The Loud Meow

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



The Loud Meow


Once there was a cat that lived by the side of a lake. He was a nice cat, but he had a problem. He meowed too loudly! The other animals were quite tired of this situation. One fine morning, the birds were sitting together enjoying the peace and quiet, when they were suddenly interrupted by the cat’s loud meow. The parrot complained to the dove about the cat. Dove also grumbled about having severe headache due to the constant loud noise. The other animals agreed with them. They all concluded that they needed a permanent solution for this. They decided to talk to the cat and asked her to fix this issue.

“Crow, you are his friend! Why don’t you ask him to stop it?” the parrot said.

“Mr. Parrot, how can I talk like that to my friend? I can accompany you guys but I can’t go and talk about this issue separately”, the crow explained.

The next morning, the birds got together and went to Mr. Cat who was busy meowing loudly. As soon as he saw so many birds around him, he eagerly inquired, “what happened? Is there something wrong? How can I help you guys?”. To which the dove replied, “please you need to realize, there are other animals in the area too, a peaceful environment is a fundamental right of every resident of this forest!”. The cat did not understand and asked them to explain their point clearly.

The parrot started to explain how they all were annoyed by his loud meowing. The dove told him that she was suffering because of severe her headache due to his meow, and complained that she had even stopped singing because of this. All the other animals started telling him how they felt about this situation too. After thinking for a while, the cat said “Ok, I will agree to meow very softly, but on one condition’’. “Yes! Yes! please what is it? Tell us, we will agree with anything to solve this problem!” said the other animals. Mr. Cat demanded that if they wanted him to stay quiet, they would have to stop talking for the next 24 hours. They all agreed and it was decided that form next morning nobody would say a single word.

In the morning when the parrot wanted to squawk, he recalled the agreement they had made with the cat and stayed silent. When the dove saw the pleasant weather, and wanted to sing a joyful song to welcome the rainy season, she remembered the agreement and kept quiet. The pigeons didn’t coo the whole day, neither the crow croaked to call his mates to catch a piece of raw meat. The day turned out to be a silent one! No coo coo, no meow meow, no squawk, no caw, there was no voice except the sound of the breeze.

The old owl was very astonished by this silence and he asked an eagle, sitting in the nearby woods about the matter, “Why is everybody so quiet? Nobody is talking today? I can’t even hear the cat meow”. The eagle told him about the whole issue. After thinking for a while, the owl asked the eagle to invite everybody to his tree in the evening. When they all gathered there, he inquired about the presence of the cat particularly. Mr. Cat came and sat down near the tree.

“There was something weird about the morning, wasn’t it,” the owl addressed the crowd. He talked about how they had all stopped speaking just to make sure they didn’t hear the cat’s meow anymore. All the birds just sat there silently, looking at each other and thought how would they justify their demand. ‘’My dear innocent children, God has blessed you all with different kind of voices so that you can express yourself, your happiness, sadness and your praise for the Lord. It is the voices that keep the environment pleasant and beautiful. One cannot stop the others from talking; it is the right of each one of us. Today’s silence was even more annoying than Mr. Cat’s meow”.

All the birds were embarrassed at what they had done. The owl decided to end the situation right there and expected them to act normally from there on. The next morning was a cheerful one. The singing dove, squawking parrot, the croaking crow were all having lots of fun. And of course, there was Mr. Cat who was meowing at the top of his voice.




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