Why we should mind our own business sometimes

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



There's news about others everywhere, about everything, nowadays, especially with the current rise and reign of technology over our lives. It's in the papers, it's on the television, it's spread all over social media like peanut butter and jelly spread over bread. Everyday. Step outside, and you'll overhear things like some juicy gossip about some pop singer somewhere, or a misinformed opinion on politics; that's news you didn't even try to look for, it's being spoon-fed to you, to each and every one of us.

But just because it's everywhere, does it mean we have to care all of the time? Nope.

Honestly, out of all the news that you hear, how many incidences have you been spurred to action to do something worthwhile about the issue? I'm talking about the number of times you actually did something to transform the news you heard into better news, like talking a friend out of suicide or a toxic relationship, things like actively hosting a petition to change some law. Now that's doing something. I'm not counting a comment on social media about the issues you hear about; To me, that's the last thing to help anything since a dozen people probably said the same thing you were about to say, which makes you guys all parrots. Good job for speaking out your views, but unless the issue can be helped with votes, you wouldn't be helping by commenting as a third party,

Yes, a third party. That is what we are to someone else's situations mostly, except for the times you are directly involved, not the times you pretend to be involved by trying to send your thoughts to the actual people involved in the situation by telepathy. [that's a smartass way of saying you're a busybody if you do that, toodles].

So when the heat of the news gets on, when someone's else house is on fire, what do you do? Simple, dealing with news about others is like dealing with someone else's house fire. If the fire's small, it's best if you don't bother; it's their mess and they can deal with it themselves since they're not helpless babies. If you try to offer a solution to someone's news/troubles but you don't exactly know how to help, it's like calling the fire department to say, "There's a fire! But i don't know where the hell it is!". 

Less drama equals fewer problems which lead to less conflict. Thus, the rational solution would be to bother less about other when you're dealing with your own problems in life. You wouldn't want to bother cleaning your flatmate's room when your room is one heck of mess by itself just like your flatmate's. But alas, we're humans. We're social animals, that's why it's often that someone's trouble is like our problems. Although it usually isn't, yes, it would be kind of you to help out that someone as a favour. I'm just saying to people with kind, loving hearts; take some time to help yourselves instead of others if you ever need a break. Admit it, we all need a break from doing anything at some point in time, even robots do. It's good to care about others, but sometimes we need a short break from all that, because who else but yourself is going take care of you, while you're taking care of others?

So, mind your business, but not in a bad way, because sometimes it's practical.

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