How to Get Awesome Heatless Curls Without Damaging Your Hair

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How to Get Awesome Heatless Curls Without Damaging Your Hair


How many times have you decided not to make your favorite curly hair just because you did not want to damage your locks anymore. Let's be honest all the damage because of styling, curling, perming and straightening your hair is the worst thing that you can do to yourself and your beautiful hair. Some hair specialists say that, the damage which we do to our hair with a straightening or curling iron, goes a long way in causing split-ends and breakage.


But we all love sexy soft romantic, curls don’t we. Shouldn't there be a way to get what we want and not damage the hair in the process. A little bit of searching on the net has given us great ideas to get the perfect Heatless Curls without heating and harming our locks. So, let’s get on with it.


  1. Heatless Waves


We all love beautiful beach waves that celebrities are flaunting everywhere. You are left envying those waves and craving to achieve the style too, until you remember your promise of not doing any more heat related damage to your precious locks. Well don’t despair let us give you an advice how to get sexy, sultry Heatless Curls and waves without any heating.


All you need are long curvy clips, spray bottle with water, hair spray and hair wax. Part your hair on two sides. From the left side take a small section of hair, use a spray bottle to completely wet your hair, rub the strands between your fingers to dampen them completely. Roll the hair onto your fingers as shown in the image and clip them up near your scalp. Next you have got to use hair spray over all these curls that you made. Let them sit like that while you run some errands. When they are completely dry, open up your waves softly and put hair wax on them. The result? Super soft, luscious waves without any heat. Isn’t that awesome?








  1. Lazy lady curls


Now, this tip is for those days, when you are feeling extra lazy. ‘Fess up. We have all had those days. Now, you don’t have to look as lazy as you feel. Without putting up too much effort, you can get stunning looking Heatless Curls without even getting up.


All you have to do is make a regular pony tail and half you work is done. Wet a strand of your hair with spray bottle and twist it around two fingers. Once you reach the top of the pony-tail just clip it in with a small bobby-pin. Spray your hair with a good hair spray and open them up when you feel they are dry. That’s it, you get lovely, curvy, curls literally without having to get up from you bed.




  1. Paper Towel Waves


Who knew using a kitchen product to style your hair can give such an amazing result. To achieve perfect waves with this method, you need to find a good quality paper towel that won’t tear easily. As with the other no-heat curls procedure, wet your hair and separate them into four sections. Take one section, part it into two, place a long paper towel strip right next to the partitions and make a braid, so that the third strand is actually your paper towel. Repeat this for all four sections. Ta-Da you are done. Wait till your hair are dry, and then open them up carefully to reveal lovely Heatless Curls.



  1. Heatless Hair Band Waves


Ok, this is another cool trick to make luscious waves without heating your hair. You just need wet hair and a wide head band for this idea. Pull the band down on your head till your ears as shown in the image. Just start twisting your hair and pull them over the band, repeat this till all the length of the twist is rotated around the band. As with the other methods, just open up your hair and scrunch them up with hair wax to make them glossy and shiny.



  1. Heatless Curls


To get curls instead of waves, all you need to do is repeat the process we showed in heatless waves and instead of making ponytail, make thin sections of hair and curl them up. Don’t go all the way up to the scalp and use a clip to hold the hair. Once you open your hair, you are in for a beautiful surprise – ravishing Heatless Curls without any damage.



  1. Pool Noodle Hair


This is one crazy trick for heatless curls, that is going to make you laugh. There are actually pool-noodle shaped curlers available in the market which could actually help you get your desired style, without heating your hair. Just wear these noodles as shown on wet hair and get exquisite Heatless Curls.



  1. Heatless Mermaid Waves


Wanna get these awesome mermaid waves without heating your hair. Well look no further, we have a really nice and easy trick that anyone can do to achieve this look. All you need to do is make a pair of very tight braids with wet hair and let them be. When you open them up you will have tiny waves that you can hit the beach with!




  1. Tiny bun curls


Ok, we will admit the name is crazy but the end result is splendid. Twist very thin hair strands to make small buns all over you head with wet hair. Wait till they are dry, and open them after splashing them generously with hair spray.


  1. Crazy Braid Curls

Now, this trick is similar to the “mermaid waves” one, you just need to make many more braids to get the full-on permed/curl effect for your hair.


  1. Magazine/foil curls

Don’t want to invest in rollers? No need, we can teach you how to use aluminum foil or magazine strips to make Heatless Curls. Just roll your hair in foils and get the curls of your dreams.


Try out these awesome Heatless Curls tricks for a great hair day and let us know how they worked out for you !



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