should parents discipline their teens by using technology?

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this essay argues why technology is the best way to discipline teens.

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017




Growing up, the two punishments I feared most were not being allowed to be with my friends, or not being allowed to watch sports on TV. Now as a teenager, those two punishments still occur, but what has started to become the most popular punishment is my parents taking my phone when I misbehave. For me personally, I don’t like getting my phone taken, it flat out sucks and makes me regret what I did. Watching games on TV is something I love to do, and I hate losing the ability to do that just as much. Technology has a big part of my discipline, and my friends are the same way, they all say that they despise losing their phone as a punishment. The best way for parents to discipline their teens is by taking their technology.

Kids today live on their phone more than anything else. They are obsessed with them and cannot stop, it is what entertains them in this day and age. According to, 69% of kids use their cell phone as their main source of entertainment.  That’s about 7/10 kids! Losing your main source of entertainment is something that any kid will desire to get back. If that many kids use their phone as their main source of entertainment, than taking their phone would certainly be the most effective method of discipline you can use.

Did you know that there are fewer than 25% of teens that talk to their friends outside of school using “ANY method (, Daniel 1)” outside of their cell phone? Most teenagers don’t even enjoy to socialize with their friends face-to-face, they prefer to talk to them using technology. Don’t waste time grounding them from going out with their friends when they are going to sit in their rooms on their phones and talk to them anyway. When you take your teenagers phone, it is a much more effective punishment, and they will not want to lose their cell phone again, they need them.

Parents already have learned that taking technology is the most effective form of discipline, a new pew research center report finds that 65% of parents take away cell phones or Internet privileges as a punishment for their teens. That rate has grown over time, and as technology becomes a bigger part of our lives than it already is, that percentage will grow. According to, texting has already become the "preferred” method of communication, rather than talking to their peers (Daniel 2). Kids would rather text their friends then talk to them in person. There is no need to ground them if they just want to talk to them over snapchat.

The thing about teens getting grounded is that they think it is extremely unfair, and sometimes it is. However, when a parent takes their teenager’s phone, there is nothing wrong with it, in fact parents have the right, since most parents are paying for the phone anyway. According to, over 91% of teens say their cell phones are paid for by their parents. Having a phone is a privilege if it is being paid for by the parent, and it is in there every right to be able to take the phone back.

Some people might say that technology is not the best way to discipline teenagers. This is false because when you’re grounding teens, you are telling them they can’t go to the movies or go to Kings Island. Yes, there are about 30% of teenagers who might think that this is worse than losing their cell, but 70% of kids will say that being grounded is not a big deal, they can go up to their room and use their phone as their entertainment. Yes, grounding high schoolers might work to some degree, but they will feel the effects of the punishment much more when their phone is taken.

The generation of kids today live on their phones, so it would only make sense that taking your teenager’s cell phone is the best way to discipline them. They are your child, so you can discipline them however you'd like, but when it comes to making that tough decision of how to discipline your teenager, stats don’t lie; taking their phone is the route to go.


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