Three Scary Little Words

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Quinn Westbrook is tired of her "regular" life so when an opportunity to spice up her life comes her way she can't let it pass. The thought of being tied up and spanked has always been something
she fantasized about but when she meets a new friend she realizes that that fantasy could come true. Who better to show her the ropes, literally, then the owner of a fancy BDSM club, Jasper Star?
Jasper doesn't do romance, he rarely even ever sleeps with someone more than once but right when he spots Quinn he knows she could change everything in his lifestyle that he has grown used to. The
question is, is he even capable of change?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

  Quinn Do you ever have one of those nights where you just feel and look amazing? Yeah, I think I’m having my first exp... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Quinn After Oliver dragged me onto the dance floor and we danced and got drunk for a few hours, we stumbled home and had ourselves ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Jasper My hand slowly trails up Jennifer's smooth tanned leg. I can’t even believe that I’m about to bring her upstairs again. Th... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Quinn I fucked Oliver like a maniac when I got home. We went on and on for hours but I never found any real satisfaction. I feel guil... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Jasper when I walked in the door with her all the men’s eyes watched her like she was prey. It made me oddly uncomfortable and ve... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Quinn When I saw it was my mother calling me I knew I shouldn’t have answered it. But I did because I’m stupid. She’s the mos... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Quinn I spent the rest of Friday night drinking beer and watching movies with Oliver and Brooke which made me think back to high sc... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

  Jasper By the time Quinn and I got back down to the bar she finally agreed to let me drive her. Not like she had a choic... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Quinn   It’s been three days since I’ve seen or heard from Jasper. Which I find a little strange and very annoying since he ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Jasper I’m at the club in my office when I call Sage. I made random conversation because I knew she was with Quinn. Ralph told me... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Quinn I was walking home from work when I got the sudden need for frozen yogurt. I did a little detour then got myself a big ass bo... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Jasper What am I doing? The only girls that have ever been in my penthouse are Sage and the cleaners. But I knew right when Quinn t... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Jasper After Quinn and I forced ourselves to break apart I gave her one of my shirts and went into my closet to get a pair of sweat... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Quinn It takes me a few minutes but I finally find Jasper in the kitchen. The only reason it took me so long was because I got lost... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Quinn When I make it outside again I take a deep breath in and let the brisk breeze cool me off. I know Jasper will be out here any... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Jasper After I let the most doting thing I’ve ever said slip from my lips I feel like a different man. I’m no longer cold-heart... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Quinn That had to be a dream. No one, not even the hot and mysterious owner of a BDSM club, can fuck someone that hard. Jesus, if I... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Quinn A cold sweat breaks out when I hear multiple footsteps and at least four different guys laughter. Four. That’s a lot. Ethan... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Jasper No words can explain the feeling I got when Quinn said those words. Ethan is a fucking disgusting man and I want to kill him... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Jasper After we get ourselves back in order Quinn tells me that we need to buy the dress that we were using as a gag and since I do... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

Quinn “Damn, that was good,” I pant and release my fingernails from where they were gripping Jasper’s arms after getting fuck... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Two

Jasper After Quinn left I found myself working out for two hours. I didn’t even notice how much time had passed until I stopped a... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Three

Quinn I fling myself into a sitting position when I’m released from one of my evil nightmares. I look around my dark bedroom as I... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Four

Jasper An uncontrollable smile comes on my face when I look down and see her name and face flashing on my phone’s screen. I made ... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty five

Quinn After the most intense experience of my life and a half an hour long fight with my boyfriend, I was driven home with a sore a... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty six

Jasper I open my eyes to a dark room when I feel my bed dipping behind me. The red numbers coming from my nightstand tell me it’s... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Seven

Quinn I stay seated on the bed with my legs brought up against my chest and my chin leaning against my knees. I swear I hear poundi... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Eight

Quinn Jasper dropping me off at work is much harder than I would care to admit. I just want to spend the day in his arms and in his... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Nine

Jasper After Quinn hung up on me I decided I was ready to do what I promised myself I would do the second I saw Quinn’s hurt face... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

Quinn After I’ve thrown on some clothes and shook off the moment that just passed between Jasper and me, I found my phone and sat... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty One

Jasper I knew who it was right when I got a look at that stupid cocky motherfucker sitting behind the wheel. And the worst thing is... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Two

Quinn “Quinn! I miss you!” Sage screeches when I pick up the phone. “I miss you too, Sage,” I say, really meaning it, a... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Three

Jasper When Quinn and I walk into Franny’s bar, I’m surprised when I see that it’s just a regular sports bar. I had really ex... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Four

Quinn I haven’t let my gaze wander away from the door for more than thirty seconds since Jasper left. After quizzing Sage about J... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Five

Jasper I stay up all night. I just can’t fall asleep. Something is happening with Quinn. Sage couldn’t have known because she d... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Six

Quinn I wake to Jasper walking through the door holding a tray with coffee and various breakfast foods. “Goodmorning,” he s... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Seven

Jasper I stay frozen as I watch Quinn put her shoes back on. This is awful. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And th... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Eight

Quinn Two days. Jasper broke up with me two days ago and it still feels like it just happened. I even had a nightmare about it last... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Nine

Quinn I’m ready when ten fifteen comes. I’m going to get answers. And maybe I can figure out why Jasper was suddenly just ok wi... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty

Jasper These past few days have passed in a blur of self-hatred and overall sadness. I try to make sure to always having a drink to... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty One

Quinn My eyes begin to flutter open when something seems to wake me. My eyes fly open and my whole body freezes when I feel my matt... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty Two

Jasper Waking up and getting out of Quinn’s bed feels like I’m leaving her all over again. I guess technically I am. She tighte... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty Three

Quinn It’s almost been a week since Jasper came and left me again. I still lay awake in bed until early in the mornings most nights... Read Chapter

Authors Note

That's the end of the first book of this series and I hope you all enjoyed it. I, of course, would love to hear your feedback. I'm also... Read Chapter

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