The Mystic Night

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Miranda finds herself in a predicament when she gets an electric shock from her favorite book and is zapped into its world.

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017




"The walls started to close around her. She could hear cackle of the beast swarming her. She took a step back and then..." SLAM. Mother closed the book with great triumph. Miranda tucked under her sheets and stared at her mother with wide eyes.


"Why did you close the book? It was just getting good” Miranda exclaimed.


Her mother leans in and replied "Good stories are best left to the reader's imagination!"


She kissed Miranda softly on the cheek and walked to the door to turn off the light.


"Goodnight my little one."


Mother disappeared down the stairs. Miranda laid down in her bed and glazes at the stars alit on the roof of her room. She turned around to look at the book placed down by her mother. Miranda closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.  


BANG, CRASH, BOOM!Thunder rips throughout the halls. Miranda is jolted awake. She carefully looks around the room and spies the book. She reaches out to touch it and ZAP, a chain of electricity comes between her and the book. She looks at it in surprise and shock. Miranda's curiosity subsided as exhaustion took over and she tucked herself under her sheets. However, while she was safely hidden under her sheets the world began to twist and turn. Shadows were unearthed and the mystic night roamed free. As the night went on, Miranda's slumber became deeper and deeper. Then suddenly with a start she sat straight upright in her bed.


The dryness of the air made the walls crinkle. Miranda blinked her eyes once and twice. Dim light shone through the cracked window. A clock ticked away on the wall beside her. She slowly moved off the bed. The walls contained a tint of red from the sunlight. Miranda laid a hand on the frame of her bedroom door, and then quick as a cat disappeared down the stairs.


Downstairs looked in place as it was before. The stairs separated the living room from the kitchen. A door was set in front of the stairs. The only thing missing, Miranda thought, was the soft voice of her mother singing away in the kitchen. So as if on cue she bolted to the kitchen, expecting to burst through the doorway with triumph and see mother baking her fresh cinnamon buns. However the dim lit kitchen was empty. Miranda sighed in disappointment and trudged back up the steps to her mother’s chamber. The hall was a little too dark for Miranda’s comfort but she bravely fast walked to mother’s room at the end of the hall. When Miranda came close to the door she saw a tint of bright white light shining around the rim of the door. She was a bit skeptical but she shrugged it off. The doorknob clicked in her hand and she opened the door to gawk at a white fur coated animal its fur as white as snow. Two bulky horns hung from its head. It was perched in the far corner of the room. Miranda walked slowly toward it. She reached out to touch the soft creature, but as she did it roared with rage and anger. The creature hopped and bounced around the room, knocking over a bookshelf and a dresser as it did so. Miranda hurriedly moved about the room to move out of the animal’s way. The animal soon seemed to restrain itself and sat back down in the far corner of the room. Miranda could hear the restless breathing of the creature. She saw a disorienting image at the animal as she gazed at it. Miranda couldn’t quite put her finger on it but it almost seemed the animal was unraveling. She moved back towards the creature but out of the corner of her eye she noticed a hint of movement. Miranda turned around staring at the walls, noticing they were the movement. Slowly she took a step back and quickly ran towards the door and slammed it with all her might. As she entered the hall, she noticed a hint of colour underneath her bedroom door.  Miranda glided toward it. Her heart seemed to palpitate and she reached out to touch the metal doorknob. Her fingers brushed the doorknob and ZAP. The world went black.


She awoke to the blazing sun shining upon her bedside. The world was no longer disoriented. The loud heart beats had subsided and Miranda noticed she was safe at home. She quickly raced into her mother’s room. As she passed through the doorway she saw a tipped over bookshelf and dresser. Miranda’s curiosity spiked and she jogged downstairs to the comforting smell of cinnamon. Mother was waiting with a ginormous pan of cinnamon buns. Her mother stared at her with curiosity.


“I don’t understand why my room was such a mess this morning” Her mother stated.  “It is almost as though we had a bit of an earthquake or something, although it seems to only be an issue in my room.  I didn’t notice anything during the night, did you?”


“I’m not sure...” Miranda replied in a low voice.


“Well, it wasn't there before I went to sleep.” Mother raised her eyebrows. “Oh, well I’ll clean it up later.”


Mother smiled at her and handed her a plate with a frosted cinnamon bun on it.  Miranda wanted to tell about the amazing yet terrifying adventure she had taken. But she decided it was best left unsaid and was ready to dig into the delicious cinnamon buns.


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