Live your Life

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I'm on my path; you are on your path; they're on their path. And yet, we can all come together and make a community. My poem.

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



You must get it into your head,

Everyone has their own way to live.

Some who don't care, others full of dread,

Many more sympathetic, ready to give.


Each and everyone of us love in a different way,

According to what those invisible waves inside of us are doing.

We have a good or bad day,

That sometimes lead to our ruin.


But if we take a hold, and come to our senses,

Life would be more tolerable.

We'd have the energy to jump the high fences,

Then we could lay our cards on the table.


There are some things you can do, some you can't,

You can do or say whatever you want.

Bear in mind, you'll pay, if you break the law,

We know life is tough, life is raw.


Go out and have your fun,

Eat your cake, eat your bun.

Live your life and stop complaining,

Some days are sunny, other are raining.


Live your life, try to live it well,

Sometimes it's hard, like being in hell.

Yet days come, and put a smile on your face,

Let you know, you're part of the human race.

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