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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Power and Healing

A writing of trying to find your innerself and strong energy. The soul is currently cold, but is constantly searching for a solution and cure.

Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



There is something so vague about being a vessel for this malicious energy i call my soul. Well, I would have to begin by saying it can be malicious, but yet at the same time remaining a completely stable and very observant force.

I trust in my instincts, and my intuition, and even my own physical eyes that see what is not truly in front of me, but is what is meant to be solved in the form of using a certain chakra we all know as the third eye.

Places, people, things, animals, objects, energies, souls, spirits, everything and anything you can imagine in between those words all exist everywhere and anywhere. The more powerful the form, the more capable it is of causing destruction. But that doesn’t mean anything to a certain extent.

Grand things come in small packages, and when those packages unveil themselves, you can truly become inspired, or even rethink your whole reality because you have witnessed power that has evoked and has begun to awaken even your power that you possess.


Maybe you don’t exactly know what your power is yet. I’m not talking being able to fly, or becoming invisible. No, I mean a power, an energy, a vibrancy, a life of fulfilling magick that becomes undescribable.

Most but not all powers may include but are most definitely not limited to only one are: clairvoyance, being able to obtain a sixth sense, seeing the future or even recalling events from the past, recognizing auras, feeling crystal vibrations, levitation, palmistry, crystal gazing or mirror gazing, invoking spirits or entities, communicating with the other side, divination, third eye awakening or visualizations that no one else can see with the physical eyes, energy recognition, astrology studies (yes, this is a form of a power, because it is a study in which you can manifest energies and, well, powers, by using certain alignments of stars and the planets that surround our mother earth), using runes, spells, candle magick, meditation or guided meditations, astral projecting, tarot card reading, foretelling fortunes, and even making pacts or bonds with energies that simply lend you the power, for an exchange of course.


Being able to accomplish at least one of these things, doesn’t mean like I said, that you’re limited to that one specific ability. It just means you’re only going to grow farther from there and will soon realize that everything is unlimited and can extend and extend until it feels like your mind is about to explode, but in sparkly goodness of wisdom and wonders. The true beauty of being spiritual, or even dabbling into the occult world so to speak, is the fact that you’re believing in yourself and not anyone else. You’re trusting your body and soul to give you what it is you need, in order to survive, in order to become more confident, and to become more powerful as you yourself are your own “god” and you emit everything it is that you hoped for, once the goal is accomplished. When you believe in yourself and your willingness to be able to do any of the things I have listed above, you go , ironically speaking, above and beyond your mind and your physical eyesight, and beyond the general and typical things they teach you in school or even at a college school. Education is nothing compared to the energies you are seeking and they’re just waiting for you.

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