Conformity and Individualism

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in this essay i will be comparing conformity and individualism to the movie "edward scissorhands."

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017




Conformity refers to a social influence that involves changing a belief or behaviour to fit in with a group. Tim Burton’s film “Edward Scissorhands” explorers this theme in which a conformed Suburbia is introduced to a unique and individual character. Edward Scissorhands individualism is what makes him different, however Suburbia gives into conformity and has no unique qualities to each individual. Conformity leads individuals into a world where they have no individual interests or uniqueness, making it hard to think with an open mind about their place in society. However, if one is not conformed into society it may expose them to rejection and misunderstanding.


Initially, the group accepts this unique character and are transfixed as he alters their daily lives. Edward’s scissor hands truly makes him peculiar. Through his uniqueness, Edward changes each individual's point of view of society as he makes each person unique in his/her own special way. Due to Edward’s scissor hands each of the duplicate Suburbia houses are refurbished and their bushes are shaped into different beings. Their owners and dogs are also changed by Edward by snipping their hair in unique and different styles. The people of Suburbia are thankful and put full trust into Edward. However, as tension rises between Edward and Suburbia's people, Edward accidentally cuts the brother of his true love. Edward tried to save the brother from a car hitting him however, as Edward pushed him out of the way, he had accidentally made his blood spill from a skin cut he made. Suburbia’s people stood in horror as they thought Edward had cut him on purpose without realizing the other factors in play. Consequently, as Suburbia realizes Edward will always have scissor hands that may be used for destruction, they rejected his individualism and uniqueness. Suburbia's trust in Edward went down the drain. As the scene played out, Edward was forced into hiding by the conformed group. Edward’s true love comes to his rescue and made it look as though Edward had deceased so the others wouldn’t hurt him. Even though Edward had altered the communities lives though a hint of individualism, they rejected the thought as he wasn’t like everyone else.


The film really spoke to me as Edward was willing to accept the others for who they were, yet this conformed group of people weren’t ready to take on this change in their own thinking and behavior. Rejecting Edward was the only thing they could think of as he wasn’t like them. This sort of conformity made me aware of what the world is like today. Individuals usually act a certain way to join and fit into a group. However, what they don’t realize is that they're giving up their sense of individualism just to follow others. Even clothing is a factor of conformity. Certain fashions and trends are what people usually wear and if another unique individual is not wearing that, they reject them and look at them as an outsider. As kids, our elders and adults taught us that one is supposed to be true to oneself and celebrate being an individual. But how is one supposed to do that if others around us will rejected us for being who we are? I guess the simple answer is to find others who are okay with who one is. But as the older one gets, meeting new people is getting harder. As young ones, usually kids played with anyone. Yet now, having a certain image and looking a certain way is important. As human beings, one needs to stress the importance of being yourself not only as a kid but as one gets older. Conformity is changing who one is a an individual. One needs to keep their identity and personality as their own and not change for the others around them.


To conclude, if one is not conformed, others may reject them for who they are. In “Edward Scissorhands” Edward at first is accepted by others, however because of his uniqueness the other’s see him more as a threat than as a friend. Conformity was not Edward’s friend. Personally, I think that conformity happens not just in films but in the real world today as social pressures begin to rise. Conformity helps one wanting to be like others however for those who are different individual's, it's hard to not be rejected in society.


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