The man who died on Death street

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Submitted: November 28, 2017

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He was walking the boulevard like he does everynight smoking his cigerette in his business suit. His name was Jim and this night at 10:38 he was supposed to die on Death street. He dozed off and took a turn in the wrong direction. He went down the road where people didn't go down because it was too dangerous. He began to have a headache and began to see things that he didn't see there before. Statues of a hooded man with a scythe. He began to walk a bit faster. He held onto his briefcase a bit tighter. He then saw other things like a man in a black business suit and a black bowler hat and he was holding a scythe. He began to run really fast. Then he ran into the man with the scythe. "It's your time." he said in a menacing voice. Then there was a bright light and it was over.

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