I Know

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Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



I know

Every cell in your body is scared. Each one is afraid for its own reason. But they all want you to hide

It’s funny how you push everyone away so that you can be alone. It’s funny because you actually do not want to be alone; but you think you have to push them away to justify what you feel – empty!

You hate me because you think I have a life so easy

You hate me because you think I can’t see how miserable you are

I can hear how empty your laughs are… I can see the darkened streaks salted water and mascara have made while finding its way from your cat shaped eyes to the ground

I know about all the years of hidden thoughts that are so deep you are drowning in them

I can feel that your heart is yearning and reaching out for comfort; for someone: but you don’t believe I care

You think your walls give you comfort... you think the darkness helps you blend in because it’s as dark as you feel – Pitch Black

You think the coldness makes me feel some of what you feel

You are angry all the time. You are careless and reckless all in a bid to feel better about yourself… but all of these are sucking your soul and soon there would be nothing left but an empty void... an endless streak of nothing

You feel so hollow. Nothing seems important. Your accomplishments feel like nothing and everything in your life just seems meaningless

Now you are convinced that you want to die as you secretly wish that you could suck me into your emptiness because you think I don’t know what it feels like to wake up wishing that I didn’t

But you are wrong -- I know

I know what it’s like to believe you can’t love or be loved because…

I know about all the labels; all the things that you believe you can never have or be

I know.

I don’t know if depression gets to the point where we can be like normal people; only because I don’t know what normal feels like; but I know you can get to a point where you can be truly happy.

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