The Inbetween

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Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017



The Inbetween


I am sure we have all heard or read about Parallel Universes. Millions of alternate universes alongside our own, containing outcomes of all the decisions we never made.

Incredible right? That job you turned down because you did not want to relocate, imagine for a moment it you could see what would have happened if you had taken it. That could have been your big break, rising through the company, earning lot’s of money, big house, luxury holidays. Or perhaps it would have been a disaster, redundancy, eviction moving back to a low paid job.

What we do not get told about are the spaces inbetween these Parallel Universes. In particular the moving shadows that lurk there. The shadows that are getting closer with each new Universe. How long will it be before we find out what these shadows are? What will happen to our world when they get to us? Armageddon?

Just kidding, that last part will never ever happen…..will it??

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