the figure

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will this 17 year old ever make it out of the woods?

Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017




hey to whoever reads this, i am a 17 year old girl from London i am an only child now since my brother passed away 6 years ago oh how horrific that day was , but anyway that’s a story to tell another time back on to this story, I am an artist, i like to draw and take pictures of things  that are different to everything else you know things that don't fit it, things that nobody takes notice of and i’m not just talking about me . There is two ways this story could go i could have the most tragic ending or i could have the most happy one. But i guess you will have to stick around and carry on reading to find that out.


So it was a wednesday a normal typical college day, well so i thought...

I had just been set an assignment to capture a picture that will catch the public eye, and obviously i had no clue what that even means seen as i have never caught anyones eye with anything because i am a the thing that no one takes notice of but anyway back to the story i had an idea of what to capture i'd wait till midnight and go to the park and capture the moonlight reflecting on all the park. it sounded like a good plan at the time.


As i wearily climbed over the park fence i notice how dark and abandoned the park really was that time of night. All set up i start snapping shots of the park when suddenly i hear tree branches and leaves crunch in the darkness behind me. With my heart nearly out my mouth I dramatically let out a gasp and swing round to see what that suspicious noise was. When i started  staring into the darkness squinting my tired lifeless eyes trying to figure out what that heart pounding noise was, it almost felt like the darkness was a person itself, like it was staring me right in the face closing up on me, like i was its prey. Then suddenly stepping out of the darkness was the hooded figure…


Sprinting as fast as my little shaky legs could go i could hear the hooded figure getting closer with every step i took. Breathless and giving up all hope of leaving these life like woods alone i decided to hide behind one of the tree’s hoping this figure had lost sight of me.


I had been hiding there for almost half an hour surely this thing had gone by now? Surely it had lost me when i ran through the tree’s. I feel butterflies in my stomach the feel of relief that  i got away. Tired and frightened I exited the park and made my way home.


It had been a week since i had been chased the fear still takes over me to the point i feel like my whole body can't move because it was so traumatized about what happened. Building up the little courage i had left i decided to look at the shots i took the night i got chased. Wow the shots really were beautiful until…


There in the corner of my dreamy like photo staring right at the camera was the black figure. With my heart beating a hundred times faster than it should i sit there staring at this photo in disbelief, until i finally fight the fear and zoom into this photo i still can't believe i have.


But when i zoom closer and closer and closer into the this figure a face starts to appear

This face was not just any face it was my brothers face who had died six years ago.


© Copyright 2018 veena phillips. All rights reserved.

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