True Happiness

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This is a true story that makes people be more tolerant of each other. The story shows how a little boy, Denik, has a big heart. Denik has written this story with plenty of true emotions. In fact,
the way he sees the world is what most people can not see which is considered one of the best skills of humanity. Grandmother.

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



True Happiness…

By Denik Zuvaydov

5th Grade Student of Pioneer Academy 307

“Here I am in the cold...on a tree. Now, why am I here?”  It's a long story about my terrible birthday. Even though it was a bad birthday, it helped me to realize what true happiness is. The real happiness is when you have your family.

On March 21, 2015, I called my dad asking him to hold my birthday in his apartment. I asked because he had a Play Station4, which I wanted to show to my friends but the tone of my father's voice baffled me, "I don't like strangers in my home and you know it" he said. My bagging and annoying him helped, with a cold and distant voice he said, "Fine, you may." Then he gave his address and directions. I could not contain my happiness and rushed call my friends. Without spilling any information I invited my friends and gave them my fathers address and directions that he gave me. With overflowing joy, I went to sleep, with a big smile on my face. The next morning I literally danced my way through school. In an instant, my plans for my best day started tumbling down a hill, all the sparkles and music stopped, one of my friends, who suppose to come to my birthday, started throwing up out of nowhere. That was the start of a bad day. My dad picked me up from the school and we went to his apartment. My joy turned into panic and anger since my friends were late, horribly late. I was choking from panic and fear of being alone on my birthday. Finally, came one, my friend, this was better than none. I was breathing and smiling, but the second wave started crushing me further, down into the soil, making me want to hide, run or both. My father, out of nowhere asked everyone to leave when my friend just came.  “Let him in…” I asked my dad. “It is time to leave!” said my dad.

That was my birthday, my best day and it was crumbling down. I could not let this to happen, I could not let this day to become a nightmare for the rest of my life. I had an epiphany; we could take my birthday to my grandmother's. I have told my dad about the plan, after stalling a while, he finally agreed. We went into the car and in the middle of the highway my dad speeded up to the point that my friends couldn't keep up and got lost. I started to panic and begged my dad to slow down. However, he would not listen and they got lost. When we got into grandmother's house, I explain everything to my grandma and mom and they suggested to call them and we all were waiting for them outside. That is how I ended up in a tree.

Two and half hours past, yet there was no sign of them. I was getting upset, sinking into the madness and pain. Seeing my condition my grandmother proposed a new plan, a Japanese restaurant, a pie from sushi. We went back inside and my grandmother announced the news and my family, grandmother, my grandfather, mom, brother, and uncle all celebrated my birthday in the fancy Japanese restaurant. That was my best day that brightened my cold and dark memories. Best of all, at the end of the celebration, the waiter brought an amazing ice cream cake. Tears started flowing, it was a real happiness, and there was no explanation and understanding, plain and simple family celebration with my family.

In fact, this small moment in my life has helped me to understand that having your family by your side is a real happiness. This is why I call it True Happiness, which helped me to realize that the real happiness is when your family is by your side.  Since then, I appreciate having my mom, grandma, grandpa, uncle, and all them with me. As an update, I have my step-dad, a baby sister, and aunt (my uncle’s wife) now, which is a complete piece of happiness.



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