The Cat Who Thought He Was a Dog

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



The Cat Who Thought He Was a Dog


Today was a big day Johnny was going do the pet shop to get a cat. He had been wishing for a cat ever since he was 3 years old but his mum said that he could get one when he would take care of the cat himself. Johnny wanted a ginger colored cat, he loved cats better than dogs but his brother, Sam wanted a dog. Johnny didn't like dogs. They were always jumping around, pulling clothes and eating up shoes. They ripped up homework and newspaper and drooled over everything. They wanted to be taken out for walks and were always begging to play ball.


While Sam loved all this, Johnny was more of an introvert. He like to stay inside and read. That is why he wanted to get a cat. He got up early and got ready to go to the pet shop with his dad. At the shelter, they saw a lot of cats but there was only one Ginger cat. He called out to his father.


“Dad come here, look at this one”. His dad came over to check out the cat that John was pointing at. They called, the owner and told him that they wanted the ginger colored cat. “This one?”, the owner exclaimed, “yeah I want this cat”, Johnny said. “Hmm I am not sure that this would be the right cat for you”, said the owner.


“But I want this one”, cried out Johnny. His father intervened, “what’s wrong with this one here”.


“Actually sir”, the owner replied, “this cat is quite strange. All of the guys here at the shelter believe that he thinks he’s a dog”.  


What!” exclaimed Johnny’s dad. “That’s ridiculous, I think you are just making excuses, we will take this cat”. “Yay!”, Johnny cried. “Ok, ok, no problem I was just trying to warn you”, said the owner.  


Finally, Johnny and dad took the cat home. “Oh, you bought the cat”, said mom when they reached their house, “yes mum isn't it cute, I think I am going to name him Tommy.” “That's a nice name Johnny”, said mom.


 Johnny gave the cat some milk to drink, after it finished drinking the milk, Johnny took the cat to the litter box and started to teach him how to use it. The cat seemed to understand what Johnny was saying. Johnny felt really happy that he got a well-behaved cat. He took the cat upstairs to his bedroom and placed him on a cushion on the floor.


“Why don't you sit here for a while and wait for me to finish my homework”, Johnny told the cat. As he was doing his homework, Johnny noticed that Tom was missing. He looked around the room and heard a scratching sound at the closet door. He found Tom inside, chewing away at his tennis shoes. “Oh no! What are you doing Tom? You ruined my shoes, why would you do such a thing” cried out Johnny. “Come and sit here.” He picked up Tom and placed him on the cushion again. He returned to his homework, but soon afterwards, he heard a loud shriek.


“Johnny!” cried his mum. “What is it mom”, said Johnny as he came down the stairs. “Tom has completely shred the newspaper. I was going to cut coupons out of it but now it is ruined”, said his mom.


“What's wrong with you Tom” said Johnny. “Why are you acting like this?”. He picked up Tom and took him outside to the backyard. But Tom made even more trouble outside. As soon he was out he started to jump around and make sounds like a dog that weren’t woofs but not really meows either. He ran towards the ball, put it in his mouth and brought it to Johnny.


“Hey what are you doing”, Johnny asked in surprise. “You have made my ball all wet. Put it down”. The cat threw the ball out of his mouth but started jumping around it. Then it hit Johnny, the cat was really acting like a dog, just as the pet shop owner had said. “Oh no! what am I going to do with you”. The cat meowed and jumped onto Johnny’s lap and started purring. Johnny liked that. He patted Tom on the head. Oh well, it’s good that you are a cat and dog in one. Both Sam and I can share you. That made Sam very happy and they played cheerfully together.


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