Vicky's Magical Coin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Paws For Reading

Vicky's magical coin take her and her friend Honey on a very magical adventure

Vicky’s Magical Coin


Chapter 1:

After reading a sign that read:







Oh gross, I really hope they’re just kidding.”

 Vicky Dragonfly giggled as they walked down the fairgrounds

 towards its gift shop

Which looked small from the outside.

 But inside was like a large warehouse with shelves filled with

 magic books and other magic stuff

Daisy Penguin opened a deck of playing cards and flipped

 through them.

 Each card was the ace of spades

“That’s dumb who would buy something like this.”

 She thought to herself frowning.


 She was about to place them back

When she heard Tommy scream

“Help, I just clipped off part of my tail!”

She dropped the deck of cards to the floor and ran over

 to him

“Oh my god!” Let me see!”

“Aww, you really care!”

 By the way are you missing something?”

Tommy Cub asked with a big grin on his face


 you big jerk!” You nearly scared me half to death!”

She yelled

“And give me back my phone

How did you take it anyways?” Daisy added.

 Tommy only laughed before she answered

“A true magician never gives away his secrets!”


Daisy was so upset that the only thing she could think of doing

 was to give him a big push

Causing him to fall backwards and into a fat toad

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Well, hello kids, I’m Mr. Burns; the owner of this store.

 Can I help you kids, with anything?”

“What’s the price of this magic coin?” Vicky asked him

“Ah, excellent choice!

 You’ll surly lose any coin toss with that two-headed coin

“Just don’t call out tails while tossing it!” Mr. Burns laughed


Chapter 2:

Two days later Vicky was telling her friend Honey Kitten all about

 her new coin

“Okay, if your so sooo sure you’ll win.

 If it lands on tails, I’ll give you my nutty bars

“But if it lands on head.

 You’ll give me your chocolate pudding.”

 Honey Kitten was telling her


Vicky felt a bit bad for not telling Honey that her coin was

 a two-headed one.

 But figured she was planning on sharing her dessert

 with her anyway

So Honey shouldn’t be that upset once she found out

“Okay deal!”

 Vicky laughed as she tossed the coin high in the air

“Hey, where did it roll to?”

“I think it rolled over by those bushes.”

 Honey told her.

 They both bumped their heads when they dove for the coin at

 the same time


Suddenly the playground seemed to disappeared and

 everything change

“Whoa, where did the playground disappeared to?”

Honey cried out

“Ouch, don’t know. My head is to busy spinning to tell.”

 Vicky groaned

“I don’t like this.

 Not only did the playground disappear but it looks like the

 whole neighborhood is gone.”

Vicky added as she looked around

“Me neither.

 Let’s go and see if we can find someone who can tell us

 what’s going on?” Honey answered


Chapter 3:

They walked until they came upon a golden path that lead to

a castle door

“Okay, I’ll wait here. While you go and knock.” Honey told her

“Me?” Why don’t you go and I’ll wait here.” Vicky frowned

“Okay, okay, let’s just go over there

I think I saw a bright light coming out of that hut

 maybe, we can help in there.” Honey shrugged.


They slowly walked in and saw a chubby boar standing over an open

 fire fixing a horse shoe

“Umm, excuse me sir.

 Can you please tell us where we are?”

 We seem a little lost and need some help.” Vicky asked.

 The boar turned around and frowned

“Who are you?”

 And what silly kingdom allows you to walk around wearing silly costume

“We don’t belong to only kingdom we live in Rocky Shores.

 But it disappeared and we just need help going back home.”

 Vicky began

“I see, well, stay right here and don’t try to try to escape.

 While I go find you help.”

 The boar sneered before he took off


“I think we should get out of here before he comes back.

 I don’t think he’s going to help us.” Vicky told Honey.

 And before she had a chance to respond an angry voice cried

 from the door way

“Don’t be foolish little one!”

 The only place you’re going is with us!”


They walked in silence all the way back to the castle.

 Once inside a growling voice cried out

“Excellent job, you capture them!”

“Yes, they went to hide inside the horse shoe maker hut.”

 One of the guard proudly answered

“Captured who?” Vicky frowned

“Why you!” You, two have beheaded our king!”

 The old boar smirked

“What?” That’s nuts!”

 We didn’t do anything, we don’t even know how we got here!”

 Honey yelled

“Yah, you’re making a big mistake.” Vicky added


 The only mistake that was made was you two fools thinking that you’d

 get away with it!” The old boar growled

“Did you really believe wearing those silly costumes would save you

from begin captured?”

He added

“But we’re not wearing any silly costumes.

 We dress like this every day.” Honey sobbed.


 The old boar gave her an uncertain look before he ordered his guards

“Take them to see the king!”


Chapter 4:

At the end of the far wall sitting at a wooden table was the king.

 Both Vicky and Honey screamed in terror

When they noticed that he was headless. The old boar bowed then smiled

“I’m pleased to report that we’ve captured your assassins.”


The girls screamed again when the headless king raised his paw

 and began to write

On a piece of paper. That was laid out in front of him

“How can he still be alive if he doesn’t have a head?”

Honey cried.


 They all ignored her outburst as the old boar read what the king wrote

out loud:





“We didn’t do anything, why doesn’t anyone believe us!”

 Vicky yelled


 The headless king slammed his paw on the table

Then began to read again:





A few seconds later they were just outside the towers cell door

“Now before we lock you do you’ve any last words?”

 The old boar asked frowning

“Yes I do,

my friend Vicky and I’d never nor did we ever hurt the king.

 We don’t even belong here and just want to go back home.”

 Honey sobbed

“Well, that was a complete waste of time.

Guard lock them in!” The old boar smirked

“No wait!”

“We’ll flip you for our freedom.”

Vicky suddenly cried out.


 The old boar looked at her with a confused look on his face

“I’ve a coin in my pocket.

 If it lands on heads you agree to let us go and help us

 get back home.

 But if it lands on tails we’ll confess.” Vicky explained

“Fair enough, but I must warn you that.

 I never lost in a coin toss in my life.” The boar laughed

“Okay here, it goes!”

 Vicky cried as she threw her coin in the air


“How is that possible?”

 I never lose.” The old boar growled


“So, you’re going to let us go. Right? Honey hopefully asked

The old boar evilly grinned

“Throw them in and lose the key!”

“No wait!”

 That wasn’t our bet you promised us that you’d let us go.”

 Honey began

“Oh, sorry little one. But I’ve a bad habit of lying.”

 The old boar grinned

Chapter 5:

Oh great, now what?”

 they’re going to keep us locked up in this icky place forever.”

Honey mumbled

“That’s what you think we’re getting out of here

right now.” Vicky smiled holding up the key

“Whoa, how did you do that?” Honey cried out

“I’ll tell you later.

 Let’s get out of here before those goons decide to come back.”

 Vicky answered her placing the key inside the lock and clicking

 it open.

 They ran out and kept running until they couldn’t run anymore


Once they were safely outside Honey turned to Vicky

“I was thinking.

 This all happened when we both bumped our heads

 when we went after the coin at the same time


“Maybe, if we do it again it’ll take us back home.”

“Sounds good. Okay, here it goes.”

 Vicky shrugged as she threw the coin in the air.

 When it landed they both went for it

Nothing happened


“Well, it was worth a try.


 But I got another idea why don’t we try and find the king’s head.”

 Vicky told her

“Oh yah, right and how are we going to do that?”

 Honey frowned. They walked around the town when they came

across a small hut

“Let’s start in here. I wonder why there so much.” Vicky began

“Well, well, and who might you two be?”

A voice from behind interrupted

“Oh, hi, well sir we’re visiting from a very far, far land in the hopes

 that we’d find the best.” Honey began

“Hay!” Vicky finished for her

“Oh, well if you’re looking for the best hay then.

You should go to the barn yard behind the castle.”

 The boar told them

“Oh thanks, come on Honey;

 let’s go before all the best hay is gone.”

Vicky quickly answered pushing Honey out the door


Chapter 6:

A few minutes later they were searching through big mountains of hay.

 And just when it seemed like it was a big waste of time

Vicky found the king’s head

“Oh wow, I can’t believe it.

You actually found it!” Honey laughed

“Me neither. Let’s go back and tell the king.”

 Vicky smiled.


 When they walked back they tried to tell the old boar what

 they found

But he only smirked

“Nosey fools!”

 I knew all along where his head was since I’m the one who did it

“And soon I’ll take over and completely get rid of the rest

 of him

But first, I’ll make sure to finally get rid of you before the

king finds out.”

And before any of them could answer an angry voice cried out

from inside the bag that Vicky was holding







“Silence!” The king barked

“As soon as I’m reunited with my body.

 I’ll make sure that you’re banished from this kingdom forever.

“And now young lady if you don’t mind.” He added.

 Vicky nodded then slowly took his head out of the bag and placed it

 back on his body


Chapter 7:

Guards!” lock up our good friend here and throw away

the key!”


Once the guards were gone the king turned to Vicky and Honey

 and asked

“Now, tell me again how you kids, wandered into my kingdom.”

They quickly took turns in telling him the whole story start

to finish

“Let me see this coin that you speak of.”


Vicky carefully took her coin out of her pocket and gave it to him.

 When he looked at it he told them

“The face on this coin looks a lot like the one with my face on it.”


“Yes, here I’ll show you.”

He took out a box in where he kept his coins and tossed one

 over to them

“Here, you may keep this one as a token for helping me.”


Chapter 8:

Both Vicky and Honey went to catch the coin and just like before

they bumped heads

And everything went black


Minutes later;

“Hey look. We’re back!”

 Honey cried out happily as she pointed towards

 the playground

“Yah, I guess we did what we were meant to do.

 And as a reward it brought us back.” Vicky smiled

“Hey where have you two been?”

 Lunch time is almost over and we’ve been looking all over for you.”

 Tommy Cub frowned

“That my friend, is a very long, long, story.

One that not even in your wildest dreams would ever going

 to believe.”

Honey laughed

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006


Submitted: November 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Cookiestorys. All rights reserved.

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