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When you fall for a married woman

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



I found you when I needed a friend.

You seemed cool and you were funny as shit.

But then I found out you had a man.

But I said fuck it, because I knew I was better than him.


As time progressed, we formed a bond.

We got closer and closer, or so I thought.

Every time I asked you out, you would say yes.

But when the time came, you were nowehere to be found.


I see you online taking pictures and liking shit.

Why can't you just answer my text?

Atleast to let me know you just aint into it.


I should've learned my lesson the first few times.

But for some reason or another,

I just cant get you out my mind.


But I'ma stop doing what I'm doing.

Because I know I'm doing too much.

I'ma stop pursuing someone that just ain't worth my time.


You say you have no friends.

I wonder why?

I'm talking all this shit but if your name pops up,

I'm gonna reply.

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