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Tuhloon, Russia

March, 2005

Chapter 3: Moonlight


For some unknown reason, at Serje's school, the girls outnumbered the boys nearly three to one. Most of the girls were eager to date anyone willing to ask them. Even with these overwhelming odds in his favor, all through high school, Serje had still somehow managed to remain a bachelor.

His next class went just as well as the first. He got a round of applause in appreciation for his high test scores. Serje was flying with happiness. A very pretty girl named Zhanna asked him for advice on study habits. He spent several minutes chatting with her and even managed to make her laugh a few times. He was floating by lunch time.

During the lunch hour, he got invitations to sit with several different cliques in the cafeteria. He politely declined each one, preferring to eat alone. He needed to reflect on how everything was going and bask in the afterglow of his new popularity.

The garden behind the cafeteria was beautiful, quiet and secluded. Serje sat down on the bench and began to eat. His mind was racing with new possibilities of his newly earned fame. No matter what, Serje told himself, he could not let this new popularity go to his head. He would treat people the same, whether they were more popular than him or not. He would not indulge in the mistreatment of anyone considered lower in status then he. Serje had been a victim of that system himself. He knew how it felt and he refused to treat anyone else that way.

Serje had only taken a few bites of his meat stuffed bun when he saw Merte approaching him. Thankfully, she was alone. There was no entourage or boyfriend tagging along to gang up on him. She stopped about ten feet away and smiled. Normally, he would have felt the urge to run and hide but now he just watched her, unimpressed.

Merte had a lovely smile that included adorable dimples, perfectly straight teeth and a set of luscious lips. She was wearing a tight red leather skirt, red flats and a white blouse. In the garden, with the sunlight cascading down through the trees, standing on the cobblestone trail a midst the green grasses and flowering plants, she looked like a portrait model.

Serje inwardly hoped that his accomplishment had finally impressed her. Could it be that she wanted to apologize to him? He wasn't sure how to react if she did because it was too late for any truce. He had already sold her life to the horrible demon and if he didn't deliver, his own life was forfeit.

After a few seconds, Merte said, “You think some stupid test scores will make up for what you did to me, rat face?”

Serje was taken off guard but only for an instant. Nothing Merte did surprised him anymore. She was a heartless bitch. He sighed, “What exactly did I ever do to you, Merte?”

“You humiliated me in front of everyone.”

Serje stared at her, “How did an innocent letter humiliate you?”

Merte's beautiful features were twisted in anger, “All of my friends read that damn letter. They teased me over it. I hated that Goddamn letter, Freak!”

“Maybe you should get better friends.”

Merte snapped, “Don't try give me advice on popularity, loser.”

Serje took a sip of juice, “I didn't give the letter to all your friends, Merte. It was meant for you. If your friends picked it up and read it, then you should be angry at them, not me.”

Merte's voice was low but filled with anger, “You should have just given it to me instead of carrying it around like a chickenshit. I saw the date that you wrote it. You held onto it for so long that you lost it and let everyone read it. I hate you for that.”

Serje felt a strong determination to make her understand his feelings, “Regardless of what you say, the way you treated me that day and how we've treated me since, is inexcusable. I don't deserve any of this. You say I embarrassed you, which is fine, but it only happened to you one time. You've continuously humiliated me every chance you get! This isn't about retribution and you know it!”

Serje's anger was boiling up. He had always wanted the opportunity to confront her like this but was always too afraid. Years of frustration and his new confidence were emboldening him. Amazingly, he realized this was the first time he had ever held a conversation with Merte, “You were a bitch towards me over one stupid letter and then continued to be cruel every year since. Your hatred towards me was completely overblown. You have no right to treat me so awfully. Who the hell do you think you are?”

Merte put her hands on her hips. She smiled down at him, “I'm the most popular girl in school. I have the most friends, enjoy the most admiration and can date anyone I want. That's who I am, rat face.”

“My name is Serje. Have the decency to call me by my name at least, you heartless bitch.”

Merte glared at him, “That's the second time you've called me a bitch. Do you want to get your ass kicked again? Anton really enjoyed it last time.”

The garden was located behind the cafeteria but it was still in view from within thanks to numerous rows of evenly spaced floor to ceiling windows. The rows were about ten feet apart so that only a small percentage of the eaters inside the cafeteria could see Serje and Merte arguing. Lunch time was so important to Russian students that most of them wouldn't even pay attention to anything other than their meal.

Serje laughed at her, “Get the hell away from me.”

Merte frowned at him oddly, “Don't tell me what to do. You can't tell me anything. I make the rules around here, rat face, not you. You have no idea how much control I have in this school. No idea!”

Serje felt a flush of newly discovered courage, the dark mark on his gloved hand was burning hot, “I don't give a shit what you think and I don't care about your rules. I'm not afraid of you anymore, Merte. You and your friends can all go to hell!”

Her eyes were so strange and wild that it made his skin crawl. She was giving off very strange but powerful vibes like static electricity. Merte's energy was most likely imperceptible to the average person and he was positive that he could feel it because of his heightened senses. Looking at her demeanor and feeling the rampant energy she was releasing, he got the sense that she was distracted, as if something more pressing was weighing on her mind, “Not afraid of me anymore?” She laughed, “You'll be plenty afraid when I'm done with you. You're going to be very sorry.”

Merte was an ugly person. He could see her dainty features were contorted into a mask of cruelty. She was heartless, conscienceless and petty. Her wickedness was very unattractive and for the first time, Serje found himself repulsed by her. He felt ashamed that he had ever fallen for her.

Merte continued to threaten him, “I'm going to crush you under my foot like the garbage you are. You have no idea what you have started. You should have just graduated and left well enough alone. You're trying to be popular and trying to fit in? You make me sick, rat face!”

Serje couldn't wait to see her begging for mercy. He was going to punish her more than she ever thought possible. He smiled at her, “You're wrong, Merte. I'm the one who is going to crush you and your little band of whores. You're going to wish we had never met. After all you've done to me, you deserve everything that's coming to you.”

Merte jammed an angry finger at him, “Shut your damn mouth, Loser! After school today, I suggest you rush home to the slums and lock your fucking doors. Don't you dare come out until tomorrow morning or Anton will kill you.”

Serje chuckled, “You're going to sick your dog on me again?”

“He is going to kill you.”

The emphasis she placed on the word kill, was purposeful. Merte had somehow coerced the oaf Anton to carry out murder for her. Serje couldn't understand how such a privileged girl could be so insane. Merte had money, popularity, beauty, friends, intelligence and political ties. Most people would love to have her life and would use it to benefit those around them, but not Merte. She decided instead to use her privileges to control others and to punish those who didn't conform to her liking. As Serje stared at her with incredulity, he saw that there was white spittle at the corners of her mouth. Her lips were curled back in a snarl and her jaw was clenched tight. He could see every vein on her face and neck.

Serje shook his head in disbelief, “What brought you to this state, Merte? How did you become so cruel and crazy?”

Merte didn't skip a beat, “I made my own path by stamping out the weak and the ugly. Women are whores and men are pigs. I realized this a long time ago and decided to take advantage of it. I use my beauty to advance my future and my dreams.”

Serje wasn't surprised, “You use your beauty?”

“Sex, rat face,” Merte told him, “I let them fuck me so they give me good grades. Most of the teachers here are lonely perverted old men. It's so easy for me to shake my ass at them and get whatever I want. In the end it's all about power isn't it? Having the power to control one's future?”

Serje frowned at her, “You are one sick bitch.”

Merte was speaking rapidly and her eyes were very wide as though she was on the verge of hysteria, “You're just a silly little game to me, rat face. I just want to see how badly you want to win. I want to see if you can survive the next few days or not. You have to be willing to go to the end and risk far more than you realize in order to beat me. Maybe at the end of it all, you can emerge victorious. Wouldn't that be a surprise?”

Serje was at a loss. He couldn't piece together everything she was saying. She wasn't making any sense, “You just tell Anton to stay the hell away from me. He wasn't one of my enemies until you involved him but I won't let him get away if he comes after me again.”

justcoming after you, rat face. He's going after your little girlfriend too.”

Serje sprang to his feet. He was so angry that he could barely resist the urge to put on the wolf belt and then tear her head right off her shoulders. His voice hissed through clenched teeth, “You better pray Anton doesn't touch one hair on Tonja's head!”

Merte took a few steps closer to him, “Anton says she's a nice piece of ass.”

Serje was surprised again, “What the hell?”

Merte nodded at him, “He wants to rape her first, then kill her.”

Serje growled at her, “This is between me and you, Merte. You tell Anton to stay the hell away from her. Tonja has never done anything to you! Keep her out of this!”

Merte scowled, “That little bitch, Tonja, has done plenty to me.”

“You're a fucking liar! She's harmless. What could possibly justify hurting her, you sick bitch? What has she ever done to you?”

Merte's wild expression was still unsettling him. She was as crazy as a rabid dog. He half-expected her to transform into a werewolf any second. “She was born,” Merte stated coldly, “That's enough of a crime for me. The little whore was fucking born.”

Serje was so confused that his anger was slowly seeping out of him leaving only bewilderment. Merte was certifiably insane. Their conversation felt one-sided, as though he was talking to a wall. He was in shock, reeling with different thoughts, trying to piece everything together. The only thing that kept him on track was Tonja getting hurt.

Merte was busy recalling her conversation with Anton. She was looking off to one side, head tilted index finger pressed to her temple. She seemed to be talking to herself more than she was to Serje, “At first I thought Anton agreed because he wanted to impress me. I mean, everyone wants to impress me. Anton is different though.”

“I'll kill that son of a bitch before he can touch her,” Serje warned her, “You tell Anton to stay away from Tonja! I'm warning you, Merte, I'll kill him!”

Merte was smiling insanely. She was still speaking more to herself, “Anton really wants Tonja. He's wanted her for a long time now. To be honest, I think he wants her more than he ever wanted me. He's going to give it to her good and she deserves every second of it.”

“You talk to him right now and tell him to leave her alone!”

Merte's grin was sickening as she once again regarded Serje, “He was so excited to carry out my plan that I couldn't stop him now even if I tried.”

Serje was seconds away from striking her, “You think you can just threaten my best friend and get away with it?”

Merte laughed, “Yes.” She turned and calmly walked out of the garden.

You miserable bitch!

His piroshki had fallen out of his lap, the warm buns separated from the meat that was inside making a greasy mess on the lush grass. The red meat sauce looked like blood.

Serje didn't care about his lunch anymore. He had to stop Anton. He considered waiting until nightfall but it might be too late by then. Tonja could be attacked at anytime.

Serje was indecisive because he couldn't risk transformation within the school in broad daylight and attacking him after school was just as conspicuous. He didn't know where Anton lived or how he got home. Perhaps he could follow him and kill him at his house.

No. It was too risky. Even though he hated the very thought, he was going to have to wait until nightfall. Merte and her bitch entourage was going to have to wait, Anton had to die first.


* * *


Anton Golovkin awoke just before midnight. He had gone to bed early because he had a play date with Tonja. He stared at the ceiling for a few moments, thinking about her beautiful face, creamy thighs, round ass and perky tits. He shuddered with anticipation.

It was time to play.

He sprang out of bed, eager to get his hands on her.

The plan was to break into her bedroom, force her at knife point into the trunk of his car. He would then drive her to a private location around the brown coal mines, beat her, rape her as many times as he could, then kill her. He would burn her remains then bury what was left.

Bare chested, Anton flexed his muscles in the full length mirror next to the closet.

He was very proud of his buff physique. Anton worked out with weights everyday and kept track of his calorie intake. The result was lots of muscle with very little fat on his body. He was used to having his way with girls, got plenty of sex from them but he liked taking it from them better. Regular sex had become boring to him. Anton liked being rough, hurting the girls during sex, punishing them, making them cry out in pain, hearing them beg for him to be more gentle.

Anton hummed happily to himself as his slipped into a tight black sweater, snug black slacks and black rubber soled shoes. He would also pull on a ski mask and leather gloves, once he got to her house. From under his bed, he withdrew a large hunting knife, taking a few seconds to admire it. It was a scary looking weapon. Tonja was going to faint when she saw it.

There would be no more fantasizing. Tonight, Anton would carry out the real thing. Instead of just imagining raping and humiliating a girl, he was actually going to do it.

Tonja was fifteen but she was built like a grown woman. Her hips, legs, ass and breasts were ripe and ready for harvest. Anton had taken notice of her right away, being instantly drawn to her beauty and innocence. After he forced himself on her, Tonja would lose both her dignity and her virginity in a sweeping torrent of pain, suffering and humiliation.

Anton sprouted a fierce erection thinking about how he was going brutalize her.

He had been very fortunate to meet Merte. She was a perverted sex partner that was always available to feed his lust and need for angry assertion during copulation. He appreciated her effort but it was no use. No matter how rough and mistreating she let him get during sex, Anton did not get total sexual gratification. He wanted to try the real thing.

Anton had read somewhere that rape wasn't about sex but power. That may have applied to the majority of rapist but not to him. To Anton, it was all about the sex. He could achieve five orgasms during a faux rape all within a few minutes of each other. Normal sex could not compare.

Anton slipped out of his bedroom window as silent as a shadow.

Although he was still in grade 11, Anton was nineteen years old. He had been held back two years. His failure at graduating from high school wasn't a result of his study habits or his intelligence. Anton didn't want to leave high school because he was always on the prowl for new victims. The campus was like a menu with fresh, young and perky girls ready for the taking.

His decision to be held back paid off because at Tuhloon High, he was able to find Merte. His cravings were kept at bay because of her wanton availability. He might be in prison if she hadn't taken the edge off of his violent sexual needs.

Also, he had found Tonja.

Anton got into his car and drove to the other side of town where his play date was unknowingly waiting for him. He played the music loud, singing along happily as the streets went by. The night was his. After tonight he could go back to his placation with Merte, hopefully keeping his murderous urges at bay for another several months.

Anton's thoughts drifted to Tonja again. She had a perfect body, but was careful to dress conservatively, to not show it off. Her smile was lovely, her skin flawless and her hair was gorgeous. Anton couldn't wait to taste her tears, to witness her degradation and to inflict punishment on her. He couldn't wait to steal away her hopes, her virginity and her life.

Anton was more excited than he could remember. He wondered if Tonja slept in the nude or if she wore sexy underwear to bed. His hormones were raging.

It was around 12:30 AM when Anton reached Tonja's neighborhood. A few blocks from her house, he switched off his headlights and slowly drove the rest of the way as quietly as he could. He parked in next door neighbor's driveway because he knew that family was away on vacation. He pulled on the leather gloves and a black ski mask.

Anton was imaging her sweet screams of pain. He could hardly wait.

Merte had already laid out the entire plan for him. Anton headed straight for the side gate that led around into the backyard. The security camera on that side of the house wasn't working and Tonja's bedroom window was unlocked so he was going to have an easy time getting in. The trick was to make sure Tonja didn't alert her parents with a scream. If he had to knock her unconscious and physically carry her out to his car, he would.

Anton carefully pushed through the side gate of the house and crept past the trash cans silently. There was stacked firewood, several untrimmed saplings and an old coal chute there as well. He was able to get through the narrow walkway without making a sound. Tonja's window was within sight. He felt a rush of adrenaline.

When he was younger, his fantasies for sex were fueled by the excitement of spying on unsuspecting girls. It all started with an attractive middle-aged woman who lived next door to him. Her name was Mrs. Rusnak. He was in his bedroom one day and just happened to look out into the neighbor's backyard.

Mrs. Rusnak was seated in a lounge chair in the sun, tanning herself. She had a very shapely body that was accentuated by the two piece bathing suit. She was facing away from his window so Anton could only catch glimpses of her but he was still exhilarated being able to watch Mrs. Rusnak without her knowledge. Soon, he was creeping into her backyard at night, spying on her through the tiniest gaps in her curtains. Several times he caught a glimpse of her partially dressed but only once did her see her completely naked. His peeping habits grew to such an extent that soon, he was out all night spying on several different victims in the neighborhood.

Sometimes those days seemed so long ago. Anton wondered what his life would be like if he had just stayed a peeping tom. The perversion of his actions slowly stopped being enough. He needed more and more hardcore action to satisfy himself. The progression was swift and extreme. Peeping led to stalking. Stalking led to fantasies of rape. Rape would inevitably lead to murder.

Now, several years later, Anton was filled by that same perverse excitement he felt on the day he first spied on Mrs. Rusnak. He was gripped with lust as he peeked into Tonja's bedroom window. Her bedroom lights were off. Tonja was probably asleep.

Anton's heart was racing with anticipation.

There came a sudden noise off in the distance; the awful sound of breaking glass, bending metal and cracking of fiberglass. It wasn't a very loud noise but in the dead of night it was very distinct. His car? Curious, Anton retreated from Tonja's window and came back to the front of the house.

Nothing seemed out of place at first until he heard a hissing noise.

His car had been demolished.

Anton was stunned.

Coolant was hissing and bubbling up, steaming from the crushed hood. The top of the car had been crushed downward flat so that all of the windows shattered. It looked like all four tires had blown out and the axles were broken so that the frame was nearly resting on the pavement.

His car looked like a giant weight had been dropped on it.

Anton was in disbelief at what he was seeing. His emotions jumped from being shocked, then to anger, onto suspicion then fear. He looked around nervously, wondering how this could have happened. Since it was so late at night, he was surprised that no porch lights came on. He didn't hear any doors or windows opening either. The street was quiet.

Cautiously, Anton approached his ruined vehicle. The streetlights were bright enough for him to see the wreckage. From the look of the damage, tremendous downward force was pressed down on both the hood and roof causing both of them to collapse. He could see two circular dents that were deeper than the overall damage, one on the hood and another on the roof. The deeper dents were about 12 inches in diameter. He used his cellphone display to illuminate the dent on the roof, leaning over it to see it better. His hairs stood on end when he recognized the indentation of four fingers and a thumb in the metal. Something had pressed down on top of the car with its open palm.

Panicked, Anton looked around frantically. His mind went through a limited index of creatures that possessed enough strength to cause this sort of damage to a car with it's bare hands. A silver back gorilla perhaps? Had a large male escaped from the zoo? His stomach twisted in knots at the thought of encountering an angry alpha gorilla.

But why had the beast only destroyed his car and not any others? Was he being targeted? Impossible.

Anton's first instincts were to flee the area, to get away from here as fast as possible except that his conveyance had been destroyed.

He was trapped.

With his vehicle ruined, Anton had no way to escape except on foot. Although the quiet street was fairly illuminated, there were thick overgrown shrubs, evergreen trees, closely parked cars, concealed driveways and plenty of other places for an animal to await him in ambush.

He had never felt such fear. Butterflies were fluttering in his stomach.

Anton drew his hunting knife which was the only weapon he had. He wished he had packed his gun as well, before leaving his home. He wasn't optimistic about how good of a defense the knife was. The weapon was perfect for hand to hand fighting unless the opponent was a 350 pound gorilla.

Anton's legs were rubbery as he started down the street.

He walked about half a block, right down the center of the street where he had the best vantage. To his dismay, a thin fog began to blow in, further concealing the possible hiding places that were all around him. Anton couldn't believe his misfortune. He considered backtracking then knocking on Tonja's door. He could then lie to her parents that his car broke down and use their phone. Hopefully, his own father wasn't too drunk to give him a ride home.

Throwing himself on the mercy of Tonja's parents was his best bet. Although they might be suspicious, Tonja's parents were hospitable and would definitely allow him to use their phone to call for a ride. Anton was willing to take the chance. He would risk anything that would keep him from walking the gauntlet of the terrifying street.

Taking a last look around, Anton turned back toward Tonja's house then froze.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Surely his mind was playing tricks on him.

Anton saw a large man crouched in the street between him and Tonja's house.

Except it wasn't a man.

Sadly, it wasn't a gorilla either.

Long, wide ears pointed outward and up from the head. A long snout stuck out from the face and the thing was covered in silver or white fur. The shoulders were massive like a gorilla's except the body was more slender. The arms were long and very muscled. The legs were bunched underneath it's body as though it was preparing to spring at him.

For a split second, Anton thought it was someone in a costume but he quickly concluded that his car had not been destroyed by anyone playing dress up.

The fog and darkness kept him from getting a clearer look at the thing but he didn't need to see anything further. The slight details that he could make out were plenty. Anton felt his hairs standing on end as he took a step backward.

Incredibly, Anton began praying silently to himself. He did not know God, and had definitely never spent time in worship, but now seemed a good time to ask for mercy.

Against this dangerous predator, the large knife in Anton's grip felt like as useless as a butter knife.

The crouched thing let out an ugly deep rumbling growl which sent Anton into a full panicked retreat. He turned away and ran like he never had before, screaming like a banshee. For some reason, he kept yelling, “No, no, no!” Over and over again as if the beast was domesticated and would obey verbal commands.

Anton fled, expecting to feel claws and teeth to sink into his back at any second. When no attack came, he began to believe that he could escape. Maybe the thing was just as scared of him as he was of it. Anton tried convincing himself that, as he screamed and ran, the beast had also taken the opportunity to flee the scene.

Just when he began to feel a little hope, it all came to a sudden halt.

Anton felt himself being lifted off the ground from behind. He was still screaming and the next thing he knew, he was being carried to a tree and rammed into the trunk. The force with which he was thrust into the trunk was so powerful that he lost control over his body after the first impact. Anton felt pain all over his body, hearing his own bones snap. He was pulled away from the tree, still completely held off the ground and rammed into the trunk again, head first. Anton forgot all about Tonja, Merte and his fear as he succumbed to endless darkness.


* * *


Raisa Isayev woke up suddenly in her bedroom for no apparent reason. She was on her side still half-asleep and pulled her comforter up over her shoulder. Her room was freezing.

She was about to close her eyes again but instead looked around. Her bedroom was normally very dark but she could see a source of illumination coming from her window. Confused, Raisa sat up and strained to see in the darkness, her head was still heavy from slumber.

She could barely see the outline of the window and noticed that her flimsy white curtains were moving. A cold current of air was coming in, moving the fabric in a hypnotic manner. Raisa's face was like ice. Her teeth chattered as she shivered.

Raisa would never leave her window open in such a way especially when it was so cold outside.

She cursed, irritated about having to get out of her warm bed to close the window.

There was a thick pull down shade that Raisa always drew at night. The flimsy curtains were diaphanous and anyone passing by on the street behind her house would be able to see into her bedroom without it. The shade provided privacy but also blocked out all outside light sources, keeping her room very dark while she slept.

Since her room wasn't completely dark, the shade also had to be up.

Raisa felt a stab of fear. She would never leave the shade open. Never. Her window had been securely locked, the shade drawn and her curtains closed.

The curtains lazily rustled in the night breeze.

Raisa threw off the blankets and hung her legs over the bed, watching the window with trepidation. She tried to remember if she had forgotten about the window before she went to sleep. Raisa had read a book, relaxing on her bed for about a half hour before retiring. She clearly remembered double checking the window before drifting off.

Had one of her parents entered her room and opened the window? It was possible except that she always locked her bedroom door. Either of her parents would have had to knock and wake Raisa up to get into her room. Looking at her bedroom door, she could see that the deadbolt latch was still in the locked position.

Raisa had begged her parents for the sturdy lock on her door. They had resisted at first but were finally browbeat by her insistence. She wanted to be able to sneak boys into her bedroom without her parent's knowledge. The lock afforded her plenty of privacy.

The unexplained breach was so disturbing to her that Raisa considered waking up her dad and alerting him to the open window, but decided against it.

Her night gown was flannel but she could still feel the cold air blowing in from outside. Raisa stepped off her bed, still anxious. There was something very wrong.

She started to move toward the window. Regardless of how freaked out she was, the freezing cold air that was blowing freely into her room had to be blocked off. Raisa had to close the window no matter what or she would freeze all night.

Her bare footfalls were silent on the cold plush carpet.

Raisa was halfway to the window.

Another possibility came to mind. Perhaps she had walked in her sleep and had unknowingly opened the shade and the window. Raisa tried to recall her dreams. Had she dreamed about opening any doors or windows? She couldn't remember but at least her sleepwalking was a possible explanation.

Raisa stayed a few feet from the partially open window, looking through it to see out into the dark yard. The moon was very faint but she could see the high grass and the wooden fence fifty feet away from the house. At the back of the property was a old wooded shack where they stored tools.

Raisa could feel an eerie sensation coursing through her, as if her life was in danger.

The air blowing in was freezing. Raisa shivered partially from being cold but also from being spooked. She wasn't sure why she would be so frightened of an open window, unless someone had gotten into the house, but her bedroom was obviously devoid of any trespassers. She felt silly that she was so frightened by the window. She sighed irritably and decided to just close the damn window quickly, like ripping off a band aid.

Raisa went to the window reaching for the sash.

She saw a flash of movement and jumped in fright.

Something reached in through the window and seized her by the wrists. She screamed in terror as she looked down below the ledge and saw a large shadowy form. The hands that gripped her were massive and covered with silvery fur. She screamed again and tried to pull away from her attacker. Instead, she was jerked off her feet and pulled forward.

Her face made contact with the wooden sash of the window. The impact busted her nose and split her lips open. Raisa was dazed and fell limply beneath the sill on the carpet. Her arms were still within the creature's grasp.

She screamed out in pain and fear, “Daddy! Daddy help me!”

Raisa felt another powerful tug on both her arms and she was pulled upward and into the wooden sash again. This time she hit it with the top of her head and she heard the glass break. Large shards shattered on the sill, cutting her bare arms.

She could hear her father calling to her. He was pounding on her bedroom door. The deadbolt held. Raisa regretted insisting that such a strong lock be placed on her door.

The monster pulled her against the sash again and she rammed into it face first. She felt intense pain all over and cried out for her father as she fell limply on the sill again. Her eyes were watering. Blood poured from her broken face.

Her father was trying to break her bedroom door down.

The beast pulled on her arms again but this time she was pulled all the way through the open window and against its furry body. She was only half conscious but she could tell it was carrying her swiftly across her yard and past the street. Trees soon passed by, it was taking her deep into the woods to kill her. She knew.

Raisa must have passed out because she suddenly awoke cold, wet and frightened. She was lying in a clearing in the forest. Terrified, she looked all around her for any signs of the ferocious beast that had dragged her here. The beast had either left or it was hiding nearby out of sight.

Raisa slowly got to her feet. Her face and head were pounding with pain.

The flannel gown was hardly enough to keep her warm and now she was wet, probably from being dragged through the damp forest. Her teeth chattered as she looked around, trying to locate a trail or maybe a light in the distance to give her a direction to go. The darkness was complete because the trees were blotting out the faint moonlight.

“You're the one that first starting calling me rat face,” Serje said to her suddenly.

Raisa screamed in surprise at the sound of his voice.

Serje was sitting on a tree stump looking at her. He was naked from the waist up, wearing only dark blue sweat pants. He was barefoot like she was. She could barely make out his form in the dimness, but it was undoubtedly Serje. What the hell was the little freak doing out here? She stared at him angrily for a few seconds then calmed herself and slowly approached him. Trembling from the bitter cold, her voice was wavering. Raisa said, “There's a monster on the loose. Serje. I know you hate me, but I think we should work together. We're both in danger. Please tell me you know how to get us home.”

His expression and demeanor never wavered. His eyes were cold and his voice was angry, “You used to stab me with sewing needle every chance you got. I could tell you thought it was the funniest thing every time you made me bleed.”

Raisa hated the way she was rambling, but she was cold and scared. She didn't have time for a heart to heart talk. Terror and the possibility of freezing to death were fueling her survival instincts, “We can talk about all that later, Serje.” She moved closer to him, still trying to be as quiet as possible. Raisa gently grabbed both his hands with hers. His touch were very warm. Raisa whispered, “For now, please understand, there's a monster on the loose! It stole me from my house and brought me out here. We're both in danger!”

Serje told her, “You would just walk by my desk and jab the needle into me wherever and whenever you wanted. Sometimes you'd stab me so hard that I would bleed for hours.”

He still wasn't listening. Raisa tried to reason with him, “Serje, please listen to me.”

He shook his head, “No, you listen to me. I put up with your bullshit for three years! You can afford to give me a few minutes to vent. You owe me that much at least!”

Raisa looked around her at the foreboding dark forest. She was dreaming. She had to be. This was all just one big long nightmare.

When she looked back at Serje, she saw that he was admiring her body which irritated her. Raisa glanced down and saw that her flannel gown was torn exposing some of her skin. Where it wasn't ripped, the damp fabric was clinging to her like a second skin. Her curves and nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy fabric.

Raisa released his hands and took a few steps away from him. Perhaps it wasn't a monster who had kidnapped her. In her panic, she may have imagined the large furry hands. Maybe Serje had recruited some help. He and his friends had stolen her away. The little shit was trying to get revenge on her? What a fucking loser.

Serje licked his lips, “Out of all the girls in Merte's entourage, I always felt you were the prettiest. Your beauty is second only to Merte's, did you know that?”

Raisa's first reaction was to lose her temper. This little pissant should be on his knees begging to help her, not giving her a guilt trip or trying to confess a childish crush. He was acting very strangely as if he was in complete control of the situation.

The bitter cold was freezing her to the bone. Raisa shivered violently realizing that this was too real to be a dream. This was unfortunate because she was hoping to wake up any minute now. Instead, she'd have to endure this hellish reality.

Serje was staring at her expecting her to respond. Raisa needed his help so she decided to play nice but she couldn't help being suspicious of him. In fact, she wondered what he was doing out here in the first place. Just what the hell was he up to? She had been dragged here against her will. What was he doing out in the woods in the middle of the night?

As angry as she was, Raisa decided to be sweet to him. She'd get further by manipulating him with her female charms than she would reacting with anger. If he wanted sex of any kind, she'd be willing to provide it so long as he took her home afterward. Raisa used sex to get what she wanted on a regular basis. Serje was no exception. Even though she was no doubt bloodied and battered, she gave him her sexiest smile, “That's so sweet of you to say, Serje.”

“Why do you hang out with Merte?”

Raisa got close to him again, and ran her hand casually through his hair. Shrugging she said, “Merte has her strong points, like the way she keeps people in line and always getting what she wants. I never wanted to prick you with the needle. That was all Merte's idea. I didn't really have a choice in the matter.”

Serje didn't seem convinced, “Merte pulled your puppet strings and you just did what she wanted?”

Raisa nodded apologetically, “Something like that.” She edged closer, sliding her hands over the bare skin of his shoulders. His skin was very hot to the touch. “You're skin is so warm.”

Serje grinned confidently at her, “What can I say? I'm hot-blooded.”

Raisa giggled falsely, pressing herself against him. She could feel his heat through her damp clothing. Now, she had two reasons to seduce him: warmth and freedom. She let her hands snake further along his body wrapping him up in a warm embrace. His head rested between her breasts. She felt his hands sliding up along her thighs to get a firm grip on her ass. Smiling that she was successfully manipulating him, Raisa said, “Serje, I know you won't believe me when I tell you this, but I've always found you attractive. I didn't think you deserved to be mistreated, but Merte would never allow any of us to be nice or show any kindness toward you.”

Serje looked up at her with a sneer on his face, “So you were too stupid to make your own decisions as to what was right and what was wrong? You needed that bitch's permission to be a decent person?”

The fucking nerve of this little creep! Raisa fought to stay as pleasant as she could, “I admit that I treated you horribly, Serje. I'm sorry for that. Can you ever forgive me?”

Serje wasn't going to drop the subject so easily, “If you knew it was so horrible, why did you continue to do it? You think saying sorry is enough after years of mistreatment?”

Raisa kept herself pressed against him because he was warming her up. She took his face in both hands, looking him in the eye, “You don't know Merte like I do, Serje. You never want to upset her or disappoint her or she'll make you regret it. You're not the only one she's been cruel to.”

Serje's face was impassive, “Do you have any idea what you put me through?”

Raisa felt her eyes brimming with sincere tears, “No, Serje. I can't even imagine what you went through.”

He was angry again. He grabbed her wrists and held them away from his skin. He stood up, “Do you know how many times I cried over this shit? I started to break out in hives and had to get medication for stomach ulcers. I've had nightmares nearly every night and had to duck around school like a damn criminal. I did everything I could to stay out of your way and still you punished me!”

“It's all Merte's fault, Serje. She's the one who is doing all these bad things to you,” Raisa had always been just as tall as Serje was and probably weighed about the same but now he seemed larger than her. Had he grown a few inches? She felt that she might be able to overpower him but when she tried to twist out of his grip, she was amazed at how strong he was.

How he managed to pull her out the window and carry her out this far was a mystery. Maybe he used his dirt bike. She remembered seeing him on a motorcycle a few times. Fearfully, Raisa backed away but couldn't break out of his hold no matter how hard she tried.

Serje held both her wrists with one hand. She struggled, unable to free herself from his monstrous grip. She pleaded with him, “I know it sounds phony but Merte really was the mastermind, Serje. She put you through hell just because she thinks its funny. She enjoys making people suffer.”

“You're a liar!” Serje squeezed her wrists together painfully in his hand, “I saw the look on your face, Raisa. You enjoyed every minute of my suffering too!”

She shook her head no, “Please don't hurt me, Serje. I'll do whatever you want. I'm willing to pay for my mistreatment of you, just promise you'll let me go afterward.”

Serje's eyes were hateful and there was a frightening strength flowing from him, as though he had a rush of adrenaline in his veins. He spoke deliberately, “I'm going to make you bleed so that you can feel what I felt. You can suffer the way I suffered.”

Raisa screamed for help and struggled to escape.

With one hand he reached down to his waist. Raisa thought he was going to pull down his sweat pants which gave her hope. If all he wanted was sex, she'd probably survive and afterward, she'd have his ass arrested for rape. Unfortunately for Raisa, Serje didn't drop his pants.

He cinched an ugly furry strap around his waist. She almost stopped screaming in awe because Serje changed before her eyes. His whole body shifted into the form of the huge nightmarish furry beast that had pulled her out of the bedroom window.

Raisa's shrill screams of agony continued long into the night.

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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