A Devil's Walk

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It was the color of her dress that drew his eye to her. The morning was not a time that he had been known to enjoy but he had been in an odd mood since he has awoken that day.

Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017



It was the color of her dress that drew his eye to her. The morning was not a time that he had been known to enjoy but he had been in an odd mood since he has awoken that day.

His partners from the night before lied in his bed with him, cuddling him like he was a big old teddy bear. It was always odd how his partners would forget who he was and that he was the furthest thing from a cuddly stuffed animal. Moving out of the entwined limbs that surrounded, he went to his bathroom so to shower the night away and begin the day anew.

His blood simmered with excitement, though he had not an idea as to why. There was just an energy in the air that was ripe and begged to be taken into hand.

The hot water that would have burned skin from bone felt lukewarm to him and made him long to return to his true home. This land of light and life that was so clearly made for the inferior irritated him immensely. But plans needed to be discussed and followers needed to come under his wings. So here he was in the land created for the inferior race, he had never understand why it had been given to them and he likely never would.

Getting out and dressing for the day, he stopped before a mirror to look at the reflection that was there. In the mirror, he saw what everyone would see.

A good looking man with silver blond hair, pale blue eyes and a smile that would make women as well as men faint from lust. But it was too perfect for his liking, there were no scars from battles long past, no horns that were his crown and roared to all his right to rule. He looked too much like them.

And he did not like it.

It would only be another few weeks though and then he would return home, return to his true self. He would be done with this false form for a time and get back to being himself.

Leaving his apartment, he wandered the streets like a man seeking knowledge of a lost thing. He knew not what he looked for and could only hope that being there was not driving him into insanity. The streets were clotted with humans, He felt their eyes on him as he walked the concrete covered earth.

This was not how the land had been meant to be used. It had been created to be cared for, tended to and to give to it’s inhabitants in return. Yet before his eyes, it was continuous raped for hidden treasures and tortured as it was stripped of it’s layers for homes, food and so on. The pain he felt for this beautiful world only made him want to work faster to extinguish the monsters all that covered these great lands.

He was surprised when the energy that filled the air directed him to the only places that he truly cared to be in. Heading into high park, he felt revitalized by the mostly unharmed land.

Traveling through the park, he stopped when he reached Grenadier pond to sit at a bench and look at the water that moved gently.

He stared at water, thinking of the past and the future. It was odd how water was the only true immortal. How one day he would be gone, how this planet would be gone as well as this solar system but water would be ever be presence and forever the giver of life.

It was then that the red pass by him. It reminded him of blood and made him watch the woman wearing it.

Every step her black booted feet took appeared to be a part of a dance that was all her own. Her red dress danced along in the light wind as if it was following every step of her dance. Her black hair was up and held in place with a white rose, her skin was pale but not unblemished, for freckles graced the whole of her face. Other women would have simply hide the imperfection with makeup but he could make out that she wore nothing of the kind.

It was as if she found perfection in her imperfections.

It was a hot spring morning so she sat down under the shade of a tree and opened the book that she held within her hands. It allowed him to see what color her eyes were and was surprised by the sight for it was clear that her gaze was amethyst in color.

Unique as she appeared, he would have dismissed her if he hadn’t felt that energy he had been following all morning around her. It pulsed like a heartbeat around her, like the energy was a living thing in a symbiotic relationship with the human woman.

He stared at the human woman and wondered why it would be wrapped around her as it was. He stood, knowing that his questions would demand answers and she might hold them. “Hello.”

“Not interested.” Was her reply, surprising him with it.

There had only been a few that had ever rebuffed him so quickly as she.

“Neither am I,” was the lie that flew from his lips.

She never looked up from her book, “yeah right. You have been staring at me for the last handful of minutes.”

“I was curious to your book, The handmaid’s tale…an interesting book that surprised me it would be of interest to a young woman such as yourself.” He had read the book himself once and found it not to be as woefully boring as most books made by man were.

It was then that she turned that jeweled gaze on him with a look of slight annoyance. “Different people, different interests…are you done bothering me now?”

“Maybe if you would be so kind as to give me your name?” If he had her name then he could use it to learn more about her.

“Kelly Mary Robinson” She lied before standing up to leave; her poker face was a rather good one.

But he was the king of liars.

“Very pretty, but what is your real name? Mine is Lucifer.”

She stopped and turned back to look at him, it was clear that she found his name interesting.

“Like the comic book series Lucifer?”

he hated that comic book series, it was ruinous to his name. He had yet to get the artist of that horrid series to sign his name away to him for an eternity in his true home. But it did tell him that the woman before him was invested in all kinds of literature held her interest.

“No, I detest that series of comics…ruins one’s name, you know.”

She laughed at that as if she didn’t believe who he was.

Not that he would be surprised if she didn’t believe him to be the devil. The sound though, her laughter was…a narcotic of its own class. One he wanted more of.

“So what? You’re Satan, then?” She asked with a know-it-all tone.

“Maybe, now what is your real name?” He asked again, ignoring her question.

She looked at him for a long moment as if she were unsure about giving him her true name. “Althea Smith, friends just call me Thea though.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Thea.”

“Never said you were a friend, Lucifer.” She said before turning and walking away from him. He stood there, staring after her fading form.

She would be an interesting follower for him.

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