Predator to Prey

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Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017




It was the summer of 1996, the hot summer breeze blew through the house, yet the thatched cottage would always remain cold. Ice cold. In this house would sit a little girl in her white nighty in the corner of the dusty toy cupboard. Simply playing, whilst her brother would be playing outside in the fields. Her nanny always thought she was an odd child, choosing to play by herself in the gloomy room. But little did she know the little girl wasn’t playing by herself.


The toy cupboard was a room filled with darkness, the only ray of light glowing through the window would quickly be darkened by the shadows flickering across the room. In the room stood one single toy, a rocking horse which she would sit and sway on, always breaking the silence through the house. Every day she would talk to her friend. He was a good friend, her best friend, who would always talk back to her.


Two years later the family moved out, leaving the shadows in the house and the stories untold.




Lily walked across the icy field, mist filling the air with bitterness. The big house looked strange to her, the trees on either side built with frost and the freshness of the air filled her lungs. Bullets of rain filled the sky and pelted down. She ran across the field dodging the bullets until she entered the house. Her Mum smiled at her, a smile which was too big to be genuine.


“Have you seen the toy cupboard upstairs Lily? You are going to have so much room to play with your toys!”


Lily skipped up the stairs, surprised to feel a cold draught coming from inside. She slid inside and the door closed with a sudden jolt behind her. The dusty room stood with a single rocking horse swaying to the rhythm of the whispers around her.


“Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily…” echoed the room. She turned around seeing nothing but the rocking horse. “Lily, Lily, Lily…” The whispers built up around her.


“Yes, Mummy I’m coming!”


“Don’t be silly Lily, this isn’t your Mummy... come play with us Lily, come play...”


She grabbed the handle of the door but saw the bolted lock on it. She must have locked it when she came in. Through the wooden door, she ran out, looking behind her. There he sat swaying on the rocking horse, a smile on his face not from stranger to stranger but instead from; predator to prey.


She sprinted down the stairs, her adrenaline pumping through her whole body.


“Mummy, there is something in the toy cupboard! It wants me to play!”


“What are you talking about?”


“There’s a little boy upstairs, playing on the rocking horse!”


“Lily, I’ve talked about this before. Fear can play with your mind. Now go upstairs right now and start unpacking your toys.”


Lily looked through her mum. Why wouldn’t she believe her? Maybe her Mum was right, maybe it was her imagination.


She went back upstairs, the door to the toy cupboard was open once again. She stepped inside, a cold draught of wind swaying her slightly. There he was once again, perched on the rocking horse, she shook her head hoping the image would go away and started to unpack the boxes.


Finally, she came to the bottom of the boxes, her favourite toy sat at the bottom of the cardboard. She took it out and admired it, it was a jewellery box with a ballerina which would dance gracefully around whilst the familiar chime would play from it. Lily, placed it on the floor and started to clear up. With night soon approaching, Lily got ready for bed and lay awake.


When the clock struck twelve, all she could see was darkness filling her room, a faint noise was coming from the hallway. She grabbed her dressing robe and walked down the hallway, wondering why her Mum would be up at a time like this. Down the hallway, the noise became louder, until she found herself standing outside the toy cupboard. She knew that tune from somewhere. She opened the door and saw her jewellery box open with the ballerina dancing to the tune, becoming faster and faster to the beat of the music. Lily looked around her, she was sure that she didn’t leave the box open. Bang! The jewellery box shut, leaving her and the silence of the night. The whispers started building up around her.


“Why won’t you come play with me, Lily? It's fun there, it's fun. Come play Lily, come play.”


She ran through to her Mum’s room and screamed “Mummy, it’s there again, it’s there! The little boy wants me to play!”


“What are you talking about Lily! Go back to bed now!” shouted her Mum.


What was she going to do with her daughter, always thinking silly thoughts like that? She went back to sleep until she heard footsteps in her room, thinking that it was Lily. She opened her eyes and saw a figure standing over her, a colourless little boy smiling maliciously and she let out a deafening scream which filled the house. She ran into Lily’s room to find her bed empty. She looked around seeing the little boy once again.


“Where is my Lilly!” she demanded.


He smiled at her, a smile which seemed so sinister.


“She’s come to play with me now."  


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