The Antique Locket

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Julia's antique locket has transported her to past. She will discover the purpose in this short story.

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017





Julia pushed her way through the packed sidewalk, gripping her to go coffees for her superiors.  She was already late to work, and it would not reflect any better on her if she lost their morning java colliding with another harried walker. 

Of course this morning her co-workers were not expecting to receive a toasty drink.  Julia did occasionally like to surprise them and this morning she needed a pick me up herself.  Working at the law firm was such an improvement over her previous job she liked to give back in small ways when she could.

However, this morning had been full of a couple hiccups.  Julia’s upstairs shower was leaking into her kitchen, resulting in a discolored spot on her ceiling that continued to grow by the second.  She also realized when she finally caught her bus that the outer part of her shoe was rapidly disassociating itself from the sole inside.  Julia decided that she might need to go barefoot by the end of the day.  All things considered, she knew she was very lucky yet so many days she wished that her life was much simpler.  Julia longed for days filled with less noise and stress.  It felt a little silly to wish for something that would never make her successful in life, yet the longing would not leave her mind.  The overtime she was putting in lately would help her over the long term, even though she might not see immediate results.  She must continue to repeat these thoughts in her head.

As if to comfort herself, Julia brushed her fingers over her well-worn gold locket with its intricate milgrain and filigree designs.  Age had dulled its sparkle, but Julia felt drawn to it somehow.  She had found it the day before at her favorite antique store downtown and knew instantly that it would fit perfectly into her wardrobe.  In a moment she could no longer feel the locket's thin chain around her neck.  Julia’s breath caught in her throat as she gripped her to go container even more.  When she could find a way to slip away from this crowd Julia would try to investigate whether she had really lost the locket or if she was imagining things.  Because she was running on around five hours of sleep, it wouldn't really be too surprising if this was a figment of her imagination.

Julia knew she should be nearing the imposing building of Silos and Rexley soon.  Instead it felt like she was shoulder to shoulder with a herd of people.  Julia was not getting very far in her attempts to reach her destination and had a suspicion that something had gone very wrong.  


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