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Submitted: November 26, 2017

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Submitted: November 26, 2017



She’d learnt to keep a shallow mind, So people didn’t have to swim, And it let them all think they knew, The thoughts she had within, But below the wading pool she’d made, Was a world left unexplored, An ocean of her feelings, Hidden underneath the pool’s floor, The water turned to blackness, Where not even she had dared to go, Stretching from behind her eyes, To the ends of all her toes,   She didn’t want to dive right down, And find what lay hidden there, Because she knew with deep water, Came a deadly lack of air, But she didn’t foresee the lonely boy, Who found a crack in her cement, Broke free of her wading pool, To the murky depths below. Into the darkness he went, He told her not to fear her thoughts,  As he took her by the hand, And swum with her to places, That their lungs could not withstand, In their new-found love they both forgot,   The importantance if their breath, And interwoven in their world they’d found, They both drowned in its depths.

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