1 hour before midnight

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An average kid just goes to bed as usual, when he suddenly hears a knock on his door, that will create a snowball effect of a series of horrible events that lead to the worst news ever. Read on if
you are brave enough!!

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



  1. 1 hour before midnight...


It was a night like any other. The street lamps were on, my neighbors had gone to bed, the streets were quiet, mom and dad were asleep: Nothing could go wrong - oh boy how wrong was I!

I had gone to bed, with thoughts from the day circulating around my head: bad grades at school, a fight I had with a student, my teacher embarrassing me in front of the whole class. Just your average 10th grader day. I did now then that the worst night of my life was about to knock on my door, and it did, literally!

I was about to slip in my blankets when I suddenly hear three very discreet knocks on my bedroom door. That was odd, my parent had both gone out for dinner that night, and had not planned on coming back for at least a couple of hours. I then uncovered myself and slowly crept towards the door. I heard another set of knocking, each one louder than the other, I understood that whoever was knocking was getting more and more restless. My heart started to beat faster and faster: I had not heard the front door open! The closer I got to the door, the louder the knocking got. I knew that whoever was outside wanted to come in, badly. I decided to suddenly lunge and open the door, and that’s when my dog Billy just stood there, staring at me with the most innocent eyes I had ever seen. That was strange, I was sure dogs can’t knock that loud and accurately. I decided to search the entire house from top to bottom. In each room, everything was as I had left it for the day, except for the living room, which was the last room I had gone and checked for any abnormalities.

I approached the table that was set right in the middle of the room, and I noticed something that hadn’t been there previously. Set on the middle of the table, there laid a single image of my dead parents: in the picture, they were both laying on the floor, and looked extremely peaceful, except for the claw marks on top of their foreheads.

The emotions that rushed through me at that moment were unexplainable, I had never felt something like this before. It was like a part of my soul had been ripped from my body, I wanted to just sit on the couch, go to sleep and never wake up. However, there was some sort of animal instinct inside of me, some sort of revenge or confusion, that wanted to see this night out. A small part of me wanted to get out of the house and try and find out what the hell had happened to my parents: was this all some sick joke?

I decided to turn the image to see if there could be any clue to my parent’s whereabouts, it was then that I found a small address at the back: 40A street al wasl area. This meant nothing to me, but it was something. Another part of me was warning me, sort of telling me that if I went along with this plan, even worse things would happen that night, but for some reason I chose to ignore that part of me, I don’t know if it as fear or a desire for revenge that clouded my thinking, but the worst night of my life had only started.

I decided to leave the house, with only my house keys in my pocket, I would later find out this was the best or the worst decision of my life at the same time. I pulled out my phone and typed in the address. When looking online, the area looked extremely shady and not welcoming at all, but I needed to base my search on even the smallest detail, so that is where I head off.

Halfway on the trip, my first encounter with extreme horror was around the corner. I had just asked somebody for some extra directions when a rock fell in front of me. On the rocket, a smiley-face was drawn, almost taunting me to go and pick it up, my immediate first thought was that someone was playing games with me, but more and more rocks started to fall around me, a couple of them hitting me on the head or the shoulder blades, that’s when I started to run as fast as I could from the reigning horror coming from the sky. If my memory serves me right, I had almost run a quarter mile before the stones had stopped falling around me, but this was to be only one in a few incidents that night. To make sure that whoever had thrown the stones was not “there” anymore, I looked back and my heart almost fell out of my pockets: A shadow that was covering the entire street was advancing towards me at an extremely fast pace. The street gradually got darker and darker, with all the street lamps going off one by one. When the darkness passed over me, it was like a curtain of silence had covered me. A faint whisper in some places could be heard, it was extremely quiet and I stayed as still as possible so as to not draw attention to myself. Then out of the blue, a sudden wave of force just smashed into me.

Once again, I turned around and started running, however, this time, I could barely see what was going on. As I was running I could feel something or someone breathing down my neck, but every time I turned my head in the opposite direction, I would just stare at the everlasting wall of darkness that had previously engulfed me.

All of a sudden, the dark curtain just evaporated and I found myself at the end of a bridge looking onto the local Creek, the murky depths of the water stared up at me, and so did my reflection. I took a good look around me and judging on my whereabouts, I'd say I had just run half-a-mile from whatever previous hells I had tried to escape from. I then looked down again and found myself not staring at myself, but at an innocent looking child simply waving at me. This obviously did not comfort me, and that is when for the second time that night, I felt a gigantic force wave pushing me, and I fell towards the depths below.

When I plunged into the water, I lost all self-control and just started thrashing around, not knowing if the surface was up or down. A fear of death gripped my entire body and soul, and it was only pure desperation that gave me enough strength to kick up and reach the surface.

I was surprised to find myself in full daylight when I sprung out of the water: it had been only 1 hour before midnight that I had heard that darn knock on my door that had started all of this, but it was now full daylight. When I reached the shore, I quickly asked a passerby for the time, and he calmly told me that it was way past lunchtime! Had I somehow lost consciousness in the water? Had I just been floating all of this time, asleep, without having realized?

All these questions kept crossing my mind as I made my way back home. Thoughts from the previous night keep crawling around my head? Had I somehow sleep-walked and just had a bad dream? Was the picture that I had seen of my parents fake?

My parents? Oh, how could I  have forgotten them? With all of the events of the last night, I had completely forgotten why I had even left the house. However, I knew I would need some fresh clothes and a good breakfast before I resumed my search, so I kept walking towards my house.

About a couple of meters away from my house, I started to realize that a foul stench was hanging around the air, I quickly realized that my neighbors were smelling the same thing. To add on to that, and to my feeling of panic and distress, the foul stench got worse and worse the closer I got to my house.

I reached for my keys and opened my door, that is when the stench got gruesomely overwhelming. A couple of flies were buzzing around my head and I had to swat them away while walking through the house.

The smell seemed to be coming from the kitchen, and the smell definitely did not get better the closer I got there. On the way, I saw a few blood stains along the floor, which only increased my feeling of dread, I really did not want to find out what was at the end of the hallway, in the kitchen, but somehow, my feet just kept moving.

My heart dropped, and so did I, literally, when I saw what was waiting for me in the kitchen, both of my parents dead, in the exact same position as in the picture, but with a message written on the wall behind them: “the darkness will always haunt you”.


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