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Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



The sun rose like a flower opening, sending yellow rays to drive out the darkness. Sunlight filled the sky, pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land. The trees bordering each side of the road shone as if they were wearing golden crowns and the grass had started twitching to the sound of the sparrows singing. Mike stubbornly tapped his fingers insistently against his knees, the bus was late again. 

Out in the distance, he saw a rectangular object approaching, it was the bus. He stepped out of the sheltered bus stand and walked towards the side of the road. The bus braked with an agonizing sound that made him shrivel up his face and close his eyes. 

“God I hate these sounds” he murmured to himself

Realising that the bus stopped much earlier than he expected, he started to walk towards the entrance. There was another person sitting at the bus stop, an old woman, she was on her phone, an old one, maybe she was talking to her family. He sighed and forced himself up on the bus. The inside of the bus was astonishingly empty, he had never been in a bus with only another person, who was sleeping on the back of the bus, he wore a large brown jacket with long baggy pants. The man snored quite loudly so he kept his distance and chose a seat close the exit door. The seat design was full of colourful patterns which he knew were to hide the dirt from showing, he rest his head against the vibrating window of the bus and soon started to drift off in thought. 

The constant hum of the engine kept him from falling asleep, he hadn’t got a wink of sleep during the entire road. He had kept his fact file in a small briefcase between his legs so that it wouldn’t fall out. He had personally requested this patient. He glanced at his watch, it was 8:00 am. The intervals of coughing and yawning alerted him of other people on the bus, he looked around and the bus was almost full of people. Surrounding him and occasionally tripping on his shoes during an abrupt stop. He craned his neck to get a view of the back of the bus past the columns of people blocking his sight, the sleeping man was gone, he was replaced by an old woman standing next to a young man, who he guessed had given the seat up for her. He paused then looked out the window.

The sky had gained such a vibrant hue that began to hurt his eyes,  making him squint and considered moving seats. But then realised the stupidity of his thought when he remembered about the dozens of people standing on the bus.

Once he had tapped his card and stepped off the bus, he was greeted with a cold breeze that felt refreshing. He stopped to admire the scenery. Rows of houses neatly lined up with lavender and calluna bushes lining the sidewalk and enhancing the aroma of the many lingering smells left out the window from homemade cooks. He had suspected that the houses were commercial houses but changed and adapted to its owners throughout the decades it had been with them. He soon found the address that was printed in his file. It was a red house, with a brick shingles lining the top of the house. The window near the door was half open and had had a pie sitting on the base of the window. The walls were painted red and did not show signs of growing old, the only thing that seemed old was the treehouse, which sat proudly on top of a beech tree. The treehouse had planks of wood that were already chipping off and showed the termite infested inside of the wood, which was hidden by the moss coating the planks. The window of the treehouse served as a nesting place for sparrows.

He rested on a metal bench that was parallel to the sidewalk. He sighed

“I shouldn’t have taken this patient” he complained to himself under his breath

relaxed his body and looked at the fact file once more. He had read this file for at least a dozen times, he memorised every single part of it, even how the weird font would make every “a” swirl at the and how they would make the “w’s” curved. Once again he drifted off in thought and looked at the sky that drifted aimlessly.

The crickets were singing and screeching in the background. The ambient rush of the distant river signalled that they were close. Two little boys, they ran up to a house opened the metal framed door. He quickly kicked his slippers off his feet and told his friend to follow him. He quietly closed the door behind him. They scuttered towards the living room, almost slipping with each turn in the path.

“Mom? Can my friend stay here for tonight” He asked while fidgeting his thumbs

A woman with curly black hair looked away from the TV and turned her head so that she could see him, a boy peeked his head around the wall and soon after realising this she sighed sharply and said while flicking the channels on her TV

“Sure, tell your friend over there that we’re having lasagna for dinner tonight, I already have portion made, your dad isn’t gonna make it home tonight” She exhaled sharply.

“Go wash yourself, you look like you've been playing in the mud” She said while the kids ran up the stairs.

The mother reached down towards a coffee table and grabbed 2 bags of pills. She emptied them into her hand and quickly knocked her head back and swallowed all of them.
(flashback end)

The sun pierced his eyes woke him from his daydream, he squinted and reached down towards his case file and carefully slipped the stack of paper out of the briefcase and he skimmed over it one last time mumbling in a monotone voice. 

“76 years old…….  Living alone…….  2 kids…… stage 4 cancer…… no previous serious diseases…..”

A brown leaf blew in the distance, it danced and twisted as the wind willed it too. The leaf began to float down towards the house, swinging past the lit windows and the brightly painted red planks of the house. It slowly descended towards the cracked pavement and skittered across the stone steps leading towards the entrance of the house.

He closed his eyes and relaxed his muscles and brought himself up to his feet and walked there slowly, feeling as if each step added weight to his shoulders. He stood at the front of the doorway, thick metal patterns decorated the dark ebony door. He twisted the cold doorknob and entered the house, his leather shoes clicked and clacked against the wooden floor. He followed the scent of the pie and found an open door in the hallway, he peeked around it and found the old woman sitting on a rocking chair. He knocked the door and entered. To his surprise he found someone else in the room, he looked startled and stood up from the sofa.

“That must be my doctor,” The patient said while looking towards the young man.

“Oh, I was just about to leave, I was just checking in on my mom,” The young man said while he grabbed his things.

“No, no, you can stay. Family members are always welcome” He softly told him with a smile

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