humans with such hate and vitriol that you claim only conservatives act with, and ignore your own bigotry and hate.

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