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Terror of Tuhloon

March, 2005

Chapter 14: Pursuit


Captain Dragomirov limped towards the stairs, amazed at how much his leg hurt. A nerve must have been damaged somewhere because the pain was shooting up his entire side of his body. Climbing the stairs was agony, but somehow Dragomirov managed.

After the steady gunfire, the lycanthrope had gone quiet. Lieutenant Smolin must have managed to kill the damned thing. Maybe now, life in Tuhloon would return to normal and the Captain could put in for his retirement from the FSB. Settling down in Tuhloon or someplace nearby now seemed like a good idea considering how well he and Trisha had hit it off on their first date.

At the top of the stairs, the Captain needed to stop. The pain was awful and he was having a hell of a time fighting to remain standing. He wanted to sit down or even lay on the ground and take all the pressure off of his injured leg, even if it was only for a few seconds, but he knew he couldn't.

Captain Dragomirov heard a loud snarl causing him to wince in surprise. Further down the hall, Tonja and Smolin let out cries of fear. After another loud roar, he heard vicious snarling and Smolin screaming in pain. Dragomirov limped as quickly as he could down the hall.

He peeked around the corner into Tonja's room and saw Smolin's ruined body lying in a pool of blood. More of Smolin's precious vitae was splashed all over the walls and the floor. The lycanthrope was disappearing into the attic, crawling after Tonja and moved out of sight.

Dragomirov quickly limped towards the fallen Lieutenant, checking his pulse.

Smolin was gone.

Oh no.

The Captain turned his attention to the attic. He was so angry, he took aim and almost emptied his weapon through the ceiling to shoot the hated beast but he couldn't risk hitting Tonja. No matter how badly Dragomirov wanted retribution, he needed to keep his head.

He could hear the lycanthrope's low menacing growl and Tonja's whimpers of fear.

“Tonja! Can you get away from the beast up there?” Dragomirov called. As he shouted, he tried to reach the ceiling to climb up after the Werewolf but it was too high and he couldn't jump with his injured leg. He was helpless.

Dragomirov prayed that Tonja could out-maneuver the Werewolf in the attic space and escape.

Tonja screamed for help but he could do nothing for her except stare helplessly at the ceiling. He encouraged her, “Try to find another way down! I'm coming!” Dragomirov began to push Tonja's dresser toward the closet but it was heavy and his damn leg was failing him. He hoped to climb on top of it to reach the hole in the ceiling.

Tonja screamed, “Serje no!”

The beast roared in triumph.

As Dragomirov struggled with the dresser, he heard loud hammering from the attic space. The entire house vibrated with each hammering blow. Along with Tonja's shrill screams of terror, he could hear the wooden framework and drywall were giving way. He could hear the house groaning, as if in pain, as the beast ripped another hole in it. The lycanthrope was going to escape by busting through the wall or the rooftop?

Dragomirov pulled out his cellphone with shaky hands and called Logan. Logan answered on the first ring, “Yeah?”

Dragomirov said, “The monster has Tonja. Its breaking through the back of the house to escape!”

“We're on it,” Was all Logan said. He hung up.

Dragomirov realized he was light headed. Had he been bleeding that badly? He heard sirens swiftly approaching, hopefully they had dispatched an ambulance. He needed his wounds attended to or he would probably bleed to death.

Captain Dragomirov knelt down by Smolin's lifeless corpse. He was more emotional than he expected, his heart was heavy. He spoke to Smolin quietly, “It should have been me who was killed, not you. I'm old, alone and have lived my life. You were so young, Smolin. Too young to die. I will check in on your child and widow. I will do everything I can to help them manage without you. I swear it.”

The Captain imagined what Smolin's response would be if he were still living. He would probably say something like, “I appreciate that, Captain.”

“And I will hunt down and kill the monster that took your life. I swear it!” Dragomirov trembled with determination. After all the death that had been dealt by the creature, Dragomirov now felt this was a personal matter. No more innocent deaths. Somehow, the Captain would help save Tonja and kill the lycanthrope once and for all, “I swear it!” The Captain repeated solemnly.


* * *


The Three arrived minutes after the lycanthrope had left. They stormed out of the SUV and ran as quickly as they could to the backyard.

Logan's flip phone rang. It was Father Vincent. “You got something?” Logan asked him.

“Yes,” Father Vincent's normally warm deep voice was strained, “Camera thirteen. The monster just entered the frame for a few seconds and then it ran into the woods. I think it was carrying someone!”

Logan relayed the camera number to Jewel who checked it on her laptop. She confirmed, “Its heading north.”

“Back to the kill spot, probably,” Sephon said.

“We'll just waste time trying to chase it on foot. We can try to head it off by car,” Logan told them.

Captain Dragomirov appeared as they were rushing back to their vehicle. He didn't waste time asking questions, he just limped after them into the SUV. Jewel got behind the wheel and Dragomirov sat in the back seat with Sephon.

Sephon said to the Captain, “Your leg.”

“I know. I haven't had time to bandage the damned thing.”

“I can heal it right up,” Sephon said, “Try to relax.” Then he closed his eyes, silently chanting and gathering his mana. Green energy around his hands caused the entire cab to be flooded with green radiance. Captain Dragomirov was mesmerized. After Sephon touched the wounds, Dragomirov felt an intense heat, not enough to burn with pain, but it was very hot. The wounds sealed themselves leaving almost no evidence that they were ever there.

“Thank you,” Dragomirov said.

“What happened at Tonja's?” Logan wanted to know.

Dragomirov told them, “My Lieutenant was killed. Tonja was hiding in the attic but the monster got her then escaped out of my reach.”

“I'm so sorry about the loss of your Lieutenant,” Jewel said sincerely.

“He didn't die in vain. I won't allow it,” the Captain said fiercely.

“That's the spirit!” Logan said, “Let's kill this fucking thing!”

“Our main priority should be to save Tonja,” Sephon said quietly.

“She's probably already dead,” said Logan dismissively.

They sped down the winding road as fast as Jewel risked. To their chagrin, they noticed snowflakes starting to fall. Jewel had to slow down because she kept losing sight of the road.

“Jesus Mary!” Logan spat. He lit a cigarette and cracked the window, blowing out a large cloud of smoke.

“You should really quit,” Dragomirov told him.


“Smoking,” Dragomirov told him, “It will wind up killing you. You should quit.”

“Good idea,” Logan said pleasantly, as he took another deep drag.

“I smoked for decades,” Dragomirov explained, “I starting having trouble with my blood pressure. I switched from smokes to breath mints. My blood pressure is fine now.”

“No one likes a quitter,” Logan told him.

The Captain frowned at him, “This is not a laughing matter, Logan. How long have you been a smoker?”

Sephon and Jewel both laughed aloud.

“I think he was in elementary school when he started,” Jewel said, giggling.

“No,” Sephon said seriously, “The delivery room doctor had to take the cigarette out of his mouth before he spanked him.”

“Fuck both of you!” Logan growled as they erupted in more laughter.

Dragomirov didn't think Logan's health risk was very funny, “You're not a young man anymore, Logan. You are seriously putting yourself at risk.”

“I'm not a normal human, Captain, but thanks for worrying about me.”

“Not a normal human?” Dragomirov asked.

The SUV got quiet.


* * *


Tonja was still alive, but not for long.

Serje was resting within the beast, trying to regain his strength. He wanted to try to take control of himself again. After the chase and fight at Tonja's house Serje realized he had no idea where his wolf companion had disappeared to. The spectral wolf could have easily killed both policemen as they advanced on the Werewolf at Tonja's house and kept him from being shot. Luckily, normal bullets could only temporarily injure the beast, otherwise, Serje would already be dead.

Tonja's death had become a reality to Serje and to some extent, inevitable. He was thinking about it, under the assumption that Tonja was killed, could he still live his life? After all, Merte was dead now. His contract was complete and after Tonja's death, presumably, he was free.

Serje thought about it long and hard as the Werewolf swiftly traveled over the uneven terrain beneath the fat trees and thick brush. Snow began to fall, dusting the ground with patches of white that reflected blue in the moonlight.

Could he live a normal life away from his grandfather and without Tonja?

It would be difficult but not impossible. If he removed himself from society for a while, maybe work deep in the woods as a lumberjack or out on the ocean aboard an oil rig perhaps, Serje could eventually heal his heart to make way for another girl to capture it.

The only obstacle that stood in his way after Tonja was gone, was the beast. Would the hated monster go away, vanish from within him as the cursed mark vanished from his palm? To be cursed forever as a Werewolf was the punishment for failing to deliver the five souls. The price was his eternal soul after death but what about before he died? Would his life return to normal as it was before he made the bargain with the Dark Man of the Woods? Serje was beginning to suspect it would not.


* * *


The Three slid to a halt on the dirt road that was a half mile away from the area where the girls' bodies were found. They hastily checked their gear then headed out for the kill site.

Sephon handed Dragomirov a handgun.

Dragomirov refused it saying, “I have my own service weapon.”

Sephon asked him, “Is it loaded with silver or blessed rounds?”

Dragomirov said, “No.”

“Then its useless,” Sephon said, “Take this one.”

The Captain accepted the handgun.

They got about half way to their destination when Logan suddenly stopped in the middle of the trail. Everyone else stopped behind him. Logan said to no one in particular, “Do you remember earlier when I said that the aberrant had help?”

“Yes,” Jewel answered.

“I don't know where, but it's here,” Logan said cryptically, “I can feel it.”

Dragomirov asked Sephon, “What's he talking about? Another Werewolf?”

Sephon explained, “The Werewolf had help other than just Merte. We're not sure what it is.” He began to channel mana again, hands glowing with green energy. Sephon blessed himself with spirit sight, the ability to see spiritual creatures. He saw large paw prints, massive in fact, glowing with green energy, invisible to the naked eye, leading further up the trail.

“Logan,” Sephon said.


“You'd better let me take point,” Sephon said grimly.

Logan shook a cigarette out of the pack, lit it, took a drag and said, “If you say so.”

Sephon moved passed Jewel and Logan to take the lead, leaving the Captain in the rear, “I think its a spirit wolf,” Sephon told them, “Invisible to us without spirit sight. I'm going to bless us all so that if it shows up, we can all see it.” Sephon, chanting, then cast another blessing, this one enveloped the group granting them a peek into the spirit world.

He had no sooner cast the spell when Jewel cried out, “There!” She took aim and fired off a shot.

They watched as the massive animal moved further away into the underbrush and out of sight.

“Go!” Sephon told the group, “I'll handle this.”

Logan, Jewel and the Captain pressed on, leaving Sephon alone on the dark forest trail. Sephon used his magic to grant himself the strength of a bear, the agility of a mongoose, the vision of a cougar, the hearing of an owl and the endurance of a wolverine.

Sephon then cut across the wolf tracks at an angle, hoping to keep the spirit wolf from approaching the rest of the group from the rear. They couldn't be slowed down. Sephon would isolate the wolf from his companions and kill it.

Wolves are magnificent hunters. Their perception is keen, perfect hearing, excellent eyesight and a superb sense of smell. The wolf knew exactly where Sephon was, he had no doubts and it had the advantage while they were in the woods. Sephon drew out the long sacred blade that was handed down for generations among his people. His father had given it to him on his eighteenth birthday and if Sephon ever had a son or grandson, he would pass it on to him.

With his cougar night vision, Sephon easily moved through the thick undergrowth, moving quietly then stopping a few seconds to listen. He made it over a large rock outcropping where the ground level began to descend.

The wolf leaped at him from the darkness.

Sephon barely had time to throw up his arm in front of his throat.

The wolf was larger than he had expected, knocking him clear off the high spot and down onto the ground below, the wolf on top of him. If Sephon hadn't blessed himself with magic, the wolf would have tore his arm off. As it were, the wolf shook his whole body around like a rag doll by his arm, its long fangs buried all the way to the bone.

Crying out in pain, Sephon slashed at it with the knife, but the wolf avoided most of the attack, only sustaining a shallow cut across its chest. Thankfully, the wolf released his arm and withdrew, yelping in pain.

Sephon got to his feet, knife at the ready as the wolf snarled, showing its vicious fangs. It was nearly shoulder height, easily three times as large as a normal wolf.

Sephon's right arm was useless. From the elbow down it was broken in several different places, the bones sticking out through his skin. The vicious teeth marks where he'd been bitten were laid open, exposing muscle. Blood poured from the wounds.

Sephon chanted and channeled mana as the wolf circled him and his wound began to slowly heal itself, first stemming the heavy flow of blood. He could feel his bones resetting themselves and fusing back together. The ugly wound was slowly closing itself up but not nearly fast enough. It would take at least an hour to be fully regenerated. Sephon didn't have that long to wait.

The wolf eyed the sacred knife as it circled him. It's eyes were wide, the whites showing around the crimson glow. It's ears were laid back, it's lips curled showing it's deadly fangs. The wolf growled and snarled at Sephon viciously.

To Sephon's delight, he saw that the wolf hadn't just been wounded by his knife with a slash to it's chest. Jewel had also wounded it in the hindquarters when she squeezed off a round a few minutes earlier.

Damn, that woman is a good shot.

Now that the wolf had shown itself, had come out of hiding and into the clearing, the advantage fell to Sephon.


* * *


Serje knew by way of psychic link that his wolf companion had intercepted the hunters as they tried to head him off up ahead. The beast also knew, Serje could tell. After Serje thought about abandoning the old kill spot and taking Tonja to the mines, the Werewolf instantly veered its course, heading for the rock quarry.

With horror, Serje realized that the Werewolf and him were becoming one being, sharing thoughts, decisions, problem solving, emotions and everything. They were merging together. Soon, only the beast would remain. Serje would probably be stuck in the backseat forever.

Or maybe it would be the other way around.

Perhaps the beast would forever be in the back seat and Serje would be the driver. They would still be linked mentally, physically and emotionally but Serje would maintain control.

It was possible. Serje could only hope.

Serje's thoughts continued to drift. He mulled his situation over very carefully. Worse case scenario would be that he was only in control while in human form. Once shape shifted, the beast took over and Serje would be stuck watching the Werewolf spread death and destruction, helpless to stop it. That truly, would be a curse.

Even worse, what if he maintained control during the day, living the life of an average adult but then lost control at night, waking up out in the woods, naked, covered with the blood of an innocent victim, not having any memory of what had transpired.

Serje shivered.

No. He'd rather die.

The Werewolf knew that the wolf companion was locked in a dangerous struggle with one of the hunters and that the others were also altering their course to the mines. Serje thought about changing his course a third time, heading back to the original spot where the rest of the girls had been tortured and killed.

Stipulations within the dark contract maintained that each victim be killed deep within the woods so that the Dark Man could have his prize. The Werewolf had no choice but to continue on, traveling as fast as it could, eagerly anticipating the breaking open of the ripe fruit then feasting on the juice and flesh of the sweet girl.

“Serje?” Tonja asked him weakly.

Serje looked down at the poor girl for the first time they had left her home. She was being dragged behind, the beast had one large hand locked around her waist. Her limbs and face were being scratched and scraped against the icy ground, the frostbit branches and brush they were passing. Her nightgown was ripped and torn. Her hair was a wet mess. She must be freezing.

“Serje?” Tonja said, miserably, “Are you still there?”

“Yeah, I'm still here, weirdo,” He didn't say it aloud. He thought it in his mind.

“It's so good to hear your voice again,” She said. Somehow, Tonja understood him.

What? She could hear his thoughts?

Tonja was trembled from head to toe. She looked half-frozen, probably in the early stages of hypothermia. Her voice was faint, as if on the verge of death, “I miss you, weirdo.”

“I miss you too,” Serje answered her honestly.

“I wish none of this happened. I wish we were back to just being friends. I wish we could ride our bikes together just one more time,” Tonja wept quietly.

Serje realized he had stopped moving. While listening to her, Serje tried to think of good things, maybe taking off the belt and hugging Tonja close to warm her, even for just a few minutes but the thought was rejected. The idea of comforting his suffering friend was so alien to him that he was shocked that even such a thought would enter his mind.

Tonja was his prey. She needed to die tonight just like all the others. All of the affection, all of the love and memories that Serje shared with her weren't nearly enough to change her fate. Looking at her battered scratched face, hearing her sweet words, should have filled him with great sorrow and burdened him with overwhelming guilt. Serje felt nothing.

Tonja was just another victim now and the idea truly frightened him. If Serje could not rouse any sympathy for Tonja to spare her life, to feel guilty after hurting her, then no other human on the planet was safe from his violent side.


* * *


Logan, Jewel and Captain Dragomirov reached the kill site before the lycanthrope did and they readied themselves for its arrival. For some reason, Logan had the feeling that the Werewolf knew they were there and was heading elsewhere. As he was trying to formulate a plan B, he got another phone call from Father Vincent, surprised that he still had a cellular coverage this deep in the woods, “Yeah?”

“Logan there's a display on one of Jewel's computers that I think is an overview shot of the area that you're in but I don't know how to use it,” The priest said miserably.

Logan asked him, “Why are you still calling me on the phone? Why don't you use the radio so all of us can hear you?”

Father Vincent was quiet for a few seconds, then, “Radio?”

Normally Logan would have lost his temper, berated and screamed at anyone else who was so out of touch with technology that they were putting their success at risk but he could never be so disrespectful to the good Father. Instead, he took a deep breath calming himself before he said, “Padre, there is two way headset on the wall next to the monitors. If you put it on and speak into the microphone, you'll be able to speak to and hear all of us.”

“You only call me Padre when you're angry with me, Logan,” Father Vincent said quietly, “I'm trying my best.”

“I know, Father, but you're slowing us down. Did you find the headset?”

“Yes,” Father Vincent's voice came over the headset, “Can you hear me?”

“Yeah,” Jewel answered and began to give Father Vincent direction on how to use the GPS system on her laptop. After a few minutes, the priest got the satellite zoomed in on their position and told them that there was an abandoned quarry not far from them.

“The aberrant has to be heading there,” Logan said, “Let's go.” They rushed through the woods towards the mine.

The wind had picked up, the snow was really starting to come down blanketing everything in white.

Father Vincent said, “There must be cloud cover or something. I lost sight on the monitor. I can only see a big gray blob on the screen.”

“That's okay,” Jewel assured him, “We have the coordinates. We're making good time.”


* * *


Sephon spoke to the spirit wolf, as if it could understand him, “You know, the wolf kachina is known as Kweo to my people. I have a lot of respect for Kweo.”

The wolf growled deep in its chest, its massive silver fur was bristled around its neck. Fangs bared, eyes glowing a murderous red, the wolf showed no signs that it was going to retreat. It circled Sephon warily.

“We used to use Kweo as a side dancer to help guide my people to successfully hunt game and also to guard the rest of the dance to ensure rain.” Sephon stayed low, moving slowly towards the spirit wolf, knife held out in front of him. He was not going to give it a chance at attacking him again. Sephon was now on offense.

The wolf snarled and lowered its ears, head low to the ground. Drool dripped from its fearsome jaws.

“Kweo is a very important to the Hopi, but not you. No, my friend. You are an aberrant. You don't belong here. You were summoned from the Spectral Realm against your will to carry out dark deeds. Since you had no say in the matter, I pity you.”

The wolf suddenly pounced.

Sephon reacted as the wolf lunged forward, snapping at his legs. He kicked his legs out behind him, out of reach and stabbed at the wolf's neck. Instead of dodging, the wolf twisted its head and bit at Sephon's arm as he sank the blade deep. Its fangs tore into Sephon's bicep and once again, pulled him off his feet.

The wolf shook itself trying to dislodge the blade and released Sephon from its teeth.

Sephon yanked the knife out of the wolf as it released him. The wolf was whining in pain from the stab wound. Sephon's arm was a mess. He got to his feet and switched the blade to his good hand. The wolf was wounded badly. Blood ran from its mouth and as it growled, it coughed on the blood running down its throat.

“I'm sorry,” Sephon told the wolf, “I wish I could spare you but you don't belong. Go in peace.” Then he charged.

The wolf charged too and they met in mid-air. The wolf went for Sephon's throat and Sephon plunged the blade into the wolf's chest. Sephon managed to throw his bad arm in front of himself so that the wolf sank its fangs deep into his forearm once again while his blade struck true. The wolf collapsed, twitched on the ground, mewling in pain then fell still. Slowly, as Sephon watched, the wolf slowly faded from existence in the Waking Realm.

The spirit wolf was dead.

Sephon quickly used his magic to heal his bicep and forearm but he had lost too much blood. He was weak, so he sat down and began sipping water from his canteen. The magic should work, healing not only the wound on the surface but also internally, multiplying his blood cells so that he could fully recover. Once again, he was plagued by the knowledge that an hour was required for him to fully heal. Since Sephon didn't have an hour to wait, he slowly stood on shaky legs, making his way back to the main trail to track his companions.

Over the headset, he could hear the conversation between Father Vincent and Jewel. After she assured him that they were heading in the right direction, Jewel asked, “Sephon? Is everything all right?”

He responded into the mic, “Yeah, I'm fine. The spirit wolf is finished. I'm following you to the mine.”

“Thank God, you're okay,” Jewel said, “See you soon.”

Jewel always worried about he and Logan like a mother hen, fussing over them, making sure they were eating healthy, got enough sleep and exercise. Sephon knew that Jewel would make a good mother some day.

Sephon had fallen in love with Jewel when he had broke his ribs on a case in Australia. Not only had she helped him get around to complete the investigation, but she also visited him at his house everyday afterward to help him with his day to day errands while his ribs slowly healed. She was always doing things like that for people. It was one of the things he loved most about her.

Jewel didn't let anyone get too close to her, but she never stopped getting close to others. She was a very compassionate person and would go out of her way to help someone in need, even a stranger. It was just the way she was.

A few years back, Sephon and Jewel started a secret relationship that they kept from Logan. Both of them had been careful and cautious as they dated, taking things slowly. After a few months, they finally slept together.

Jewel was very self-conscious in bed which was a surprise to him. She always carried herself with such confidence and strength that he expected her to be an aggressive lover but no. She was the exact opposite, shy and unsure of herself only wanting to have sex in a missionary position and no others, hesitant toward oral sex both giving and receiving.

Despite being an expert marksman, a master at several forms of martial arts, professional at self defense techniques, an excellent knife thrower, a lock pick, a security specialist and one of the best private investigators he had ever met, Jewel was surprisingly fragile when it came to men.

There had been very few lovers in her past. Jewel had one of the finest bodies that Sephon had ever seen on a woman because she was very lean and petite but still had rather large breasts and a big round butt. Her legs were perfect, her eyes were sultry and he loved the tiny freckles around her nose. Even her husky voice was sexy.

They had decided together that they were finally going to tell Logan about their relationship but were shocked when Logan already knew about it and that he was happy for them. Nothing ever got past Logan.

During their relationship, Sephon constantly assured Jewel that she had a perfect body but she didn't believe him. It took five long years to build her confidence and to super charge their sex life. Finally, she became comfortable with her sexuality and began to enjoy being wanton. Jewel was more aggressive and confident in bed and began to assert herself in her own desires. Just when their love-making was at it's peak, that was when she had decided to end their relationship.

When Jewel had told him she wanted to break up, Sephon had been devastated. Everything was going so perfect for them. They were saving money so that they could be married and buy a house together. They had gone to see several wedding locations. They had decided to buy a small beach house in Corpus Christi. They were getting ready to sign the papers for the house when suddenly Jewel decided they were moving too fast.

Five years of dating and we're moving too fast?

Sephon couldn't disagree more. Jewel also told him she felt like their relationship was affecting their job performance. Sephon brought up the subject when they were all together and Logan said he didn't feel that their job performance suffered in the least. There was no reason to use that as an excuse to end their relationship.

Sephon felt Jewel was giving him excuses to end their relationship because she was scared. She had told him how she distanced people in her life, how she refused to get close to anyone because people died suddenly. Jewel had actually hijacked their future together because she had been afraid of losing him. How could Sephon convince her otherwise? In their line of work, they were exposed to danger on a regular basis. How could he promise her nothing would ever happen to him especially when she had already experienced all of his serious injuries up to that point?

Jewel had lost her parents and her little brother in a car accident. After being adopted by her grandparents, she'd been happy for years until her last year in High School when she came home and found that their home had been burglarized. The thieves had bound her gentle grandparents, robbed then murdered them. Jewel was never the same after finding their bodies.

Sephon had tried to be patient. He tried to talk her out of ruining something that was so special. He fought hard to keep what they had together, but it was no use. Everything he was telling her fell on deaf ears. Jewel was too frightened and too shaken by the prospect of losing him.

The most difficult thing about their breakup was not holding any grudges against her or resenting her for her decision. Sephon simply refused to treat Jewel any differently than he did before they started dating. It was very trying at first but it got easier to do as time went by.

Jewel had broke his heart but Sephon knew about her past which made forgiving her a lot easier for him. He had always held onto the hope that she would see the error of her ways and realize that they were made for one another. He had waited patiently for her. Several years had gone by and he was beginning to lose hope. Maybe, after all of this madness was over, when they finally decided that they had attributed enough of their time to keeping humanity safe from wayward supernaturals, Jewel would accept his love and once again be his. Only time would tell.

Submitted: February 20, 2018

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