Those Who Weep

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Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



Copyright © 2017
Victor Darnell Hadnot

The procession goes on like the day
 Ray of sunshine in other a dismalness
Support of shadows across the field
Irish corn fields about the windy glen

Of shadows passing the ruby cheeked children
Playing toss it about the streets dogs barking
A cunning spirit trying to subvert the soul
Steal the soul so that there is no life

Life like the thing that makes us human
Without it we are no better than tools in hand
A lawnmower or a vacuum cleaner does work
But ambulates and has not life God given

Yes a shadow of life and an alien consciousness
Gesture of hands as fingers motion they conjure

But what gives often is taken a child’s broken
Merriment plays a song of those who weep

Bradley Turner was a self made man or that was what the media liked to say about him when they were saying nice things about him at all. Born in the Mid West with very little going for him. His parents were poor and at one point got caught up in the horrible legal injustices that constantly afflict the poor. His father and mother lost their jobs because technology moved faster than education and they found themselves replaced with robots. Machines that did what they all once did, but the machines didn’t have to sleep or eat or give a damn about family or friends.

Bradley said, “The question is not the way to please the gods it is the way to please them and please yourself at the same time.”

So what do the cheap ass crooks elected to power do? They pass laws outlawing the very social blithe corrupt money and lobbying caused. His family became homeless. In that climate if you were homeless it was a crime not to have money enough to take care of yourself and family. Forget about the fact that it was the filthy pieces of shit elected to office that caused the problem in the first place. Soulless servants of Satan greedy for the false god called wealth and Earthly power.

Favaien Crosso was a planet in the Orion cluster. It had over a million souls living on it and the planet was covered with luscious vegetation. The thing that made it different from other planets in the United Planets Confederation was that the beings living on the planet were all handicapped.

As a result of this fact the people living on the planet came up with very advanced ways of dealing with their handicaps. When the planet joined the Confederation other planets took notice of the advanced methods and began to ask the government if they could trade and share some of their advances in eyesight technology and spinal restoration technology. So the planet became extremely popular for their inventions and devices which helped many on other planets live productive lives.

Favaien uttered, “I often ponder the ways of man the ways of life and I have found in my thoughts that one thing happens to us all and that is that we die. Be us rich or poor.”

On the planet Ukrenus 7 there was a turn in the war. Millions of people had been killed before the Confederation was called to mediate a peace. For lack of another explanation the planet was engaged in civil war over the genetic purity of its population. Certain markers that the governments had deemed desirable were rewarded while others were put to death.

Obark Helos was one of the millions who were deemed to be unfit to live. His parents had managed to hide him when he was born She managed to place him in a basket and hide him amongst the tall reeds in the water when the officials came looking for him. Most women who had children that they knew were subject to death because of the Genetic Wars took to hiding their young so that in hope their children might live but with the grace of God Almighty some did manage to survive.

Obark spoke, “If man should live a million years and then a million more it would be as nothing because there can be death in the living. A man can be dead inside and alive on the outside.”

There was something special about the city the rich man looked out upon his domain knowing in his heart that he owned all that he saw. The big buildings that seemed to touch the clouds and vault unto the heavens. The low parts that supported the lives of the powerful who stood upon the backs of the workers. The preciousness of the wealth that kept the mighty happy and the poor sad kept on going the cycle of economic despair for the masses and the cycle of happiness for the very powerful.

The rich man looked out upon his city and saw all of this and was well pleased with himself because the gods of the wealthy had blessed him so much. His belief was simple if the gods loved you they made you wealthy and the more loved you were by the gods the more rich you became.

© Copyright 2018 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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