The Little Kitten

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Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



The Little Kitten


Once upon a time, there lived a family of three cats in a dark forest; a father, a mother and a son. The three cats were enjoying a happy life. Being the only child, he was very pampered by his parents and they would fulfill his every unusual demand. With the passage of time, the kitten developed a naughty, demanding nature and became very mischievous. Knowing the fact that his parents will forgive him every time, he started to take their advice for granted. The kitten loved teasing his parents and doing things he was told not to. He would often play around and get himself into trouble. But his father was always there to save him and teach him about the threats in the forest.

His father repeatedly used to warn him about an evil python that resided in the forest. The cunning nature of the python was famous among all the animals of the forest. The python would go to any extent to get what he wanted.

One fine day, after having lunch, the kitten’s parents went to take a nap. The curious kitten saw this as a golden opportunity to run off and play in the forest. The overly confident kitten, thinking that no harm would come to him, went out to explore. As he was strolling around the forest, he saw rays of light coming from much further ahead. He went to see where the light was coming from. As he came closer to the sparkling bright lights, he found out that they were the python’s eyes, shining brilliantly.

The kitten was stunned by fright and his throat went dry. He turned back to run for his life but the python grasped him by his tail. The python was overjoyed to catch a delicious supper for himself without having to hunt for one.

He was very happy that he would not have to go hunting tonight, as it was about to rain and all the little animals hid away when it rained. He strengthened his grip around the kitten and started moving towards his tree. The poor kitten tried every possible method to escape but all went in vain. Suddenly, the clouds began to thunder and it began to rain heavily.

When the python approached his tree, something happened and he started to lose his grip around the kitten. He tried to climb up the tree with the kitten, but then, he felt the grip loosen. The kitten managed to escape and fell on the ground. The python seeing this, rushed towards him but the kitten managed to run quickly and found a cave to hide in.

While in the cave kitten recalled how his parents used to help him and how they were always there to rescue him from all kind of dangers, but this time he was left all alone and helpless.

The poor kitten waited in the cave for the storm to end. The hungry, helpless cat waited the whole night, praying for his dad to somehow find him and take him back home.

The next morning, the rain stopped and the sun was bright. The kitten left the cave. Out of nowhere, there came an owl and said excitedly, “There you are! Where have you been young boy? Your father has been looking for you everywhere, to which the kitten replied, “you met my father! where? I’m lost! I wish I could go back home.”

The owl explained to the kitten that he was his father’s old friend and he was looking for him. The kitten was pleased, but due to the incident with the python, he was reluctant to believe the owl and so declined his offer to take him home. The owl asked him to stay where he was while he brought his father there.

A few moments later the owl brought the kitten’s father. The kitten was overjoyed to see his father and embarrassed at the same time that he had made such a big blunder by not heeding his advice. The kitten’s father explained to the kitten, how lucky he had been this time to be saved and that he should never do such a thing again. Even if he wanted to go exploring the forest alone, he should at least inform his father or mother before leaving. The kitten was ashamed, but he was very glad to be reunited with his family again. The kitten realized that this time he had made a big mistake. He apologized to his parents and promised them that he would always follow their advice.


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