Hidden Omens

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hidden Omens

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



There’s a European urban legend told in a lamenting ballad by a hurdy-gurdy player named Bryn Frost ~ Once upon a time, there was a poor lonely peasant who, while digging peat from a bog, was bitten by a seven-year locust, after which this enigmatic peasant could hear whispered omens in the combined voices of thousands of singing Cicadas.

The mysteriously enchanted peasant was able to foretell the future based on eerie utterances hidden in the ghostly locust song.

Word was sent to the king about the peasant’s beguiling paranormal gift, so the king ordered the peasant brought to the castle. The king told the peasant that if, with the wizardry of his future sight, he could help defeat the army of a neighboring kingdom giving military victory so the ambitious king could expand his rule, then he’d let the peasant marry his only daughter.

This idea of course appealed very much to the poor peasant, so he readily assented.

When the king’s soldiers did in fact defeat the army of the neighboring kingdom, the victorious king was true to his word, but the princess didn’t want to marry the peasant because he was grotesquely ugly.  However, the king ordered his daughter to marry the peasant, so the princess obeyed, but swore that though she be his wife, she would never love the ugly peasant.  No matter what mystical gift he possessed, he would never have her heart.

During the winter, when the voices of the locusts were silenced by deep drifts of freezing snow, the peasant could not see into the future, but every spring when the locusts started singing again, the peasant heard the ghostly whispering voices in the locust song and could once again foretell what was to come in the days ahead.

The princess noticed that the peasant was only hideously ugly during the summer while the locusts were singing - his eyes bulged out of his head and his mouth seemed deformed into something resembling mandibles instead of human lips.  In the dead of winter when there was no locust song, the appearance of the peasant changed.  He became very handsome, with smooth perfectly formed features - most attractive to any young lady, even a princess.

An earth sorceress who secretly cultivated her witch plants in the lush verdant of a distant fertile valley, and whose son had been killed when the king’s soldiers attacked without provocation and destroyed the army of the neighboring kingdom and so conquered that fair land, found out about the change in physical appearance that the enchanted peasant underwent between seasons.  

In a plot of revenge for the murder (as she saw it) of her foot-soldier son, the sorceress approached the princess in the royal garden one balmy summer evening as the young troubled wife was watching fireflies to entertain herself while her ugly husband was in her father’s court divining future events.

The cunning sorceress tempted the princess with a potion that she claimed could make the peasant stop turning ugly in summer when the locusts were singing.  So, the princess took the witchy potion into her bedchamber and put a few drops into her peasant husband’s favorite chalice from which he sipped wine from the king’s vineyards as he supped.


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