One December Night

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A very short tale strangeness. Strangeness that may not be all that strange for this time of year.

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



In the still of a December night came a sound like Sandra Stonehaven had never heard before.

Sandra sat strait up in bed and exclaimed, "Dit-waddles all around, that was a curious sound! I do think that I shall investigate,(You Know?), even though my heart does pound."

So Sandra slipped out of bed and into her wispy Chiffon house-robe, looking every bit the fashionable part of a lady in a 1920's movie mystery. She daintily, yet cautiously, made her way towards the French-doors that lead into the garden.

As she entered the garden Sandra noticed that the moon wasn't quite full, just one slivered edge remained unfulfilled.

It was unusually warm for that time of year and the cool soft clover felt good beneath Sandra's feet; she had forgotten her slippers, once again.


"Thud, bang, clang," the sounds seemed to come from the gardener's shed.

In the light of the moon Sandra could see a small figure moving briskly around the birdbath and then back into the shed's opened door.

Sandra thought for a moment, "Could it be a rabbit? It’s shape didn't resemble a rabbit and it was too small and fast to be a Opossum."

Whatever Sandra saw seemed to be moving around on two feet.

Sandra snuck around the corner of the shed and pointed her flashlight into the opened doorway! Soon after Sandra did that she saw her recently purchased Garden Gnome standing in the center of the floor of the shed; he was holding a rat by the tail.

"Well," Sandra exclaimed, "I see you are busy earning you keep. I have tried cats before but they are so picky when to hunt and when not to hunt. I'm happy to see that you are hard at work; --- ah, ah... I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?

"Henry is the name, Misses. Henry Allowishous Gnome, at your service."

"That is an easy name to remember, Henry, yes indeed, a very easy name to remember.

I believe we are going to get along well, Henry, but do try to keep the noise down. We wouldn't want to wake the Master, would we?" Sandra said as she made her way back into the house.


This is the way things are in and around the town of Magus Brew, the odd occurrences always seem more normal than one might think.


At the stroke of midnight a voice was heard, a voice sounding much like wind rustling the leaves of the trees, "Saaandraaa.  Saaandraaa, rise and tend to me. Saaandraaa."

"I am here, Master," Sandra said as she entered the Master's cave.

The Master's voice was heard again, this time in a raspy, nails on stone, way, "It is time to bind me woman!"

With shackles of iron, chains of steel, and brass locks, well fashioned, Sandra bolted and latched, then locked the door after leaving the cave.

Yes indeed, for the next few nights the man who is confined to his cave, the man with the look of dread etched on his face, may not see the light of the moon. For if he should see the moon rising overhead then he would know that the after-Christmas Sales Events have begun.

And alas, his credit-cards are maxed out!


D. Thurmond/JEF


© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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