The lost cat

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



The lost cat


Tania loved her pet cat Luna very much. She was such a pretty cat. She shone so beautifully in the sun, that it looked like she had glitter all over her. All of Tania’s friends in school were very envious of her. Their parents didn’t allow them to keep pets in their house so they always asked Tanya to bring Luna’s pictures. One day there was a pet show at the school all the children very excited to finally get to see Luna. Tanya was also very happy, she asked her mum to help her clean Luna’s basket and placed a soft, pretty pink pillow in it. She decorated the basket with matching pink ribbons too.


Tanya’s mum asked her if she would be able to take care of Luna in the school. Tanya replied of course mum, all my friends will help me to take care of her. I am sure that Luna will win the first prize”.


Next morning at the school she was surprised to see so many pets around. Luna was feeling agitated as many kids had bought their pet dogs. “It’s ok Luna, I’m right here with you”. Tanya tried to calm Luna, but didn’t succeed. She kept fidgeting in her basket. Tanya and her friends walked towards the arena where the cat show would take place.


“Oh, this is a very pretty cat Tanya”, said one of Tanya’s teachers.


“Thank your ma’am”, replied Tanya. “She might actually win the cat show”, the teacher said. Tanya beamed with pride.


One of Tanya’s s friend, Sarah turned green with envy. She couldn't bear it. Everyone was praising Tanya and her pet cat Luna. “Tanya, the science teacher is calling you”, Sarah said. “Oh ok, can you guys look after Luna while I go and check what ma’am is saying. “Yeah sure, we will take care of her”, they assured Tanya. As soon as Tanya walked away Sarah said to the other girls, “hey, do you know, Johnny from the local boy band is in the dog’s section”. “What!”, cried the other girls. They completely forgot their promise to Tanya and ran away.


Sarah picked up Luna’s basket and ran outside the school. She wanted to take Luna to her home, but as she was walking on the sidewalk Luna started crying. She sensed that something was wrong. She wanted to be back with Tanya.  


“Don't be afraid”, said Sarah. “I will take care of you and will give you milk and fish crackers. I will be a better owner then Tanya, you’ll see”. But Luna kept whimpering and weeping, she looked so sad that Sarah also became unhappy. She sat down on the curb and started crying.  


“I don't want to be a bad girl, I don't want to steal you away from Tanya, but we are poor and we cannot afford to get a cat for ourselves”. Sarah started crying now. Luna got up from the basket and sat near Sarah.  


 “Oh, you are a nice Kitty”, said Sarah. “I should take you back to Tanya, she might be very upset”.


She put Luna back in her basket and started walking towards the school again. Over at the school Tanya was crying hysterically because Luna was missing. All her friends were helping her to look for Luna but she was nowhere to be found. Suddenly someone cried, “hey there is Luna; Sarah has her.”


“Oh Tanya, here is Luna. I am so sorry. I am the one who actually took Luna away. I wanted a cat for myself and I thought this was the only way I could get one”. Sarah looked miserable. Tanya became extremely angry when she heard the whole story, but something in Sarah’s face melted Tanya’s heart. She didn't say anything to Sarah.


An announcement on the speakers exclaimed, “it's time for the cat show and competition now. The judges are coming over to check your cats”. Luna was the best cat in the show and won the Blue Ribbon. Tanya was very happy and all her friends were congratulating her. Sarah was sitting alone separately and feeling miserable.


Tanya went up to her and said, “look Sarah, you can come over to my house whenever you want. We are practically next-door neighbors and you can play with Luna all you want”.


Sarah looked up in surprise. “Really?” she said. “Yes, sure, I will be very happy to share Luna with you”.  


Sarah thanked Tanya profusely and both girls became best friends from then onwards.



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