A Railway Workers Guide to Safety

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



A Railway Workers Guide to Safety

Workers in different labor related jobs have various work clothes or uniform specifications that they have to adhere to. This is done to ensure safety for themselves, their co-workers and the general public.

Clothing Specs for Railway Workers

Workers in UK wear orange or yellow jackets as their railway ppe for all sorts of public service work, but the railway workers have to specifically wear orange jackets and tops. These are known as hi-vis material as they are visible in all weather conditions like fog and rain. These high-vis jackets also called “fire-flies” are fluorescent enough to be seen at a distance during night-time.

As it can reflect better during night time, orange colored railway ppe is the preferred choice for railway workers and train drivers.

Categories of High-Vis Clothing

There are different types of railway ppe categorized in 3 main classes:

Class 1 includes the lowest category of visibility, required for the clothing worn by the railway worker. An example of this clothing counted in this class are the “shoulder belts”.

Class 2 allows an intermediate amount of visibility. The clothing items included here are vests and tunics.

Class 3 requires the highest level of visibility. These include jackets, parkers and trousers.  They need to have adequate amount of silver reflective tape, covering a large percentage of the uppers and bottoms.

Why is High-Vis important

Many utility workers have to work at all hours of the day, to ensure that maintenance work is covered. They cannot stop for a specific time of the day with less traffic to start their work, as the public requires the roads or tracks etc. to be working safely at all time. This is when properly visible clothing is extremely critical. A careful selection in the beginning can avert many dangers and accidents later on.



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