Region specific safety equipment usage

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



Region specific safety equipment usage

There are certain factors which have to be considered when the railway employees are working in areas prone to difficult environmental situations. The sort of location and surroundings that the worker is exposed to pose threats to their well-being.

To assess the type of gear that the workforce should wear, consider the following instructions carefully:

  1. Working near electricity

Railway workers are used to working in difficult conditions but specifically working near open electric wires, boxes or grids is significantly dangerous for them. Full body protection is required in railway ppe including safety visors and clothes which are flame resistant. The suit should be compliant with fire safety standards introduced by the relevant department. Insulated tools and clothing should be employed. A hard hat and safety glasses can help avert head and face injury. Proper overalls and safety glasses are included in railway ppe and can safe-guard the worker.


  1. Working at height

High-lands and mountainous areas pose extreme threat to the safety of the labor. Fall from a certain height can cause injury and can even be fatal to the individual. Railway workers who work at height should use the following railway ppe: face-strap, fall-braking rope, durable trousers, weather- complaint jackets and strong boots.


  1. Working near sparks

There are certain scenarios where the workers are exposed to sparks, such as in the case of welding or grinding near the railway tracks or fixing the railway cars and trolleys. Wearing proper overalls, illuminated by fire resistant silver-colored tape is necessary. Durable gloves and boots are also required when exposed to sparks.

  1. Working near tracks

It is extremely essential to understand the dangers of working near tracks. The railway worker should wear highly reflective work gear, to ensure that they are visible in their surroundings.




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