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Jeffery is a man, he is a thing, and this is his life. (I was kinda drunk when I wrote this)

Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017



The moment we open our eyes from a dream our minds focus on the world around us, we forget, we manufacture and create and believe without a shadow of a doubt that what we awakened to is true. At least that is what Jeffery did.

“Hello Papa” she said to him. “How did you sleep?”

Jeffery that fool, the moment the sun struck his eyes, spilling in from the window adjacent to his king-sized bed, the one that he shared with his wife most times, but at this moment he only shared with his adorable young girl he was captured. I use the word adorable to describe his girl due to her chubby little cheeks that form little dimples every time she smiles, her little pig-tails that waved when she danced and oh how she loved to dance for her dear old “Papa”. Her porcelain skin and fragile frame. She was the vision of a lovely, happy child, one that would show on commercials for family restaurants with a male model and female model as parental figures to subliminally convince any watcher to go to their establishment if you wanted to be anything like this perfect family. And Jeffery’s family was so perfect. He was a large man, pure muscle white skinned, with bright green eyes, blonde, he had short black hair, his house a large mansion, with 8 bed-rooms, he was an architect, and his wife a doctor though at this point she only worked part-time due to most of her money being from selling her series of High-fantasy novels. They owned 45-acres of land and had no neighbors.

Jefferies wife was amazing, a petite little thing, her name was Ashley, Ashley Mcbride, she took her hubbies last name. She was the most devoted woman any man could have, loyal, well cultured in all forms of worldly knowledge simply because learning interested her, she was a subtle woman with a particular charm that most men lusted for but only an amazing man such as Jeffery could attain for only a man such as himself was worthy of it. Ashley worked at her body, attempting to keep fit for herself and also her husband, she believed that the best path to happiness was through a healthy body and a well-trained  mind. Her hair was long and blonde like a golden tarp. She had the brightest blue eyes, full and perky breasts with an ass that even myself wish I could get a hold of on occasion. And her figure was so well toned that it was impossible not to take a second glance to ensure she was not some sort of mirage. Ashley was the most amazing woman.

Now when referring to Ashley I say was because… the end of the story she is not who she is…or rather who she was. No Ashley is not whom she pretends to be, or rather who Jeffery makes her out to be. Our story starts with Jeffery waking in the morning, his room, a large construct, with two walk in closets, a bathroom with a jacuzzi and floor made of white marble. Currently it was the middle of summer and so his wife had cranked the A/C to a temperature that he might like, the perfect degree between hot and cold. Jeffery awakened with what seemed to be a start, he jumped up as his young daughter greeted him in the morning and he looked around the room. Now I am no psychic and so I cannot really say for a fact what he might have been thinking but I can guess. He seemed confused, unsure what to make of his surroundings but eventually his mind, it made him remember, he remembered that this was his life, wealthy, attractive man, a happy man living in the lavish luxury of a happy life. No this was not a dream, no this was not a psychotic break, no this was not some reality created by some demonic author, orchestrating the perfect “Fuck you” to some random character named Jeffery whom he created for the sake of his own drunken sadistic pleasure. This was his life.

“Hey there baby” he sighed as his sudden panic faded and he gave her a kiss on the cheek which made her laugh, as she jumped up, wrapping her arms around his neck in a loving embrace.

“Jeff!!!!” Ashley called up. “Come eat” as she called up to him the smell of pancakes and sausage suddenly filled the air. He slid down from his bed, holding his daughter in his arms as he made his way out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen. There his wife, that beautiful woman, that radiant gorgeous woman, standing in the midst of a wonderful kitchen attached to an amazing dining room. She was holding a pot with sausage sizzling in the midst of its own juices.

“Mommy!!!” their baby cheered, and she dropped from her daddies arms and rushed to her mother wrapping her tiny arms around her mothers legs. Jeffery scanned the kitchen as he once again began to find things….just a bit unfamiliar. The ceiling complete with a chandelier made of pure gold with diamond frames around the light bulbs, the floor made of solid crystal and marble. The cabinets and tables the most beautiful oak wood. The walls a pure clean white, just across from him the living room was furnished with a pure leather couch, a flat screen that took up the majority of an entire wall with speakers that were embedded in the wall. His life was amazing he thought, how did he get this perfect life? he thought why was he so perfect? But reset. 

His daughter cried out in agony, a cry that no doubt left her throat shredded and bleeding. It seemed nearly inhuman to his ears. He looked over to her, his heart pounding in his chest as he did so, immediately he froze, his mind unable to register what he was seeing. His wife, his dear Ashley tipping that skillet over and dumping the hot grease on their daughters skull, her flesh sizzling, popping and boiling as the juices seared the flesh on contact. The baby fell to the floor, kicking and flailing in pain as she attempted to call out for salvation but could only cry out as her skin burned.

“What are you!?!?!” Jeffery attempted to call but…..reset. Jeffery cannot talk, he is a mute, his tongue falls from his mouth, he is spitting up blood now, his mouth is full of blood, he is choking on blood, gagging as he attempts to breathe, he has to sit there, he has to watch as his daughter flails in agony. His wife kneels down beside her, lifting that skillet and with as much force as she can muster she brings it down upon their little baby’s skull, again, and again and again. A tiny squeak leaves the babies lips the first time, by the second time she is already unconscious, by the third she has severe brain damage, by the fourth she would have been in an irreversible comma if Ashley hadn’t hit her a fifth time and by the sixth the poor baby is already dead. But Ashley keeps hitting and by the seventh the babies brains are spilling out, by the eighth her skull is smashed in and her head is simply a pile of mush and gore and by the 10th the baby has no head on her neck just a mandible and broken teeth with nothing connected  on the top. Reset.

Jeffery wakes up in the morning he works at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook. He has a girlfriend who is fucking her guy bestfriend all the while telling Jeffery that she loves him, this girls name is Ashley. She is gorgeous and honestly, she deserves better than Jeffery, a fat slob, with no ambition and nothing to look forward to at the age of 29. He never finished college because it bored him, he has no desire to do anything more than he is doing now, blaming…whoever for his shitty style of living. The sad thing is that his Girlfriends Best friend is not that much better, he makes more money of course but Antoine; that is his name, is a simple accountant…I suppose that is better he can take her on trips and show her a good time and for a beautiful woman such as Ashley she deserves to be spoiled. Honestly, I am not too sure why she is fucking Jeffery…. perhaps it’s because of his big dick. I couldn’t say. Reset…. Ashley finds out she is pregnant. She doesn’t know who the father is, but Antoine doesn’t want the baby not because of the fact that he doesn’t want a baby but because Ashley out of guilt, because she finally realized that she truly loves Antoine, told him about Jeffery. He didn’t want to waste his time with a cheater, she was not worth it and, so he left her and for the readers piece of mind I’ll tell you that he found love a year later with a wonderful nurse. But Ashley was forced to meet with Jeffery and of course he took on the responsibilities of the father.

3 years later the baby is there and crawling around and Jeffery loves the baby and he loves Ashley and Ashley tells him that she loves him too but……. inside she always remembers Antoine, he was her best friend at one point, back when she was in highschool, she loved him….that was the first man she ever loved and he moved away and they continued talking. Once he got back though she had to have him but by that time Jeffery had already been in her life. She was a Medical assistant at the time that she met Jeffery but something about him charmed her despite her bright future and his lackadaisical nature. But once Antoine returned that love resurfaced after hanging out with him every so often. She couldn’t fight her urges and now she was here. They didn’t have much money to take care of the child, but they tried because that was their baby………Reset.

One-day Ashley is bathing their baby she is thinking about Antoine so she is looking at her phone, they live in a one bedroom studio that is rented out for 600 a month, they almost never make rent, they have no cable, they have no internet, and the only reason they haven’t been evicted is because Ashley flirts with the landlord sometimes. Jeffery is at work doing overtime and Ashely is looking at the phone, stalking Antoine on social media when she sends him a message a simple: “Hey” but an hour passes with no reply. She begins to cry…. she cannot understand why she made the decisions that she did, why didn’t she just leave Jeffery, she hated that idea of Antoine moving on without her……Then a knock on the door, Ashley gets her baby out the shower and opens the door, it’s the landlord, he wants the rent early.

“We paid this month you can’t do that” Ashley argues, she is only wearing a robe with nothing underneath, she can see him checking her out.

“We need to stop playing games” He forces his way into the house, pushing her to the floor. Knocking the baby down in the process. Ashley cries for him to get off, but he isn’t listening. Passers by hear the commotion since the door is wide open, someone goes to intervene but…..I RESET!!!!!!! and no one comes. They all listen, some people take videos to post on social media and a month later the rapist is caught….wait no……reset and no one cares…no one who watches later on thinks the video is real….people jack off to it actually like it is some type of porn…..reset and the baby hits her head on the floor and is bleeding out as it watches its momma get fucked hard, missionary style by someone who isn’t daddy. Her hands pinned down, she’s crying out for someone to help….she’s calling out for Jeffery but that guy cant hear her.

Jeffery eventually comes home to see cop cars all around the house……wait….gimme a second……reset. Jeffery comes home to see his baby dead and his wife in the fetal position crying, shivering and she says: “Son of a bitch” whimpering, she blames him, she hates him she never wants to see him again, she never tells him that she got raped and the agony of the event builds up inside. Their baby is dead, and their relationship never recovers, she eventually leaves him, marrying the land lord who raped her. Now 4 years later. Now Jeffery is alone, he was kicked out of the apartment and is homeless because he was fired and unable to get another job due to…….it doesn’t matter I just didn’t want him to be able to.  One day he is contemplating suicide, he looks over the edge of a bridge and he wonders why his life was so fucked up. He looks to the sky and calls out to God and God answers: “Reset”.

Jeffery is a fireman and he dies by acid being poured down his throat…reset

Jeffery is a pedophile who preys on teenage girls online and is never caught but dies from contracting aids from a girl who he molested….re-fucking-set

Jeffery is in a relationship but has his Girlfriend stolen and then beats a puppy to death with a shovel in rage, then he gets anally raped by the owner….reset.


Jeffery, Jeff, Jeffy-boy, Jeff the killer, Jeffasauruce rex.

Can you hear me? And Jeffery says: “I can hear you”

That’s good Jeff and Jeff answers: “Why are you doing this to me?” and he falls to his knees in the middle of morgue, the smell of rot and decay surrounding him as he cries, he weeps like a little bitch because he is in soooooo much pain. He is crying, despair has overtaken his entire being. His soul is about to break and I say……..”Reset”.

Jeffery is sitting alone in his house, he is pathetic, he is useless, he is standing on a chair with a  noose around his neck and he is crying. He has nothing, and he is nothing……he is insignificant and he asks me: “Who are?” and “Where am I?” and I say………My name doesn’t matter and where you are is in the palm of my hand and then as he kicks the chair away and he is hanging, struggling as he chokes to death and he dies I smile and I say………reset and then I laugh.

Jeffery wakes up and he thinks that his life, he has a wife and a child. He is a man, he is a woman, he is a man on a computer. Jeffery is……………

And this is Jeffery’s life. 

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