Does Weather Have An Impact On Safety Guidelines?

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



Does Weather Have An Impact On Safety Guidelines?


It is mandatory to ensure that different protective equipment used for personal safety should be selected according to the conditions that a worker is going to be exposed to. Weather conditions not only affect that type of clothing that a worker is going to wear but also the color selection and durability factor of the work clothes.


We can help you decide which safety equipment to use under different weather situations:


  1. Winter conditions


You should include thermal layers, socks and shoes specifically designed for working during winter months or in cold regions. For railway ppe, it is suggested to use balaclava, thermal gloves, trousers and high boots. Wellington boots are preferred for rainy days as part of the equipment.


  1. Hot Weather conditions:


Workers are suggested to wear short-sleeved shirts and trousers to cater for warm weather conditions. Wide spectacles are used as part of railway ppe to protect eyes against ultra-violet rays. Proper helmet should be employed in order to avoid head injury due to falling objects in the field. It is also suggested to carry a first aid kit and sunscreen to the working site during summer months.


  1. Dusty Conditions:


Pressure masks need to be used in areas with high amount of dust e.g. when the workers are cutting concrete. These masks have to be tested to ensure that they fit the face of the worker properly. Respiratory systems are also included in railway ppe. This system should be mounted properly on belt.


If these instructions are followed thoroughly, you can avoid serious injuries or accidents during work and allow the workers to be more efficient. Following thee will also ensure that the employers are protected against insurance problems or in cases where an injured employee sues the company for negligence.




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