The Cat and The Human

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



The Cat and The Human


Once upon a time there was a cat called Charlie, who lived in a forest with his family. He was always curious to see the world beyond the forest, so one fine day he decided to explore the world and asked for his dad’s permission. His father was initially not in the favor of this adventure, but when he saw that Charlie was adamant to go, he finally agreed.

Before he left, his dad advised Charlie, “my dear child, humans are the most dangerous of all the creatures that you will encounter! Please beware of them”. Charlie thought that his dad was had very orthodox ideas and completely ignored his warning.

He decided to meet humans as part of his adventure and began the journey. He walked a few miles and came across a big, fat elephant. “Is he a human?” he thought to himself and questioned the elephant “are you a human?” to which the elephant replied “no! I’m an elephant; humans are dangerous creatures! You have to keep yourself safe my boy. Despite being the strongest animals, we are unable to evade the cruelty of humans. They imprison us in zoos and make us work in the circus”.

After a while he met a camel. “What a tall unusual creature!” Charlie eagerly asked the camel if he was a human.

“Why are you even talking about a human?” the camel answered apprehensively, “if a human saw me, he will make me carry his heavy load on my back”.

“You are all petrified for no reason”, Charlie mumbled and moved ahead.

After a while he found a bull, enjoying his meal. He repeated his question to the bull. As soon as the bull heard the word “human” he turned around and exclaimed frightfully, “humans! Where? Where are they? Are they coming here?”.

“I actually don’t know sir”, said Charlie. “Then why did you take their name? Do you have any idea what will they do if they ever find me? They will use me as their cart in scorching heat and if I’ll die, they will turn my skin into shoes!”, the bull spoke angrily.

“He seems to be a coward too”, Charlie muttered and moved on.

He walked for a few miles to finally come across a woodcutter. “How strange is this animal, Lean! Weak! And why is he not walking on four feet? He doesn’t have a tail too”. Charlie felt bad for this creature and inquired “which animal are you my poor friend”? “I’m a human”, said the woodcutter. Charlie was shocked and said that he was told that humans are very dangerous. The woodcutter smiled and answered softly, “we do not harm anybody; however, we know many tricks that could mislead others about us, do you want to see a trick little boy”? Asked the woodcutter, Charlie agreed excitedly.

The woodcutter used his saw and cut out a big shaft of a tree, splitting it into two pieces and dug a hole in it. He told Charlie to try and fit his head into the hole. Charlie, eager to see a trick, did as he was told. The woodcutter quickly joined the shafts with the help of nails. Charlie’s head was stuck in the hole. The woodcutter laughed menacingly and mocked Charlie for trusting him.

Charlie tried his level best to get himself free, but he was helpless; trapped because of the human’s deception. Tired of crying and hoping for rescue, he spent hours in endless struggle until he saw someone come near him. To his utter shock, it was a human again; a hunter. Charlie was taken over by fright, thinking his death was surely imminent now.

As the hunter came near, he felt pity for Charlie and set him free by breaking the shaft into pieces. The freed kitten was astonished by this and inquisitively asked the hunter “sir, you are a human, and humans are dangerous. Then why did you set me free?”. The hunter smiled and patted Charlie on his head. “All animals are same. It’s just their nature that is different. Some are good and some are evil. If a human wants to do good deeds, nothing can stop him from being kind and caring”.

 Charlie was pleased that he met someone who cleared his misconceptions. He realized that all humans are not the same. The world is full of dishonest and evil people but just as there are good animals in the jungle, the world is also filled with humans who are kindhearted and thoughtful.

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