How to Make Romantic Loose Waves Tutorial

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How to Make Romantic Loose Waves Tutorial

Planning your wedding is so much stress. Brides takes ages and a lot of tension to get everything right. On the big day, the bride gets all the attention, so you just have to make sure that everything is perfect. You just need that perfect dress, perfect makeup and to top it all of a perfect hair-do that gels it all together. Nowadays, a lot of brides and celebrities are opting for romantic loose waves for their big day.

  1. DIY Romantic Loose Waves

In case you are interested in a DIY, there are many tutorials on the net, where you can get helpful tips to make romantic loose waves by yourself. We have collected the best ideas to achieve this beautiful look for your big day.

  1. Use a Curling Iron:

As you need, soft curls to create the romantic loose waves, a curling iron might come in handy to create those blissful locks. As you wait for the curling iron to heat up, make partitions in your hair. Use the iron in only one direction to get all your curls going in the same direction, otherwise they will not look neat.



  1. Size Matters

The size of the partitions will decide the size of your curls. If you want to get the perfect romantic loose waves, try to go for a big sized curling iron, as the small sized ones will just end up making you hair look like a perm instead of romantic loose waves.












  1. Wrapping Hair around the Iron

Take small sections of hair and wrap them around the curling iron. Taking larger section will not distribute the heat evenly throughout the section and will result in romantic loose waves that do not set properly, causing fly away strands. content/uploads/2013/02/Romantic-Curls-Wedding-Updo42.jpg










  1. Making a Bun

It is a good idea to make a bun on top of your head for the main portion. This will make it easier to get the side hair curled first and then coming back to do the top section which is heavier than the rest of the hair. You can see this in the image, where the model has put up a part of hair on the top of her head to get romantic loose waves.





  1. Using Hot Rollers to Get Those Curls

Another way to get romantic loose waves is to use hot rollers. Now, this is a much easier way because it will give you the freedom to do other, very important things on your wedding day, like concentrating on your makeup or perfect positioning of your dress and jewelry etc. Instead of being stuck to the mirror for a long time to handle the curling iron, you can easily put up all your hair in the rollers and let the magic begin.



  1. Roll the front

Make sure the rollers are all heated nicely. The first step to manage while using rollers to create those perfect romantic loose waves is to use one big roller for the front section of the hair. This will ensure that the hair that fall on the front of the face are nice and bouncy. Secure the hair with the help of a strong bobby pin and let it sit there while you work with the rest of the sections.








  1. Clip the sides

Make sure to use extra-large sized jaw-clips to secure the rollers to the sides of the hair when you are attempting to make romantic loose waves with this method. Bobby pins will not work well for this portion of the hair.









  1. Hair Spray is a Must

As with all hair styles, using a good hair spray is a must for these romantic loose waves. Make sure to buy the best hair products for your hair, that will not only do their work in securing the hair to the required shape for a long time but also condition them and make them look shiny and gorgeous for your big day.










  1. Heat-less Curls

All the methods to get romantic loose waves with heat can damage your hair a lot. If you are interested in getting the same beautiful look without damaging your hair, why not try the heatless overnight curling method that also saves a lot of time for you.













  1. Rag them Up

The easiest was to get stunning romantic loose waves without heat is to use rags. Just use a spray bottle to lightly dampen the rags. This step is essential as it will help the hair take up the shape of the curl. Pick up a small strand of hair and wrap it around the rag as you go up towards your head. Once there, tie a regular knot in the rag and let it hang loosely.



  1. Sleep on It

Although you can simply sleep with the rags all over your head, we have found that it’s better to use a pillow cover to keep your hair in place as you take your beauty sleep. This will ensure beautiful romantic loose waves with neat curls when you wake up in the morning.



  1. Our Verdict


Do try these easy but awesome ways to get romantic loose waves for wedding and other important functions. This is such a perfect style that it doesn’t take attention away from the details of your dress and makeup at all. Instead romantic loose waves just gel everything together by creating an aura of sophisticated grace and fairy-like appeal for the bride.


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