The Meaning Of Christmas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

At first, Jakayne thought Christmas had become corrupt with advertisements and commercialism. Then she finds out that it is something more. Completed December 2015

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



The car drove smoothly through the flat road, and nothing but the low humming of the engine could be heard. Jakayne looked out the window, watching the large stores and gas stations that cluttered the sides. Several of the stores were closed, as it was Christmas Eve, but just as many were up and running, with bright lights and large signs to get themselves noticed. Jakayne sighed. All the loudness of the shops were too much for her. She preferred peaceful moments and soothing music. What had become of Christmas? Jakayne had always wished for a quiet holiday to be with family, not one spoiled with the greed of money and presents that now was what it was all about.

Kodhai, however, looked through her window with the wide eyes and a big smile of excitement. "I love Christmas. There's a great feeling in the air. . . it's palpable. It's like the whole world is holding its breath. Waiting for tomorrow. Don't you agree?"

Jakayne scoffed. A great feeling in the air? Maybe that's how Christmas once was. But not anymore. Now, Christmas was nothing more than an old tradition wrapped in want. The want for gifts. The want for reputation. The want for more.

She turned her back to the abundance of displays and images flashing outside the window. Her eyes bore into Kodhai's, who was still eagerly awaiting an answer.

"Christmas. . .I hate the holiday. All it is is advertisements.  We would be better without it." she said harshly.

Kodhai's eyes got even wider. "You hate Christmas? But everyone loves Christmas! It's the best holiday ever. It's a time to be with each other, and celebrate having a family. . ." she trailed off, her eyes on the verge of tears. Jakayne felt a twinge of guilt. Kodhai, who'd been adopted by Jakayne's parents a couple years ago, had grown up without a family. Christmas, which is supposedly all about being with the family, would seem like an amazing thing to her. Jakayne hadn't meant for her to take it personally, but she had to know of the corrupted nature of Christmas.

Jakayne diverted her eyes and focused them back on the window. The car was silent the rest of the ride home. Even as they were leaving the car and entering the house, not one word was spoken. It was when the front door was opened and Kodhai darted off to her room that Jakayne noticed a  small tear rolling down her cheek.

Jakayne knew she'd been a little too cruel. Maybe she should've waited until Kodhai was older to tell her of the true misguided Christmas. No, she told herself. It's best she accepts this early.

And so Jakayne went to bed that night without any guilt.


"Wake up! Wake up! It's snowing! Wake up!" Kodhai pushed down on Jakayne's back with each word.

"Mmph. . ." Jakayne grumbled quietly and slowly lifted herself off her bed. "Kodhai. . . What? Why're you waking me up on vacation?"

Kodhai's huge eyes gazed into Jakayne's half closed ones. "Look!" She pointed to the window. "It's snowing!"

"Wha. . ." Jakayne's eyes opened fully. Snowing this early in the winter? It normally didn't snow until late January at least. Nevertheless, she put her hand on the window shades and pulled them open. Sure enough, white specks were drifting through the air and settling on the ground, which was already covered with a layer of white.

"Wow. . . It's really snowing." she said softly.

"Mm-hm!" Kodhai said, looking pleased with herself. "So, can we go outside? Please?" she asked pleadingly.

Jakayne chuckled. "Sure! But first, we'll need to get dressed in warm coats and boots and thick pants. Why don't you go put on thick clothes, and I will too, ok?" she nudged Kodhai towards the door and she ran out.

"Thank you!" she said sincerely and closed the door.

Jakayne sat down on my bed. She couldn't stop smiling. When she'd first gotten Kodhai, she'd seemed so lost and unsure of herself. Now, Jakayne and Kodhai were more than adoptive sisters. They were friends, and when she was happy, Jakayne was happy, too.

Jakayne got up, slipped on a thick shirt and pants, and opened my closet. In it hung a plethora of jackets, dresses, and skirts, and the floor yielded all kinds of shoes, from summer sandals to furry boots.

She pulled out her largest, furriest coat and boots and started unbuttoning the coat. A few minutes later, a knock came to the door as she was yanking on her boots.

"Come in!" Jakayne called, knowing that it would be Kodhai. Sure enough, the door flew open and Kodhai came running in.

"I'm ready!" she said. Kodhai was wearing a thick wool coat and snow boot, and her large legs implied that she had on several layers of pants, too.

"Great! I'm almost done, I just need to get on my last boot. Aha!" Jakayne exclaimed as her boot slid onto her foot. She stood up and wrapped her arms around Kodhai.

"Now, let's go have some fun!" Jakayne said, and Kodhai's arms tightened into a squeeze.

The girls released the hug and smiled at each other. Then Kodhai ran downstairs, closely followed by Jakayne.

Kodhai stared out the window as Jakayne unlocked the door. With a small click, the door swung open. A cold gust of air blew in, and Jakayne ushered Kodhai outside. Kodhai ran out into the yard and twirled around in the snow, and Jakayne slammed the door shut. The ground was completely white and unblemished except for Kodhai's footsteps. The snow was falling more densely, but it the silence made it very peaceful. The snow was perfect.

Jakayne trudged through the snow over to Kodhai, who was laughing with delight. Jakayne felt her smile could not get any wider. At least that was until Kodhai threw a large snowball at Jakayne.

"Well, if that's how we're doing it. . ." Jakayne scooped up some snow and threw it at Kodhai, which caused her to giggle even harder. Jakayne found herself joining in in the laughter.

The girls threw snowballs back and forth, but neither knew for how long, for time was lost in the snow. Soon, Jakayne swept Kodhai up in her arms.

"I love you," Jakayne told Kodhai. Kodhai's smile broadened even more.

"I love you too," Kodhai replied. 

The fight continued until both girls collapsed into the snow, which had deepened even more.

"My hands are cold," Kodhai whispered. Jakayne frowned and checked her pockets. Sure enough, there were gloves from the last time she had used the coat.

"Here." she handed the gloves the Kodhai, and both of their smiles came back in full.

"Thank you." Kodhai murmured.

They lay there, enjoying the silence and the feeling of snow falling on their faces. Then Kodhai spoke.

"See? This is what Christmas is all about. Christmas is a time to be with your loved ones. A time to cherish your memories with them, and make new ones. A time to be with family. This is the meaning of Christmas."

Jakayne felt something within her melt, and she knew she was right. Christmas wasn't about the commercialism and greed that sometimes surrounds it. Christmas was about love, happiness, and family. Jakayne rolled over and hugged Kodhai as tight as she could."I know," Jakayne whispered.

And this is the meaning of Christmas.

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