Atop The Mountain

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Dixie Greene lives the prefect life, complete with a perfect figure, a boyfriend and everything else (besides having an estranged father). However, Terence, who is her boyfriend, wants to sign up
for the school's sponsored hiking program to climb one of the Rocky Mountains, Mount Harvard. Also, he wants Dixie to come with him.

But to climb a mountain, you need good stamina, strength and mentality. However, Dixie doesn't have any of these things. However, Terence wants a girlfriend that can actually 'do things' and have
good qualities unlike other males. Dixie wants to prove herself to Terence, yet only has at the most-two to three months to prepare for the hike/climb. She seeks help from her estranged father and
the encouragement and help of her friends. Will she make it into the program? Will she be able to step out of her comfort zone? And last but not least, will she prove herself worthy of Terence's

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Chapter 1

Submitted: November 26, 2017

Whenever my mother asks me to exercise, I defiantly say no. She would ask, "Why not?" One of my normal retorts was, "It would mak... Read Chapter