the dozen zombie men

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we read a story in class about this man and women and they lived in a farm house kind of thing and one night a man showed up to there house in pajamas, a bathrobe, with no shoes on. the man stepped
in there house and tackled the women's husband. and by the time the women's husband killed the other guy there where hundreds more men walking in dressed the same way. my job was to finish the
story and this is what i came up with.

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



With pail wrinkled faces, and feet as blue as could be. They  were all holding something in each of their hands it looked like a weapon in the palm of the hand. They looked just like Zombies with brains on the mind they all hobbled and crawled , each one with a  creepy grin on  the face they all  looked ready to pounce and feed on my face.

"Bob look!!!!" screamed Carol

Bob could hear the fear in her voice, she was terrified. Bob looked as a dozen more men flooded into the house. Carol and Bob looked at each other than the dead guy on the ground and back at each other wondering how in the world they are going to get rid of or kill all these  men. They ran up the stairs looking for weapons to fight bac or maybe a way out. Bob looked at Carol, tear drops rolling down her cheek, He went over to hug her but she pushed him away with anger. Carol screamed in rage .

" why did you open the door? this would not have happened if you called the cops and let them deal with it. We would not have a dozen creepy men with deadly weapon's trying to kill us"

Bob did not want to argue with her so he said he was sorry and they  need to find a way to get out. Carol agreed and they both stated looking for something to use. Carol started walking back and forth, well muttering stuff under her breath. I could not make out what she was saying but she sounded scared, angry and worried. Carol stopped dead in her track and screamed the loudest scream anyone had ever herd. Bob looked back to see a stream of tears falling down her face, her eyes red and sore from crying with tear marks on her face. Carol tried to tell Bob what was wrong but nothing came out. Bob walked over to Carol to find more than a dozen more men with pail wrinkled faces, blue feet and all wearing their pajamas. Bob yelled at Carol to get moving but she did not budge, she was too scared to move. Bob ran over to Carol and told her that they needed to go. Carol still did not move It was like her feet planted roots in the ground and not able to move. Bob waved his hands in front of Carol but she did not move. The old men where halfway up the stairs now and they needed to get  moving or they would be dead meat. Bob grabbed Carol by the hands and pulled. Bob pulled Carol into the bedroom closing the door behind them. They heard a loud "BANG" on the door Bob and Carol ran to the bathroom locking the door behind them. Carol went to hid in the corner with Bob following right behind. Well sitting in the coroner it was silent Carol scared and shaking when all of a sudden…….." Bang Bang Bang!!!"

(To be continued) 

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