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Tuhloon, Russia

March, 2005

Chapter 4: The Wolf


The following day at school, Merte, Raisa and Anton were absent. There were rumors going around the entire campus that Anton was killed in a horrible automobile accident and that Raisa had run away from home. There was even speculation that perhaps Anton and Raisa split town together. Only Serje knew the truth.

Raisa's punishment had proven to be far sweeter than he ever could have fantasized. Serje had vivid recollections of her sensuous suffering. He remembered the fresh scent of her hair, the softness of her naked skin, the sweet aroma of her blood and her pathetic begging that eventually led to her abject groveling.

Remembering how Raisa had laughed as she jabbed a sharp needle into his hand, shoulder or arm at school when he least expected it, Serje had jabbed her numerous times with one of his vicious claws. Poking small holes into her flesh, one at a time, caused her great pain. Listening to her scream and watching her bleed was rewarding. At last, he felt vindicated. As her blood would pool up on her skin, he lapped it off her nakedness with his long wolf tongue adding to her terror, suffering and humiliation.

Serje only wished Raisa would have endured her punishment longer. He had been too eager to hurt her, too excited to pace himself with her torturing. He had seriously damaged her much too early and she had perished just as he was getting started. Serje sighed, but wasn't too worried about it. He'd have plenty of chances to practice torture techniques before finally going after Merte.

After his bestial urges took over, Serje had felt the craving to feed upon Raisa's flesh. At first, he was reluctant but her blood had tasted so delicious, he took a tentative bite. He could only compare feeding on Raisa to devouring a succulent watermelon, even greedily gulping the sweet juice as it flowed forth in his mouth. Raisa had tasted surprisingly delicious.

Serje walked to his first class, his mind was flashing visions of the carnal torture he had performed on Raisa. He had thoroughly enjoyed himself and was anxious for the next victim. Lost in thought, he didn't hear Tonja until she tapped him on the shoulder, “Serje! Are you even listening to me?”

She was interrupting his sweet memories. Serje inadvertently sounded impatient, “What?”

Tonja sighed, “I said, can you believe what happened last night? Raisa ran away from home. They haven't found her yet and Anton lost control of his car and crashed. They found the wreck at the bottom of a ravine. He was killed on impact.”

Serje could still hear Raisa's sweet cries for mercy so he let his true thoughts slip out unintentionally, “Anton was probably driving like a dick when he lost control.”

Tonja frowned at him, “Anton's dead, Serje. I know he was an asshole but he didn't deserve to die. Could you at least show a little compassion?”

Tonja had no idea what Anton had planned to do to her, but Serje reminded himself that he should at least act as if he cared, “You're right, Weirdo. Sorry.”

She walked beside him quietly for a few moments, “Dinner was great. I had a lot of fun last night.”

Serje walked along, his mind still alive with thoughts and memories of Raisa.

Tonja tried again, “Your grandfather makes the best borscht, hands down. That's my favorite meal anytime I go to your house for dinner.”

Serje nodded absentmindedly.

Tonja told him, “I wish my grandpa was as nice as yours is.”


Tonja gently grabbed his arm so that he looked at her, “Serje, what is wrong with you? You're acting very strangely.”

Serje grinned without a care in the world, “Am I?”

“You're distracted or something.”

He sighed, “You're going to grill me again?”

Tonja looked him over for a few moments then, “No.”

“Then drop it.”

Tonja was very concerned, “Drop what?”

“All the questions.”

Tonja was wearing a look he had never seen on her before. Were her feelings hurt or something? She said, “Do you at least want to talk about it?”

If you don't mind, I'd like to get to my class so I can study.”

She gave him a weak smile and relented, “Okay. I'll see you later.”

“See ya.”

As he walked to his first class, Serje became aware that everything in the school felt different now. Without Merte there to torment him, he was completely fearless; he felt he could soon be running the entire student body. He passed by the main hall and noticed the rest of Merte's entourage crowding around each other in a huddle. The three remaining girls seemed nervous and concerned without their leader, speaking close together in hushed urgent tones. There was one bitch dead and four more to go. Serje could hardly wait. Each of them was going to pay dearly. They would each suffer much worse than Raisa did.

Throughout the day, other students were still hailing him, waving at him and smiling. His day progressively got better especially when, at the beginning of his third class, the beautiful Zhanna hinted around that she wanted to eat lunch with him. He happily invited her to join him in the garden so that they could eat together.

Class began and the teacher was lecturing them about Russian history. Serje was having a little trouble staying awake since his late night activities had robbed him of normal sleep. He was also having problems letting go of the cherished memories of sweet Raisa.

Serje became aware that the teacher's speech seemed to slow down to a snail's pace. Serje was instantly alarmed. To him, the teacher sounded as though his voice was much deeper and every word was being drawn out much longer then normal. The teacher was even moving in slow motion as he wrote up on the chalkboard.

Serje looked around curiously at the rest of the class. All the other students seemed to be slowed as well. A blond kid was slowly reaching for his backpack. A girl was whispering to her friend, another girl was nervously tapping her pencil against her hand and one boy was tossing a paper ball at another boy. Each one of them was moving in slow motion.

Serje looked at the classroom clock. The second hand was straying, taking about three times longer to tick than normal. All background noises within the classroom were distorted as well. Every sound he could hear was deeper and more hollow.

What the hell was going on?

A large silver wolf trotted into the classroom through the open door.

Serje froze, staring at the beast with wide eyes.

The silver wolf was huge and it was moving at a normal pace, unlike everyone else. The teacher's back was to the class as he wrote up on the chalkboard. He couldn't see what had just entered the classroom behind him.

The wolf was trotting casually but within a fraction of a second, it was within attacking distance to his oblivious and vulnerable teacher.

“Look out!” Serje yelled. As he sat upright in his seat alarmed and called out the warning, time seemed to return to normal. Everyone in class stared at him at first but then began to laugh lightly. The teacher quieted them down, then turned his attention to Serje, “Something wrong, Mr. Niko?”

The wolf sniffed around the teachers desk in plain view of the class. No one else reacted to the large beast. Serje reasoned that he was the only one that could see it. Embarrassed, he stammered, “No. Sorry.”

The wolf was easily twice the size of a regular specimen. It had thick silver fur and large yellow eyes. The paws were enormous as it trotted over to Serje's desk staring at him. The animal was only five feet away.

Again, Serje looked around the classroom but saw that no one else was reacting to the large canine. The wolf's gaze was so intent that Serje knew that it wanted something from him. Was it hungry? Did the wolf want him to follow it? Was it going to attack him?

As his mind raced for answers, the wolf padded closer and laid down on the floor in the aisle beside Serje's desk. Even lying down, it looked more like a polar bear than a wolf since it was so large and heavy. It's thick tail knocked over a boy's backpack who sat across the aisle. The boy was paying attention to the teacher so he groped under his desk to right the backpack.

As the boy felt around near it, the wolf let out an awful snarl and snapped its massive jaws at the boy's outstretched arm.

Serje held his breath, hair standing on end.

The wolf's jaws snapped shut just as the boy straightened the backpack out and withdrew his hand, the long fangs were a hairsbreadth away from flesh.

Serje let out a sigh of relief.

Although invisible to the class, the wolf was able to interact with the environment. If the animal had bitten the kid, it would have inflicted a nasty, unexplained wound. It was an invisible predator with plenty of prey easily within reach.

The wolf was still growling low but made no attempt to attack.

Serje was frightened but he reached out his hand toward the silver flank of the canine. The wolf jerked it's attention toward him. Serje withdrew his hand quickly then he regained some of his confidence because the wolf stopped growling. He reached again and was relieved when his fingers felt the thick coat of the hindquarters without the wolf biting them off. The wolf's skin twitched and jumped under his fingertips. Although it allowed the contact, the animal didn't care for it.

“Are you okay, Mr. Niko?” The teacher asked. Since no one else could see the wolf, to everyone else, Serje realized it looked as if he was reaching his hand into open air in the middle of the empty aisle like a buffoon. He righted himself as more of his classmates giggled at his antics.

“Yes. I was daydreaming. Sorry.”

Lunch time came and Serje watched the wolf as it followed him to the cafeteria. It expertly navigated the busy hall along the way, avoiding the flow of students. Serje entered the garden and the wolf trotted ahead of him, sniffing around the lovely landscape.


He turned, surprised to see the lovely Zhanna holding a lunch tray, standing at the entrance of the garden.

She smiled at him nervously, “Did you forget about me?”

“I'm so sorry,” He admitted, “I'm not myself today.”

She was still smiling, “That's all right. I've had off days myself.”

“I usually sit over here on this bench to eat my lunch.”

The wolf was on the other side of the garden but it still stared at Zhanna coldly.

Serje prayed that the animal would ignore them.

While they ate, Zhanna smiled a lot and laughed at everything he said whether it was funny or not. She was beautiful, not quite as lovely as Merte, but close. She had long dark hair, long dark lashes and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She was very busty, he couldn't help but notice, and as tall as he was. Normally, a pretty girl like Zhanna would be way out of Serje's league but since he had accomplished such an esteemed academic feat, he had captured the hearts and minds of his peers. His “hot factor” had jumped up considerably to the girls.

The wolf yawned and stretched out for a nap on the cool grass.

“I can't believe Anton's dead,” Zhanna said unexpectedly.

Serje nodded, “Yeah.”

“He was a slimy creep but he didn't deserve to die so young.”

Serje was surprised, “You thought he was a creep?”

Zhanna nodded then smiled shyly, “He was a total perv.”

Serje was engrossed by what she was saying, “Really?”

Zhanna nodded, “Yeah. I mean, guys look at girls and girls check out guys, that's normal. Anton didn't just look though. He would openly stare, practically undressing girls with his eyes. When he ogled me, I could tell he was imagining all sorts of perverted things about me. He made me sick.”

“I had no idea he gave you the creeps.”

Zhanna asked him shyly, “Do you think it's wrong for me to talk bad about him even though he's dead?”

He shook his head, “No.”

Zhanna was serious, “You don't think I'm a bad person for saying any of this?”

Serje assured her, “Look, Anton was a dick. You don't have to worry about holding back with me. I hated the bastard.”

She gave a nervous laugh and finished her lunch. They talked about incidental things, finishing their drinks. “This was fun,” Zhanna told him.

“I come out here everyday to eat if you want to join me tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to me.” She stood, gave him a little wave and a big smile, “See you tomorrow.” She left the garden.

He watched the wolf closely. The animal had raised it's head as Zhanna left then it looked over at Serje. They were alone in the garden.

“What do you want?” Serje asked it.

The wolf stared at him.

“I don't want you following me around anymore.”

The animal yawned.

“You're going to cause me trouble. Go back to wherever you came from.”

The wolf stretched lazily then settled back down. It licked its chops as Serje finished his lunch.



* * *


Sofia Vanzin was studying in the kitchen of her two story home on the outskirts of Tuhloon.

It had been a temperate day but as the sun fell, a chilly wind had swept across the town dragging away the blue and replacing it with a gray overcast sky. She could see the sinking sun from the kitchen window and it looked like a dull orange ball wrapped in dark cotton.

Her father drove a truck long haul and was gone for days at a time. Both her mother and older sister worked at a restaurant in town and wouldn't be home until later. For now, Sofia had the entire home to herself.

Sofia's father was also an amateur woodworker and had began to renovate the inside of their home with lumber siding. The raw plied walls gave the interior of the house a bright cabin-like appearance as opposed to the old dull drywall. The home was immaculate, everyone pitched in to keep the home tidy. Sofia had some dishes to wash after she was done with her school work.

The phone rang, Sofia answered it then happily flung herself on the couch deeply involved in a conversation with one of her many girlfriends at school. She only meant to stay on the phone a few minutes but she talked a lot longer than planned. The sun was gone by the time her phone call was over.

It was 8:30 pm. Her mother would be home in less than two hours. Sofia had at least an hour of studying left to do and an hour of chores to accomplish before her mother's return. She hopped up off the couch, hung the phone up and sat down at the kitchen table to finish her studies.

Sofia put on her headphones to listen to music and re-cracked the books. Her secondary school was much more difficult than she thought it would be. She really needed to focus if she wished to move on to a University. Russian Literature had seemed like a good subject to take since she loved reading, but the class so far was focused on classic books of which Sofia had never heard of. To her, the reading homework assignments were boring. Like watching golf on TV.

She suddenly heard a strange sound over her music.

Sofia removed the headphones and listened to the quiet house around her. Since she had the volume of her music so high, she wasn't sure if she actually heard the scratching noise.

Her mother constantly lectured her for playing music too loud. With her headphones on and her music cranked up, Sofia couldn't hear anything around her. At times, she would be completely oblivious even when her parents were screaming at her to get her attention, much to their frustration. She regretted having her volume so loud because the sound she heard was scary. Unfortunately, her music had drowned out most of it so she had no idea where the sound came from.

Maybe she hadn't heard the scraping noise after all.

Sofia listened for a few more minutes and didn't hear anything else out of the ordinary. She shrugged and put her headphones back on. She lowered the volume a little, just in case and resumed her reading. After a few minutes of rereading the same sentence over and over again, as though she were a dog chasing her own tail, Sofia was finally able to continue studying.

The house was probably just settling.

She heard it again and this time she could tell the sound was coming from the living room. She removed her headphones again and listened intently. The sound she heard was a scraping, squealing noise like a tree branch scratching against a window but much louder. She could still hear subdued music coming from the headphones so she turned her CD player off completely.

The house was silent as an empty cave.

Sofia stood from the table and went into the living room. Her home wasn't large. Directly ahead of her through an archway was the boot room which was in the very front of the house. To her right, was the door to the garage. To her left was the half landing stairway to the second floor and beyond was the door to the downstairs bathroom.

She heard the loud scratching squeal on one of the windows again and she flinched involuntarily, crying out in surprise. Without her headset on, the noise was very loud and piercing; she felt the reverberations of it in her teeth, like someone scratching a chalkboard with their fingernails. The noise was definitely coming from the boot room.

Sofia thought about calling the police but stopped herself. The corrupt Russian police didn't like to make useless house calls. If they were summoned carelessly, they could demand cash payment for their troubles or even worse. Her father owned a hunting rifle but it was upstairs and Sofia had stubbornly refused to learn to shoot. Now, she wished she had learned. Being armed could definitely turn the tables if someone were trying to break in.

Sofia crept toward the front room.

Although she had all of the lamps on in the living room, the bright lights did little to illuminate the dark boot room. In fact, the shadows within the small narrow chamber seemed to thrive.

Sofia halted, her heart pounding.

The nearest neighbor's house was a few kilometers away. Her mother wouldn't be home for an hour and a half. She had no way to defend herself if something went wrong.

Sofia was frightened. Her mouth was like cotton, her stomach was in knots and her skin was alive with goosebumps.

Her thoughts drifted to the possibility of some of her schoolmates trying to scare her. Most of her friends knew her parents' schedules and they would know that most likely, she'd be alone in the house. They could be trying to play a prank on her.

The boot room awaited her, quiet and dark like a tomb.

Sofia normally didn't scare very easily. She was ordinarily very confident, very decisive and resolute. She never backed down from confrontations and always spoke her mind. She prided herself on not being a coward, but in this instance, trapped alone in her remote home, she was terrified.

The loud scraping noise sounded again and Sofia withdrew, crying out with fright. This time the noise seemed more deliberate, louder and quicker, as if meant to frightened her.

She suddenly had to pee. She hugged herself trying to calm down her pounding heart.

Sofia knew that there were several low shrubs that were growing along the front of the house. Any of bare branches could easily explain the sound. Most likely, she had nothing to be afraid of but still, fear crawled up her spine like a cold slimy tentacle. She felt foolish at her terror. Most likely, she was being spooked by a bit of overlooked landscaping.

Sofia gave a nervous laugh. Normally, laughter should have bolstered her courage but she still felt a tinge of fear, a cold lump of icy terror in the pit of her stomach.

The sound rang out again. It was louder than before, a hint of impatience in its tenor.

Sofia didn't know what to do. Tears welled in her eyes. She felt trapped. Although the home was sturdy and warm, she felt vulnerable and isolated. The walls and doors of the house should have given her a sense of privacy and security but instead, she felt trapped.

One of the windows in the boot room became visible as she slowly edged closer. The overcast sky cast a deep darkness over the forest surrounding her home, as if the entire property was submerged in blackness. She couldn't see a thing through the dark pane.

Sofia took a few more steps towards the boot room and leaned in, feeling for the light switch. She couldn't locate it right away. As she fumbled blindly for the switch, she felt butterflies of fear fluttering through her abdomen. An irrational thought popped in her head of something obscenely cold and slimy reaching out of the dark room and grabbing her wrist.

Sofia snatched her hand back then laughed again, feeling ridiculous. Nothing was looming in the room before her, she was just being silly. It was only a branch scraping against the window, she told herself. Nothing to be afraid of.

For the first time, she felt a rush of warm confidence.

Sofia turned on the light in the boot room then walked confidently to the front door and flipped on the porch light too.

She immediately noticed a shadow of something on the window nearest to the door. At first she thought it was a large moth or a bird sitting on the bush outside the window. She stared at it, her mind racing to comprehend what she was perceiving. Then the thing moved deftly and she heard the squealing scraping noise again.

Sofia's heart leaped in fear and her breathe was choked off in her throat.

She realized it wasn't a bird or an insect but part of a huge gnarled hand pressed against the glass. The palm was jet black and at the end of the very long, powerful fingers were yellowish brown claws that it was scratching the glass with.

Sofia was frozen with terror but she told herself that someone was playing a prank on her. One of her friends was wearing an ugly monster glove and was scratching the window to scare her. That must be it. It had to be!

Regardless of whether it was a prank or not, Sofia was trembling violently. She felt as though her legs were rooted down on the spot like a tree. If it was a prankster, she was going to beat the shit out of them. This joke wasn't funny at all. It was sick.

Sofia couldn't see anyone through the window from where she was standing and she was too scared to move closer for a better look. The person wearing the glove was crouching in the bushes below the window, concealing the rest of their body from her.

The hand had been open with the palm resting against the glass but suddenly the fingers curled and sharp claws were pressed against the window. She could hear the sharp tick of the claws against the glass as they dug in. The pane cracked, like a bolt of lightning spearing across the rest of the undamaged window. The crisp pop of the cracking glass should have sent her running away but she was still frozen on the spot.

Sofia realized with horror that she was not looking at a mere costumed glove but a powerfully massive hand that was armed with vicious claws. This wasn't a prank.

She was trembling from head to toe, her stomach was twisting in painful knots. Cold sweat burst forth from her skin. She was crying but her mouth and throat were so dry, only a thin mewl escaped her lips.

Nothing in the natural world possessed a hand like this. It was shaped much like a human hand except for the massive size, black coloration of the palm, the whitish silvery fur, the exceptionally long heavily knuckled fingers and the terrible claws.

She couldn't breathe, a scream was held up in her tight throat. Her brain told her to run but her legs wouldn't obey. She just stared and trembled, too scared to run away and too terrified to scream.

Sofia told herself she was dreaming. She had dozed off at the kitchen table and was having a nightmare. She should be waking up at any moment. She closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing.

Another crack appeared on the window, snapping her back to reality. A fearful realization washed over her that only a thin pane of glass stood between her and the nightmarish creature only a few feet away. The window could give at any second.


The hand was gone suddenly and there was a flourish of moving bushes as her tormentor rushed away from the front of the house. She only caught a glimpse of it, but saw it was huge. She could hear the heavy footfalls as it swiftly ran towards the side of the house.

Sofia finally gained control of her body and ran to the phone in the kitchen. She dropped the receiver on her first attempt, her hands were shaking violently as she frantically snatched it up and dialed 112 for emergency. She waited for a few seconds, trembling with fear.

Nothing happened.

Please! Someone please pick up!

There was no response on the line. With a cry of fearful failure, she hung up the phone and redialed 112. After a few seconds, still nothing. She was bawling from frustration and terror, hung up again. Sofia was going to try a third time when she realized, there was no dial tone.

The phone line was dead.

She started crying uncontrollably and slammed the phone down with frustration. She was living in a nightmare. She told herself to wake up.

Please wake up!

From the window above the sink, the same squealing noise sounded again. She screamed in terror at the sight of the hideous hand scratching at the glass. Sofia backed away from the window, hugging herself and screaming.

If the monster broke through one of the windows, she'd have no way to escape. Sofia thought about trying to run to the neighbors house or maybe she could run outside and climb a tree. Either way, she knew she couldn't stay in the house. She'd be trapped.

While the creature was busy at the kitchen window, she might be able to run out the front door and down the driveway to the main road. Hopefully, a passing motorist could give her a ride to safety. Sofia made a wild dash for the boot room.

Her legs were like molasses. Sofia ran as fast as she could, but the archway seemed a mile away. Her terror was debilitating her physical strength, sapping her endurance and weakening her. She could barely see through the tears in her eyes so she ran blindly toward the front of the house.

As she crossed the living room, she heard splitting wood as the door to the garage was torn partially open. Sofia screamed and turned away from the boot room running as fast as she could for the stairs.

The outside garage door was usually kept closed and locked, but only when the car was parked inside. While the car was gone, the family had always left it wide open so they could easily pull in upon returning to the house. The thing had run inside the garage and had broken the inside door to the living room.

There was an attic and large windows upstairs. Sofia could run into the attic and pull up the ladder, hiding there until help arrived. If worse came to worse, she'd jump out one of the windows, two stories down to the ground to escape if she had to.

She reached the foot of the stairs and risked glancing behind her. The ruined door was only partially on its hinges and was hanging opened a few inches. Only darkness was visible beyond it.

Sofia took two steps at a time, bounding up the stairs as fast as she could. When she reached the landing, she heard a loud crash as the door was smashed fully open. She heard a deep rumbling growl followed by heavy footfalls across the carpeted living room floor heading towards her.

She screamed in terror, doubling her efforts to climb the stairs. Sofia realized, her spirit breaking, that if the creature had easily broke through one door, it could do the same to any of the doors in the house. She had to get out of the house!

Sofia's mind raced to find a solution, any means of escape.

What the hell was this creature? What hellish beast was after her? She was going mad with terror and she nearly fainted from panic, her vision narrowing. No. She couldn't pass out now. Not now.

Sofia reached to top of the stairs as the thing broke into view on the landing below her. She could see it out of the corner of her eye. It was silver, furry and massive.

Sofia screamed again and ran down the dark hall to her mother's room, forgetting to turn on the hall light. She was panicked, completely hysterical. In her panic, she ran right past the attic pull down door. She wouldn't have time to pull it down anyway. The thing seemed to be right on her heels.

Looking back over her shoulder, she saw that the monster had reached the top of the stairs. Its bulk took up the entire hallway, it's head was touching the ceiling.

The beast roared a horrible cry of triumph as it charged down the hall after her. Its heavy footfalls were booming like the tolling death knell of her demise. Sofia screamed and screamed as it reached out for her with it's grotesque clawed hands.

Sofia reached the bedroom door when she was suddenly grabbed from behind and lifted off her feet. She cringed in horror expecting the beast to gouge into her flesh with its powerful claws and bite her soft body. Instead, the thing started to carry her back down the stairs in a one-armed bear hug.


Sofia screamed for help as loudly as she could. She was faced away from her captor, but she could feel the thick silvery bristly fur against her body and the hot palms it held her with. She struggled futility to break its grip but it was impossibly strong, the arm holding her was as immobile as steel.

Sofia pleaded with the monster to let her go. She begged for her life.

The creature effortlessly carried her down the stairs as though she weighed nothing. Sofia tried to reach out and grab the railing to slow its progression but her arms were pinned to her side. She kicked her feet at the creature but couldn't connect. It was carrying her across the living room as she struggled.

Over the mantle, there was a large mirror. Her and her captor were moving through the living room quickly but the mirror was eye level with her. Sofia caught a glimpse of the hideous monster, for only a second, and lost all control.

What she saw in the mirror shouldn't be. Only in the most diabolic horror movies did such a monster exist. Only the mind of the most twisted story writer could conjure up such a horrid beast. In the natural world of science and technology, abhorrent creatures such as the one carrying her, were mere myth and legend.

Sofia was having a nightmare. She told herself. She had to be!

Please wake up!

The creature carried her out of her warm home and into the cool night air.

Please wake up!

They headed straight for the tree line, beyond was the cold dark woods.

Please wake up!


Sofia howled in terror when she realized that she wasn't dreaming.

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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