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our lives are a constant state of evolution. every part of us changes the longer we live, physically and mentally. this is clear when you notice how what you think and believe now is so different
to what you thought or believed years ago. this evolution we go through transforms our lives, and looking back, you can see how certain decisions have triggered this transformation. who we are
today can be traced back to the decisions we have made months and years ago.

yet we make these decisions based on an incomplete set of information at the time.

how many times have you said to yourself, or heard someone say “i wish that i knew what i know now, when i was younger”. it’s amazing how our current circumstances and resulting actions are based
on decisions we have made with an incomplete information set. the decisions we make create our future, however if we had known where that future path took us, we may have made a different decision,
and chosen a different life path. i have experienced this many times in my life. through emotional, mental or physical reasons, i am now living with the decisions i have made, where had i knew
where it would lead me, i would not have made those same decisions. this is something i believe most people go through, and if you’re nodding your head visibly or in your mind, than you are one of
them. my thoughts below may be a reflection of your life, but for others who i hope read this prior to having to make life decisions, i hope to share my knowledge to provide you with a more
complete picture about the many life moments that you will experience. this memoir reveals my life’s insights which i believe will be relevant to you. it recounts what actions you should take and
what you should realise in the decisions you take. i believe it will give helpful advice to prepare you for what will happen if you take certain actions and teach you things you can actually use in
life through a real insight into what people are really thinking. i trust this will assist you in your future decision-making by providing you with a broader information set. this is why i write

i must note that this is not a comprehensive insight across all areas of life as this is not possible to be documented in a lifetime. all of these insights may not have relevance to all people, and
you may disagree with my views but as will be evident to most people, you will not find someone who agrees with you on everything. each part discusses a life topic, some major, some minor. there
are also some meaningful quotes along the way which have struck a chord with me, and i believe, will do the same for you as the quotes give messages which speak beyond its words. let’s begin.

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Submitted: November 23, 2017