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Lia gets stuck in a place no one else can help her get out of.

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017





The chatmessages continued to flow and keeping track of who's who became difficult. She wanted to check all of the faces and remember their names. Who am I kidding? Who even wants to be my friend? Her classmates are sending messages to their group chat.

This is James. Here's my number. Nice to meet you all!

Hi James! It's good to see you too.

Hello! I'm Grace, the girl in the blue dress this morning. It's so nice meeting all of you. Here's my number!

Hi Grace!

Hi Ms. Pretty! Nice to see you! I sent you a message. Save my number! :)

It was the first day of classes and everyone seemed to start making friends already. Except for her. She was not able to attend the orientation because her mom didn't want to drive her to school. It was too far away and she said she had a headache. Although she seemed okay when she chatted with her sister later that afternoon.

Heyyyy!!! I'm Jill! See you next week! I'm so excited! :))))

Hi Jill!


Hey Jill!!

Whenever someone posts something, someone would reply and they would exchange phone numbers. The sense of panic struck her. How am I going to catch up? Who will I have lunch with next week? The class president told everyone that they should all comment their numbers on the thread so that they can contact each other easily. Finally, she had the courage to post her phone number on her class's group chat. It was compulsary, after all.

Hi, I'm Lia. Here's my number...

A few seconds went by. No reply.

Hi I'm Kate! See you all next week!

Hi Kate! Let's sit together at Chem class! I need you!!! <3

Lia's eyes started to tear up as she stares at the screen waiting for a notification or a message to pop up. A few seconds, a few minutes. Still nothing. She then shut her laptop off and got her tablet from the nightstand. She watched an episode of the series she's been watching. Her room was dark when she woke up.

She couldn't sleep after that and decided to take a walk at the park. She put on her hood and went out through the backdoor. She took some cold sandwich from the fridge to give to her dog. She ran two blocks from her house and when she was far enough, she took in the midnight air and started praying. God, if you're real, please take me right now. I have no use in this world. No one would miss me if I disappear. Just take me please. No one answered her but the rustling of trees and the sound of the patrol engine driving around the neighborhood. She knows her parents would kill her if she's seen outside at this hour so she hid from tree to tree, hoping that she won't  get caught.

She walked slowly, careful not to be seen by the patrol. I'm trying to have at least a moment of silence for my  crazy depressed moment. Is that hard to give, God? Why are you so cruel?!

Her head throbs from crying and her hands are getting numb. She was wearing her jacket but she's only wearing shorts and slippers. To her luck, she felt a drop of rain on her nose. Her heart sank. Really? You're not even allowing me to walk anymore? She stopped under a shed and got the phone from her pocket. It's her only source of light but despite the dark and the solitude, she felt no fear. She just felt...miserable.

She scrolled through her contacts when she realized something. There's no one in her contacts who will budge to pick her up. She's not comfortable asking help from any one of them. She's not even comfortable with being seen crying. How much more if she'll be seen red-eyed, alone, and cold under this shade. She balled her eyes out even more. God, I'm pathetic. She then summoned up all her courage and clicked on probably the nicest person to her. He sat behind her in all of their classes and he's nice enough to not make fun of her in any way. They're not that close though, but that's a good thing so he probably won't ask too much questions. He's nice enough. He'll help me. She thought.

She texted him. Help.

Waiting is the worst kind of suffering. She knows that too well. Her phone's screen lit up after a few minutes.

Where are you?

She immediately felt relieved. Suddenly, the night seemed brighter. I knew there are still some gentlemen in the world. Someone still cares. Thank you, God.

I'm at the shed near the park. Will you come get me? Lia replied.

That's weird. He's willing to help even if he doesn't know me? She thought. Maybe he's nicer than I thought. She felt a little hurt though that he didn't have her phone number. She vaguely remembered that they exchanged numbers before. Well, he gave her his number for the group project and she texted him so that he can save her number. So he didn't save it? Her phone lit up again.

Who is this by the way?


She's feeling quite ashamed now that she knows he doesn't really know who he's helping. Maybe he thinks I'm a different person. He might not have offered help had he known it was me, then.

It's Lia. I'm stuck here. It's raining. It took about 5 minutes before the phone lit up again.

Damn it, Lia! I thought it was one of the guys. We had a fight earlier with Alphans.  I thought someone got hit or something. It's not raining anymore. Go home.

Help! :(

She smiled to herself and realized it wasn't raining anymore. What were you thinking stupid? No one's going to get you.

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