The Argument

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Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



He could sense the eeriness in the air, it pierced the back of his neck like a sharp knife. The sound of people talking around him slowly fizzled into nothing but white noise. A cold drop of water fell directly onto his forehead and slid down like a cube of ice. Everyone had pulled out their umbrellas but he just stood there, frozen, surrounded by them. He stood there surrounded by the darkness, being engulfed by it, drowning in it, as if it were grabbing him and pulling him with all its might, and he could not escape its grasp. Looking at the light oak wood coffin slowly being lowered into the ground, which inside, housed what remained of his wife.


It was a cold and dark night, as if someone covered the sky with a pitch black curtain and blocked out the stars. The rain was pouring down hard and fast like never ending bullets being fired from a gun covering the windshield, the street lights were blurred dots passing by the side of the car as we drove by. The engine roaring loudly like a Lion signaling its location to the rest of its group. As the windshield wipers pushed the water away they saw, even though for a split second, the long and empty road that seemed as if it went on forever, before the rain covered the windshield once more.


Jack and Sarahs’ dinner with their In Laws had not gone as planned, though in all honesty, neither of them had thought the night would have gone any differently.

“We didn’t have to go if you didn’t want to Jack!” She said to him.

“He always treats me the same Sarah! As if I’m still that young high school kid!” He replied.

Jack was furious, steaming in the head, as if he was a volcano about to erupt. Thinking back to the way Sarah's father talked to him and the way he smirked at him whenever he had said or done something made his blood boil. Sarah, meanwhile, was conflicted. On the one hand she was angry at Jack for overreacting as always however on the other hand she felt that her dad did take it a bit too far and that some of Jack's anger was warranted. Their bickering soon turned into heated argument as they passed comments back and forth each one louder than the last until,

“Dad was right about you! You’re so immature!” She yelled back at him.

Jack shifted his gaze from the road towards her ready for a bombastic reply, however, his hand slipped from the wheel sending them sharply swerving to the left. At that moment, the roaring of the engine and the sound of the rain hitting the windshield went soft, everything played out in slow motion as the car began flipping onto its side. The last thing Jack saw was Sarah's face, terrified, before everything turned to black.


He woke up to the blinding lights of the hospital shining down on him, besides him sat a sobbing elderly couple, Sarah's parents, he thought to himself. He looked down to see his arm and leg in a cast and his mouth covered with a breathing device.

“Wh-what happened?” He said weakly

Sarah’s parents looked up from their palms and her father came rushing towards Jack.

“You did this you son of a bitch! It should have been you!” He said as he violently shook Jack around in the bed. A nurse barged in pleading for him to stop, when he finally did the nurse had told Jack what had happened. That a driver had seen his car upside down on the side of the road and called us immediately, he had suffered some serious injuries such as a broken leg and arm accompanied by internal bleeding. The doctors were able to save him but Sarah was not as lucky as Jack, the nurse informed that they were sorry for his loss. At that moment Sarah’s parents walked out of the room slamming the door on the way out while Jack had remained in the bed frozen and in shock over the death of his wife for days.


Back at the funeral, as Jack laid the flowers he knew Sarah loved besides her tombstone, he saw Sarah’s parents wailing at the corner of his eye. He hated every moment of the funeral because deep down, he knew, that this was his fault. All this grief and sorrow that him and others are facing are because of him. He knew if only he hadn’t lost his temper in the car or that if he hadn’t shifted his gaze from the road none of this would have happened and that he would have to deal with the shroud of guilt placed over him and regret his actions for the rest of his life.


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