Beef Burgerette

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Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



Beef Burgerette


The scorching heat of the morning glimpsed over the bitter mug of coffee, lying adjacent to the desk. The chair, crumpled with leather that made an unpleasant squeak everytime you placed your buttox on the square-faced side. He notices a piece of paper on the edge of the desk, as his eyes slowly eye down the paper, a mist of sorrow passes through him. It wasn’t just a resignation, but an end of a friendship, from the day he walked into the 1x2 meter desk, with her on the other side. To having her sign each and every football kit that he bought, he never thought this day would come.


He devours his coffee, disgusted with what laid in front of him, as he trembles towards the machine to refill, he glances to his right and see’s boxes of her old certificates, awards, photographs including when they both solved the infamous Robie Jordan case. It wouldn’t be the same, exiting out the marble crusted lift, seeing her flourishing red hair lying over her fair skin. With blue eyes that you couldn’t stop looking at. She was irreplaceable, no matter the day or the problem, she knew what to do.


The heat of the moment melted him, he punches the lift button in annoyance and grinds his teeth as the lift number stays on 32. With an office on top of all the 60 floors, it was the dream job for him. He goes down, in need of a burger. He orders the usual Beef Burgerette with Mild Fries. As he is about to whip out his recently purchased wallet, he spots a sign of red in the corner of his eye. The Greece of the burger spills onto his hairy calf, covered in veins, like emerald shards.


He walks over to her, hoping for her not to scream in rage while he is still unsure about the whole situation. As he makes eye contact with her, he notices the brown eyes, freckled face, and Australian accent. Although it wasn’t the one he was looking for, it was his ex-girlfriend who found out he cheated on her last weekend.


He holds his mouth in disgust, apologizing for the whole situation and trying to explain the fact as to why he approached her in the first place. While he thinks he is charming her into forgiving him,

“Looking for your ex-secretary are you?” She laughs away,

“I saw her sob out of the lift, I couldn’t help but wonder what you did now”,

“Do you know where she went?”, He replies, begging for a reply

“You think that I would ever tell you, after everything you’ve done?.” She says as a drip of fuming sweat runs down the thick patch of makeup on her cheek.

“Ok I’ll tell you one condition, you stay away from me.”,

“Deal” He happily responds.

“She went to sit at Papa Jon’s about 10 minutes ago.” She says with a bitter regret

“Thank You so much” He replies with the biggest smile on his face.


He walks away with his bulky arms on either side of his body, with a filthy expression. The deafening sound of car horns illuminated all surrounding as he opens the shiny red door of Papa Jon’s Diner.


As the cold air brushes against his nervously pale skin, along with the banging bells. He notices the flourishing red hair alongside 5 guzzled milkshakes, from strawberry to chocolate oreo. As he walks towards the table, his tom ford, leather coated loafers make an abrupt stomping noise that distracted her, as they make eye contact, he gets lost in the different flavors of her eyes shiny blue.


He sits on the other side with the back of his grey blazer lying against the stuffy red cushion of the chair, as he examines her face, he notices that she look oddly happy, no words could explain the confusion that went through his mind. The resignation letter, the no contact, how did it all make sense?


“What happened, why did you resign?” He questioned her, clenching his fists,

“I, I, I got a new job. I’m the new CEO of Eagle’s Cross” She says with a tear dripping down her face,

“Wait, do you mean THE Eagle’s Cross, like the multi-billion dollar worth?” He replies startly

“Yeah, Yes, sorry I couldn’t message you. I dropped my phone when I got the text.

They both get up, and squeeze each other’s body against each other like lovers would. As she sits back down, getting back to her work, as a drip or sorrow runs down his cheek, he walks off, thrusting his mouth scraped tissue onto the rusty cemented floor.


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