Tear in the eyes of princess

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Deadly sadness of a little girl

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



It is one of the saddest experience of my life. I realised the sadness of that cute little girl. The incident was like this. I was on a train journey from my home to my college. It took about 6 hrs to reach my college. I was returning after a long holiday. The journey was quite boring.so i just put my earphones and was listening songs casually. Time was passing quite slowly according to me and i was a little irritate. During train journey in india one can see many beggars begging inside the train. It is a common scene in indian trains. That day also i saw many beggars on that train. I gave coins to some two or three of them. But then i was a little annoyed. So just to avoid them i acted like sleeping. But suddenly by a jerk on my leg, i woke up. I wondered what happened. Then i looked aside and saw a there was a little girl begging me for food. The girl must be of 8 or 9 years old. Her face was full of sorrowness. Whole body was dirty with dust. She was wearing an old little frock which was half stitched. She was sweeping the floor of the train and then begging the passengers for some food or money. I just took that situation casual as i have seen many small children begging for in the trains with their father or mother. I gave her a coin and touched blessed her by touching her forehead and said go. The situation became normal and i was again ready to listen songs on my cellphone. I was putting the earcords in my ear. Then suddenly something happened which caught my attention again. I saw that the girl was not alone. She had another little girl with her. The little girl might be of 3 or 4 years old and perhaps she was her sister. I was watching everything what was happening at that time. The girl was sweeping the floor upto a little distance , begging passengers and then coming back to take his little sister. Then she was making her to sit on the floor and again sweeping the floor. Other people was also like me and they were taking the girl casual like other beggars. But i could the deep sorrow in the eyes of that girl. After continuing this for sometime the girl became tired and sat at the end near the toilet. She was holding the little child in her arms. It seemed thst the girl was mentally quite strong. But all her strength became weak after a moment. The little child was very hungry and she asked her, " didi ( sister) please give me some food. I am feeling very hungry. Please didi". The girl counted her begged money and said that " No dear, i havenot enough money to buy food till now. But you please dont cry, wait for a little. I will sweep and buy you food." The little was very hungry and crying. At that time the girl started sweeping again but i could clearly see the tears in her eyes for not being able to give food to her sister. I was watching all these and just sitting like a statue. It just made my eyes filled with tears. Can u imagine such a condition ? The age at which a little girl should play with toys and enjoy her childhood like a princess,at that age that girl was suffering like hell. If anyone can visualise this condition then i guarantee his eyes will not remain dry....

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