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In this essay I will give my perspective on the short story "The Stolen party."

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



The need to belong in society may change an individual's perspective of the world. Liliana Heker’s short story the “Stolen Party” depicts a youthful girl who struggles to be accepted by others as an equal. Initially, the youthful girl, Rosaura, strives to convince her mother to allow her to attend the party. However as she earns the right to attend the party her naivety continues. As the party comes to an end, Rosaura learns her position in the world of a social hierarchy. Furthermore an individual's own experience may change their perspective on how they portray the world.


Through perseverance, Rosaura attempts to persuade her mother to grant her wish of attending the party. Rosaura insists that she has been “invited [to the party] because Luciana is [her] friend”(1). However Rosaura doesn’t realize that she is the daughter of the maid. Therefore, her place in society is as a lower class individual. As Rosaura becomes more impatient with her mother, she shouts out “You know nothing about being friends”(1). Rosaura’s attitude towards her mother proves that she is narrow-minded about her social status. She lacks the experience with others to know the difference in the real world and what impacts it has on society. Near the end of the conversation between Rosaura and her mother. Rosaura becomes “deeply offended”(1) of how “her mother [accused] other people of being liars simply because they were rich”(1).  Rosaura has still not grasped the concept that things are not always as they appear. Thus she is blinded by the influence of others. Rosaura's obtuseness blinds her from the harsh reality.


Eventually, Rosaura acquires her mother's approval to attend the party as she is thought of as innocent. As Rosaura arrives at the party she is questioned by Luciana’s cousin. Rosaura attempts to persuade Luciana’s cousin that she is a friend of Luciana’s as she “comes [by] every afternoon because Luciana [and her] do [their] homework together”(2). Rosaura is naive about where Luciana and her stand as friends. Thus allowing Rosaura to believe she is more than an acquaintance to Luciana. As the conversation continues Rosaura’s innocence peaks out as she remembers to tell people that she is the “daughter of the employee” (2). Rosaura thinks that she should be proud of her background but in reality she is merely nothing more than the employee's  daughter. Rosaura finds it hard to connect with the idea of no equality. Quickly Rosaura becomes frustrated with the girl and lashes out “My mother doesn’t sell anything in any shop, so there”(2). Cleary Rosaura didn’t know who she was talking to and lashing out at a real guest could impact her later on. Finally, Rosaura’s naivety prohibits her from realizing what's put in front of her.


Finally, Rosaura realizes what her position in the social world is. Rosaura is happy to help Senora Ines “serve out the hot dogs”(2). Even though she doesn’t realize the hint given that she is helping work the party. A short while later Rosaura enjoys another task of “helping out pass the cake around”(2). She “enjoys the task immensely [as] everyone called out to her, shouting “Me,me”(2). Rosaura is letting herself be trapped without even realizing it. As the party comes to a closing, Rosaura is motionless as “her arms stiffen when Senora Ines hands over “two bills”(3). Rosaura now has the realization that she has been invited to the party not as a guest but instead as a servant. Rosaura is blinded by the need to belong that she didn’t realize what she had gotten herself into.


An individual's own experience may change their perspective on how they portray the world. Throughout the story Rosaura established a naive and innocent way of viewing the world. At first Rosaura struggles to convince your mother to earn the right to the party. After thorough thought Rosaura’s mother allows her to attend the party. Near the end Rosaura’s perspective changes as she opens up to experience the reality of society. Introducing the harsh reality of society changes the way she thinks and it may affect her later on in life.


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