The absolute normality of feeling numb

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How does one explain the Feeling of numbness to a loved one? What even is numbness? Is it actually an emotion that should be recognized by others, or just an Illusion that we cling onto, when we
can't make sense of our life?

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017




All my life has become is numb

Am I crazy for fearing it?
Am I insane because I hate it?

Is living not what I thought it was?


Listen, friend do you feel the same?
An endless path, with no end to it

Forced to walk on it with no complaint

Or can I just not deal with real life?


Will it be like this forever?

Forced to be numb, even when we’re together

Dull is our life, I notice every time

That I don’t feel emotion when I’m with you


Should I stay and let the darkness eat me away

Should I leave and throw myself into the next knife

Sharpened and ready to end my life

To crush me with heavy cuts

To make me experience intense pain

Just so that it won’t feel the same

To make me feel emotion again?


I know that I might sound out of my mind

But I believe that I’m just blind

To the components of normal life

Without a rush, without joy, without pain

Contempt and silent, without shame


Or am I too dramatic

Overly blue

That I might never miss you

Once you’re gone?


I don’t know, do you care?

That we’ll grow up, that I’ll be scared

By how emotionless life has become

And that it’ll stay like this until I’m gone?







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