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Terror of Tuhloon

March, 2005

Chapter 12: The Revelation


Mikhail Dragomirov had been watching a soccer game on TV, drinking a beer and trying to relax in his hotel room, when his private cell phone rang. It was well after midnight. No one would call him at this time of night unless it was an emergency. Dragomirov answered the call quickly, fearing the worst.

To his relief, it was Trisha Lamont. She was safe.

Trisha had encountered and fought against Merte, almost succeeding in eliminating her except that the lycanthrope intervened within the Dream Realm. As far as Trisha knew, Merte could be dead. If not, her and the lycanthrope were working together. She was suffering from minor burns.

Dragomirov realized that his heart-pounding, nail-biting reaction to the call wasn't just related to his job or the men under his command. He was worried about Trisha and he was overjoyed that she had emerged from such a dangerous situation nearly unharmed. Dragomirov was so grateful that she was safe, that he nearly lost his balance, his knees were wobbling, barely holding him up.

Dragomirov felt like a newborn calf on shaky footing. He sat down and told Trisha, “Thank God you're okay.”

“Yeah, I'm fine,” Trisha assured him, “But we have to be ready to move as soon as Merte and the lycanthrope make theirs. Since Merte is teamed up with Serje now, we have no idea who their last target is. I hope The Three set up enough perimeter cameras because we're going to need them.”

“What can we do on our end?”

Trisha was quiet then she said, “Nothing. The best thing you can do, is stay out of the way of the aberrant and Merte. Both are extremely dangerous to you and your officers.”

Dragomirov didn't like what he heard. Sitting around twiddling his thumbs and hoping The Three were successful, wasn't what he had in mind, “There has to be something we can do.”

Trisha sighed, “I know you want to help, but if the lycanthrope can travel freely between the Dream and Waking Realms, it's extremely dangerous. From it's position within the Dream Realm, the lycanthrope can attack from anywhere, at any time. It could easily appear right here in my house and kill me before anyone could help. It could do the same to you.”

Suddenly, Captain Dragomirov's snug hotel room didn't feel so safe. He looked around nervously then stood and retrieved his sidearm from the his shoulder holster that was hanging by the front door on the coat rack. He felt a little better having his weapon close.

Trisha continued, “I think you have to stay out of this, Mikhail. Keep yourself safe by allowing the professionals to handle it.”

“Okay,” Dragomirov said.

“I'm exhausted,” She told him, her voice softer, “I haven't finished my shift yet but I'm too worn out to do anything further tonight. I have to get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes. I'll see you.”

“Good night.”

“Sweet dreams,” Dragomirov said. He hung up the phone and dialed The Three, filling them in on what Trisha had told him.


* * *


Serje was trembling with anticipation. He kissed Merte's face, her breasts, his hands gripped her shapely buttocks as he pulled her hot body closer to his. He could feel the heat from her breath, listened as her heartbeat as it sped up, her body was covered in goose flesh in reaction to his caresses. Serje was turning her on. With her hands bound, she couldn't cast magic, or so he hoped but also, she was powerless to resist. Perhaps, she liked being tied up. Although she was a powerful mage, not even Merte could fake her body's natural sexual arousal.

Serje hated her but also loved her. Merte's beautiful flushed face and salacious nude body was so exciting to him that he was drowning in desire, all else faded away from his mind, all responsibilities, all worries, everything.

Although bruised and battered, Merte was still perfection. Her skin was hot and smooth, her lips were sweet, her nipples were hard as marbles, her legs were taut, stomach flat and she smelled as fresh as a flower. Blinded by lust, Serje stood up and threw her over his shoulder carrying her back to his temporary lair.

“Serje,” Merte grunted, “We don't have time for this now.”

“We have all the time I need,” Serje said.

“At least untie me.”


Serje climbed the stairs to the overhead apartment, carrying her as if she weighed nothing. He was going to ravish her, as many times as he wanted, until she begged him to stop. She was going to be his plaything, his sexual toy and he was going to use her until she couldn't take it anymore. Whatever choice she made, whatever deal she struck with him, Merte was eventually going to die a painful, miserable death. It was only a matter of time.

“Serje, there are powerful hunters looking for you, right now,” Merte explained.

He threw open the door to the loft, “So?”

“That woman you chased off, she was alone this time but there are others like her, just as powerful, hunting you.”

Serje laid her down on the bed, admiring her naked beauty, “We still have enough time for us to be together.”

“Not yet,” Merte said, her voice cracking, “Finish the job, kill the new target and then we can do whatever you want!”

Serje's erection was painful, so he loosened his pants to alleviate the discomfort.

Merte nodded in approval of his nudity. She then grinned at him mischievously, “You've been blessed, Serje. Very impressive. I'm eager to see what you can do with that big thing of yours, but not now.”

Serje kissed her, mumbling his words as he licked her neck, “I can't wait any longer.”

Merte gasped, “Listen to me, Serje. I will do everything and anything sexual you want, every desire, every perverse fantasy, anything. But not now! You have to untie me. Without my help, the hunters will find you and kill you. Together, we can defeat them and fulfill both our contracts. Then we'll leave Tuhloon, together and I'll be your perfect love slave. I'll devote my entire life to you! Do you understand?”

Serje ignored her pleas and took her against her will.

At first, he was gentle with her. Serje kissed her and stroked her as he thrust himself slowly, building their desire. Merte reacted nicely, her small cries and gasps were very real and exciting to him. She used her legs to guide him, to pull him closer and pace him, returning his kisses with her hot tongue. Then something happened that Serje had not expected.

The beast within took over.

After Serje reached climax the first time, his body lost all control. He became a beast in human skin, a monster that craved pain and retribution. He thrust into her so powerfully that she resisted, crying out in pain. She was unable to stop him, her hands bound behind her back as he slapped her, yanked on her hair and used his strong hands to pinch, bite, scratch and slap her exposed and vulnerable body.

The more loudly Merte cried out for him to stop, the more excited Serje became. He beat her, raped her and abused her for well over an hour.

Afterward, Merte had been rendered unconscious from his merciless abuse. She lay in a tangled mess of sheets and her hair, her body was bruised, scratched and bleeding. He had bitten her so hard that he broke the skin on several soft part of her body and had hit her so hard that he knocked her out. Her lovely face was battered, one eye almost completely closed.

Serje didn't feel guilty at all for hurting her. He was only frightened that he lost control again. Merte was supposed to meet a humiliating, bloody death at his hands regardless of any deal they made. He was convinced that he couldn't trust her at all. As soon as her hands were free, she'd turn on him, roast him alive, cook him like a broiled steak.

The wolf companion pawed at the door, anxious to join in the slaughter, the smell of blood fueling its killer instincts. Serje mentally told the wolf not to hurt Merte and he opened the door, allowing the animal to stare at her vulnerable form on the bed with murderous longing.

“How did I lose control like that?” Serje said aloud to the wolf, as if he expected it to answer him.

Since its fur had become black, he could barely see the wolf standing in the center of the room. The wolf met his gaze with it's cold yellow eyes and licked its chops.

“I think I'm slowly unraveling, my control over the monster is weakening,” Serje said miserably.

The wolf snorted.

“I don't care about that bitch!” Serje growled, motioning toward Merte, “But I don't want to hurt innocent people.”

The wolf yawned then stretched and laid down on the floor staring at him.

Serje's fears were becoming more and more real. He had lost control of himself twice now, being force to sit in the back while the beast sat in the driver seat. It was a strange and frightening ordeal to watch himself acting out decisions while having no ruling whatsoever in the matter. He was like a mute observer, simply witnessing real life through the eyes of a stranger, temporarily occupying part of his own mind while the beast took the reins from him.

“No more. I don't want to lose control ever again!” Serje growled.

The wolf sneezed, then stared at him, never taking its gaze away.

Serje knew he had to turn to Merte for help eventually. If she had indeed altered his contract with the Dark Man of the Woods, only she knew who the final victim was. Serje would kill the last victim that Merte identified then he would murder Merte anyway, just to be sure. What mattered most to him, was his own freedom from the curse, certainty that he would win his liberty from the ugly mark on his palm, assured that he could move on and live a regular life after all this was over.

All of this death and gore would be a distant memory, lost to him, set aside behind him, discarded as all awful memories would be as he progressed through adulthood, got married, bought property and had children. At least two more people had to die before he could be free.

The wolf snarled.

Merte sat up suddenly, dazed and gasping, “Wow, Serje. No one has ever fucked me like that, ever!”

Serje stared at her in disbelief, “You're not angry?”

Merte grinned at him, “Hell no. That was great!”

Serje was threatened at first, unsure of how to react but after she complimented him, he felt a sense of pride flair as his ego was stroked, “I'm glad you liked it,” He said, “There's plenty more where that came from.”

She made a valiant attempt to sort out her messed up hair with her hands, then seemed to give up trying, “I came four times,” Merte said happily, “They were all big ones too. How about you?”

Serje had to think about it. At the time, he wasn't in control of himself but he still felt the orgasm as they rippled through him, “I had at least three.”

“That's great. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself because we have to get down to business,” Merte said.


Merte scooted on her butt to the edge of the mattress, her lovely legs dangled over the edge and she leaned back stretching. Serje admired her taut body as she twisted, flexed and stretched for a few moments. Then she said, “I know you're interested in who the final target is.”

“Of course.”

Merte smiled at him. Although battered, she still managed to be breathtaking. She said, “Do you remember when I told you that I had performed another ritual in the Dream Realm while you were in the Waking Realm?”

“Yeah. And?”

Merte was playful, “I was successful too. I was also rewarded just like you were.”

Serje felt a sense of dread spreading, starting from the pit of his stomach and slowly traveling like a cold poison, drifting to all points of his body. It was her confidence that set him off, making him uneasy. What did she mean that she was rewarded? He had just spent an hour and a half viewing her nudity from every angle possible. She did not possess the dark mark like he did, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I agreed to the exact price that you agreed to. Five souls, their blood spilled within the forest to the Dark Man.”

Serje was growing impatient, “What, you offered my soul? I'm the final victim? Are you going to try to kill me, Merte?”

Merte shook her head and laughed, “No, you don't have to worry about that. I meant everything I said earlier. If you kill the last victim and let me live, I will devote myself to you. I meant every word of it.”

“Then what?” Serje demanded, “What do you need me for? You're a powerful mage. Why not just kill the last victim yourself?”

Merte raised her hands to calm him, “Let me explain, please. I can't kill the final victim myself. That was the stipulation in my contract that I agreed to. In order for me to link our agreements and fortify them as one, I had to agree to allow you to kill all five victims. I can't do it myself, do you understand now?”

Serje thought back, recalling how Zhenya Teshin was bound and left for him, like a prize. Merte had been able to prepare her for him, but not kill her. Serje wondered why she would be doing any of this, He asked her angrily, “Why in the hell would you want to link our contracts together anyway? What do you get out of it?”

Merte touched his face, “I knew I could never pull this off alone. I needed help. If I tried to murder five people by myself, I would have already been caught and killed. I needed an accomplice, willing or otherwise. You were perfect for the job because you already hated all my friends.”

Serje remembered something she had said earlier and a big picture started to form in his mind. No. It wasn't possible. Merte would had to have planned this years ago. No one could be that patient.

Merte continued, “I've been helping you from the beginning, Serje, hiding your movements from prying magic. I watched and protected you while you carried out the contract. I've been with you the entire time. We've been working as a team, don't you see?”

Serje stared at the young woman sitting on the bed. She had said that she had brought him the vile book. That meant she had buried the book on his property and then manipulated his dream so that he would find it. Serje felt like a marionette, his decisions and his movement were not his own but by the strings manipulated by Merte.

“You made me suffer so that I would hate your friends,” Serje told her.

Merte nodded, “Yes.”

“You made me hate you and kept pushing me. You did everything on purpose, to force me over the line, to make me lose my mind until I was angry enough and frustrated enough to kill. You basically forced me to use the book!”

Merte smiled, “And you've done such a good job of it. Only one more death and we're home free!”

Serje was at a loss for words. His entire life, his entire future could be forfeit at the hands of a manipulative, evil and selfish bitch! He stared at Merte incredulously. How could she hatch such an evil plot then manipulate so many only to serve her ends? How could she so thoroughly plan and scheme so accurately for so many years? How had she maneuvered people, like pawns on a chess board, so well that she was this close to success?

Serje growled at her, “You're a fucking piece of shit!”

Merte was still smiling. She nodded, “Is it all coming together for you now? Are you finally realizing your part in my future?”

“I'm going to rip you to shreds!” Serje cinched the belt and within seconds, he was the powerful Werewolf, towering over Merte. As he reached for her, planning to dig his claws mercilessly into her soft flesh, Merte said casually, “Stop. Back off.”

Serje suddenly couldn't move.

Once again, Serje was in the back seat and the beast was at the wheel. He could only watch helplessly as the beast obeyed Merte's command, moving away from her.

From behind her back, Merte produced another wolf skin belt.

Had she magically summoned it?

Serje's mind reeled in horror. Was she also a Werewolf? Merte had said that she had also been rewarded after the ritual. Was this what she was talking about?

Seeming to read his mind, Merte laughed, “No, don't worry, Serje. This wolf skin belt doesn't allow me to turn into a Werewolf. I didn't risk my soul for something so mundane. This belt allows me to control Werewolves.”

Serje felt his stomach sink. Merte had to be lying. His thoughts drifted desperately, trying to put something logically into a coherent thought. If Merte could control Werewolves, he was fucked.

Serje also just realized her hands were free. Merte could roast him alive any second now. He lunged for her, trying to tear out her throat with his claws.

Once again, Merte calmly said, “Stop.”

Serje froze.

Oh shit.

“Take off the wolf skin belt and have a seat,” Merte commanded. Serje did as he was told as sat down as obediently as a trained animal. He had no control over his body. He was crying inside, fear bubbling up from his guts and into his throat.

“The last target is Tonja Niselsko,” Merte said triumphantly.

No! Please no!

“Tonja?” Serje protested, “Why? Haven't you already caused me enough pain, Merte? Why kill someone innocent? Tonja has nothing to do with any of this!”

Merte shook her head, her face clouded with darkness, “You're wrong, Serje. That fucking bitch, Tonja, has everything to do with this!”


* * *


As Logan was talking on the phone to Mikhail Dragomirov, Jewel had a vision, a short peep into the near future.

She had been keeping busy, readying their equipment for the following night. Since it was after midnight, Jewel had planned on going to bed within a few hours but she felt the familiar tingling sensation on her scalp, as though someone were gently stroking her hair. Her vision blurred, everything in front of her went out of focus and for a few seconds, she was in a world of light gray mist. Finally, her vision began to come back into focus and she could suddenly see that she was no longer in her hotel room, but instead the interior of a very large and well-furnished home.

Jewel turned and noticed the massive lycanthrope appeared at her side, causing her to jump in fright and cry out. Of course, since she was only observing the vision and wasn't actually there, she made no sound and the monster took no notice of her. The lycanthrope charged up the large stairway, frightfully quick, to the second floor and out of her line of sight.

Years of experience had taught Jewel that her vision would only last a few seconds. She had to look around, collecting and remembering as many details as she could before the vision ended so that she could relay as much information to her team as possible.

Jewel immediately recognized where she was. She had been in this house earlier that same day. It was Tonja Niselsko's home.

Tonja was in danger.

Still in the midst of the vision, Jewel said aloud, “Tonja's in danger. The Werewolf is going after her at her house. We have to get there as soon as possible!”

Although she could still only see Tonja's living room and the massive staircase, Jewel knew that Logan and Sephon had both heard her. They promptly sprang into action.

Slowly, Jewel's vision faded and she was back in the hotel with her companions.

Logan relayed the message to Dragomirov then hung up the phone. The Three hurriedly put on their coats and rushed out to their vehicle and raced over to Tonja's house, hoping they would arrive in time not only to kill the beast, but to save Tonja's life.


* * *


Captain Dragomirov had only one person other than Trisha that he trusted enough to call for help: Lieutenant Smolin. Smolin was quick to react, as though he had been waiting impatiently by the phone.

Within minutes, Smolin was waiting outside Dragomirov's hotel room with an unmarked vehicle. Together, they sped off in the direction of Tonja's home.

The Three's hotel room was on the other side of town. Smolin and Dragomirov would arrive on scene a few minutes before they would.

Smolin was visibly nervous. He asked, “How do we know that Tonja is in danger, Captain?”

“An anonymous tip, Lieutenant.”

The young Lieutenant was quiet for a few minutes. Since he had been completely kept out of the loop, Smolin had no idea what they were driving towards. He had, however, viewed the dash cam footage of the lycanthrope. Dragomirov didn't hold the younger man's apprehension against him.

“Captain, does this have something to do with the monster?” Smolin asked.

There was no point in lying to him. The Lieutenant would know the truth soon enough, “Yes.”

“Is that where we're going? To try and kill the beast?”

Dragomirov nodded, “Yes.”

“My God.”

Captain Dragomirov decided to fill him in, “Listen to me, Smolin. The monster you saw is responsible for the deaths of the four girls. I'm sure you already knew that my public announcements after we found the remains, were all lies. I had no choice in the matter. We cannot risk a public panic.”

Smolin was quiet.

Dragomirov said, “You haven't questioned any of my decisions on this case and you have kept your word of secrecy. It's the only reason I still trust you.”

Smolin said, “I appreciate that, Captain.”

“Regardless of what you think of me or how the FSB has handled the case so far, is irrelevant. All that matters now, is saving as many innocent lives as possible.”

Smolin nodded, “I agree.”

Dragomirov looked at him, “Good. Tonja Niselsko is innocent, but the monster is not.”

The young Lieutenant didn't seem to understand.

Dragomirov explained, “You saw a Werewolf on the dash cam footage, Lieutenant. It is a person who has been transforming into a monster and murdering girls. The culprit is human but we cannot show any mercy if we find him. If you see Serje Niko, he must be killed. I know he's just a kid but he is also a dangerous murderer. Do you understand, Smolin?”

“Completely, Captain.”

“There are others here, specialists that have been brought in by the FSB to help us track down and kill the monster. The woman you saw at the hospital is one of them.” The Captain said.

“I think I understand.”

Dragomirov continued, “There are also three others here as well. Our only target is Serje Niko. You don't have to worry about anyone else. This is why I have been running so many personal errands, Lieutenant. I wasn't sure I could fully trust you and for that, I am sorry.”

Smolin seemed happy that he was being brought into the fold, “You don't have to apologize, Captain.”

Dragomirov continued, “Our goal is to save Tonja. If you see Serje or the beast, do not hesitate. Shoot to kill.”

Smolin nodded, his jaw was clenched, “I understand completely.”


* * *


Merte held the wolf skin belt out in front of her and pointed at Serje as if it were a remote control for a TV. The smooth confidence had faded from her, the smiling happiness had vanished, leaving only visible hatred, “Tonja is the cause of all of this. She's the reason for all of my misery and hate. She's the reason I was so cruel to you all this time!”

Serje had long suspected that Merte was insane. She wasn't making any sense. How could sweet Tonja be the root of all evil? He chose his words carefully, “How, Merte? I know you hate us both but how could Tonja be the cause of all of this?”

“She was fucking born!”

Serje could see the fury on Merte's face. Her lips were peeled back, teeth tightly clenched. Her eyes were wide, wild. Her breathing was quick but deep inhalations. Her skin was flushed, not from sex but from anger.

Merte was nearly screaming, “That bitch stole my father away! She was so cute and sweet! She stole his heart!”

Serje knew that the wolf companion could spring at Merte and possibly kill her before she could react. She had no idea the animal was there and would be caught unaware. The only reason he didn't send the beast to kill Merte was because he was curious to know what she had to say. He had been a silent and unknowing partner the entire time. Serje wanted to know the whole truth. He said, “She stole away your father's heart?”

Merte didn't seem to hear him, “I'm his daughter! Not her. He should love me most!”

Serje had been good friends with Tonja but he knew very little about her family. He knew that Tonja's mother had remarried and that her father wasn't her biological dad even though she treated him as such. Was Merte saying what he thought?

No way!

Merte seemed to be speaking more to herself than to him, “We were rich! Happy! We didn't need them! But no! Dad had to have his little fling, he had to marry the whore and bring her little whore daughter along for the ride! Now, my house is theirs! Now, my time is divided! All of my love and attention is a third of what it should be!”

“Tonja's your step sister?”

“Never!” Merte cried, “She's an invader! A usurper!”

Serje realized that in her frenzied state of hatred, he was not going to get the confirmation he wanted from Merte but he had learned enough to piece it together for himself. At last, Serje knew why Tonja hardly spoke of her family, why she had been so careful about inviting him to her house. She had been withholding a very big secret. Merte was her older stepsister. How could Tonja keep something this important from him for so long?

Merte wasn't finished, “Tonja's so sweet and so kind and so thoughtful! My father loves her as much as he loves me! Can you believe that shit? He told me so! He admitted it! I fucking hate her! I hate her so much! Do you understand now, Serje? You were friends with my nemesis! I hated you almost as much as I hate her! She's the reason I punished you!”

Merte had been cruel to him just because he was Tonja's friend? She been lashing out at him, taking out her anger on him in order to hurt Tonja? Serje knew the truth now. Although upset at Tonja for not telling him the truth, most of the blame was still Merte's. The selfishness, the anger, the cruelty was all her, not Tonja. Tonja's only crime was being a good person. Serje couldn't blame her father one bit for loving her as his own. Even Serje's own grandfather had accepted and loved Tonja immensely. Merte was just a jealous bitch.

“She has to die! Do you understand now, rat face? She has to die!” Merte screamed.

“I don't want to hurt her,” Serje said.

Merte's expression soften. Her voice was calm and oozing with mock understanding, “Aw, I know. You're her best friend. I know you too care a lot about one another. That's why I made such a powerful pact. I get a huge reward, making you kill someone you love and also killing a member of my own family. The Dark Man was overjoyed to fulfill my request. I can't even imagine how horrible you are going to feel after you murder Tonja.”

Serje shook his head, “You can't make me do this. There has to be another way, Merte! Please!”

“I'm afraid not, Serje,” Merte told him, “Just be glad that you can take out your frustration on me afterward. You can be as rough with me as you want, during sex. Punish me for as long and as hard as you like, but you are going to do this. I won't be the most powerful mage in the world until you do.”

Serje felt tears running down his cheeks, “No!”

Merte smirked at him. There was no remorse on her face as she raised the wolf skin belt and said, “Kill Tonja Niselsko!”

Merte please don't make me do this!” Serje pleaded but even as he spoke, his body was not his to control. He stood up and cinched the wolf belt transforming into the beast. Mentally, Serje desperately order the wolf to attack, Kill her!

As his body ignored his commands and used the stone to open a portal back into the Waking Realm, Serje was relieved to see the wolf companion lunge at Merte.

Merte was laughing maniacally. She didn't stop laughing even as the wolf knocked her flat on the bed. As Serje left the Dream Realm, he could still hear Merte laughing until the wolf tore out her throat, killing her.

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