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Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



I am #293 from the bubble family located on the second floor bathroom. I was born a whopping 47 seconds ago, from a bottle labeled, “Lavender Bubble Bath.” That must be our queen. There are hundreds of us, all stuck together and floating on something warm and clear.

Everything is going wonderful, this magical pipe thingy is pouring more clear liquid and more of us are forming. I’m pretty small myself, maybe a fourth of a centimeter, but I got lucky. I get to be at the top of everyone, I can see all around this weird, white bowl.

Just as sudden as I was made, the clear flowing liquid stops and I hear horrific popping. I look and see an ugly, peach colored thing forcing it’s way into the bubbles. Popping sounds off everywhere because the damn thing keeps moving. I try and run the other way but suddenly tiny, wiggling peach nubs are underneath me. I hear popping all around me.

Then it stops. I’m on top of the water and free to slowly move about. I look at the peachy thing, it seems to have stopped moving and is holding a rectangle out of the water. I look at the fellow bubbles, they all seem disheveled. We lost a third of our population.

Minutes go by while the peachy thing only moves on occasion. I gather up a team of bubbles and put them in the far corner to keep them safe from the hideous monster. Then form a plan, I will make my way to the peachy thing and demand it to leave.

I start the long, slow journey towards the giant creature. I’m within three inches when it suddenly moves. The clear liquid goes everywhere and I do my best to hold on and keep myself from popping, I here a few pops from around me. When the water calms, I look around, the peach thing has disappeared, but so has most of the bubbles.

I do my best to stay calm and search for other survivors. I head back to the corner and find #456. I reach out to comfort the shaking bubble but before I can… pop. I start to panic and go around the bowl looking for someone, anyone. I find a few other but before I reach them they pop.

I am alone. The last bubble left. I float in the middle of the clear liquid and wait for something to tell me what to do.

Suddenly, a part of the peachy creature is in the water, then I hear a weird sound and the monster leaves again. The water is starting to pull me and I look around. Where the creature touched is now a hole where water is quickly spinning and disappearing. I panic and try my best to go the other way, but the water is too strong and disappearing to quick.

I can hear the loud hole sucking the water away, it’s getting louder and louder. Then everything goes dark and silent.


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